Thursday, January 03, 2008


I'm back - I hung out in a cave yesterday. (A real one!) More coherent post to come in a couple of days. Tell me what you all have been up to in the first few days of 2008 - how's it going so far?


Casee said...

I spend most of yesterday putting Christmas decorations away. It's always a bit sad, but it's a relief at the same time. :)

Other than that, work, work, work. Oh and reading MtP. Which I LOVED!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Nalini! I'm mostly a lurker on this blog, but I love reading you :). Not doing anything, mostly catching up on my sleep after several nights of Christmas and New Year partys in a row. And hopefully I can find some time to catch up on movies as well! Thanks for the Om Shanti Om clip by the way. I'm no big SRK fan but it sounds great. The last Bollywood film I saw in theater was Salaam-e-Ishq, so I'm due for a new one :).


Christine said...

You weren't hanging out in a cave... upside down, were you?
I mean, I know life can drive us all a bit batty... but hanging out in a cave? LOL I'm teasing you, Nalini!! ;)

Seriously, are you a spelunker?

Kat said...

I've been hanging out with friends. I went up to San Francisco today with some friends. We went to the Legion of Honor, saw the Marie Antoinette exhibit, and then went shopping in Union Square.

On the cyber front, I'm finally updating my blog. I've got a new project going on so there's an easy reference for folks if they are interested in the favorite series I like. It's a work in progress and not nearly complete, but it's got series by author complete with order, hero/heroine names, and, if necessary, species and release dates. Basically I was sick of re-typing, lol. You're up there already :)

Anonymous said...

Well School started on Wed. but its fine because its my last quarter!!! Yeah!!!! I will have my Bachelors soon!!! oh I see the light!!! Hope you had fun in your cave Nalini!!! MtP was excellent I will be reviewing soon on Amazon and my MySpace, + My display at Waldenbooks will be put up in Mid-January as well!! Continue on with the greatness. LoL, Helen E. G.

orannia said...

HI everyone,

Well, I've been lurking on the internet (which has the positive of tying up my phone line so my family...who remind me of stalkers at the best of times...can't get hold of me :) I've discovered (via my best friend) a new author - Manna Francis. I've been reading her stories online but as her first story has just been published in print I stopped reading it online (I've been reading the later stories) and I'm currently waiting with bated breath for Amazon deliver to it. Her books are...WOW...very, very good but very different from what I'm used too.

It's back to work on Monday. I've been ignoring the whole New Year's resolution thing, but I think I will have to get my A into G come Monday!


PS One month tomorrow until MTP :)

orannia said...

A word of warning, Manna Francis' book is VERY, VERY different from traditional romance (just in case you were planning on investigating).

orannia :)