Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Here's to a fabulous 2008!!


Jennifer said...

Happy New Year to you, as well, Nalini.

It's only 3:35 p.m. New Year's Eve here, but I know you've already been drinking champagne.

I'm looking forward to what you've got coming for us in 2008. Can't wait to read more.

I'm off for a bit of shopping and supper with my cousin. We're thinking Chinese! Yum! I like it spicy!

Jennifer K.

bel_78 said...

Happy New Year for you too :) It´s still 9 pm before January first here, but there´s lot of activity here, my whole family is coming to my house. Nice, but a mess :)

I agree with Jennifer, I´m dying to read what you are going to release in 2008!!!


Christine said...

Happy New Year to you too, Nalini!

Looking forward to all of your 2008 book releases!! :)

Courtney said...

Happy New year to everyone! We have about an hour left in 2007. The last hour of the year and I can't go to bed because my sister, in the Pacific time zone (two hours behind me) has already had a few sips and told me to be up at midnight my time so she can wish me a happy new year. And I'm tired. But maybe that means I'll get to kiss my hubby at midnight!

What a good way to start the year. Kissing my personal HEA. *dreamy sigh*

Nalini Singh said...

Jennifer, Bel & Christine - aw, thanks! Hope you guys have a great time popping the champagne!

Courtney - that's soooooo cute! I hope you gave him a kiss he'll remember for the whole year!! ;)

Kaitlin said...

It's not even 11 here, but Happy New Year! :) I dunno if I'll still be up at midnight. I figure I've made it this late. :D

Barbara V said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Shelley Munro said...

Happy New Year, Nalini! I loved the dolphin photos. Have to say - we live in a beautiful place :)

orannia said...

Happy New Year everyone! It's the 2nd here now but I think I can still wish everyone a Happy New Year. Just spoke to my cousin in the UK...she wasn't very pleased when I mentioned how warm is was (22 degrees Celsius).

Oh, and I've worked out...only 34 days until MTP. Counting? Moi?


Marilyn Brant said...

Happy New Year, Nalini!
Congrats on the great PW review and on the RT Top Pick--I was thrilled for you :). Hope 2008 proves to be even more wonderful.
P.S. Great dolphin photos, too!

Shelli Stevens said...

Happy New Year, Nalini! Hope it was fabulous for you!

Jennifer said...

Nalini, I have made a decision.

I seriously contemplated pre-ordering Clay's story so the only effort I'd have to exert was going to the door and back, but I changed my mind.

No, I am actually going to GO to the bookstore when it releases and purchase it there. Why, you may ask?

Because if I order it from somewhere it won't get here on the release day, I'd have to wait a few more days. And I don't want to wait for it. In fact, I REFUSE to wait for it. I want it ASAP!

So, if, when I reach the bookstore on the appointed day, the book is not actually set out, you may hear the screams across the ocean. Some poor, hapless clerk will face the wrath of Jennifer. Now, I know that may not sound like much, but IT IS! I can do the evil eye even better than the hypno eyes! I can strike fear into people with a look, a sneer, a word(s) ... i.e., you DON'T have WHAT?

See? Scary.


Jennifer K.

Soraya said...

Bonne année 2008 :)

I just finished "caressed by ice", one of the very best book of 2007 in my opinion, can't wait for your 2008 book releases !!

Cheers from Paris,