Thursday, January 10, 2008

Email & Ten Things

A quick note to say that I'm a bit backlogged re emails, so if you've emailed me and haven't heard back yet, gimme a few more hours. I'm going to try to clear the decks before I dive back into Hostage to Pleasure.

And a question for you all - on the right sidebar, I have a link to the Caressed By Ice Spoiler Thread. A few weeks after Mine to Possess comes out, I was thinking of doing one for MtP as well (no spoilers till then please!). What's your preference? Should I simply turn the CBI thread into a general Psy/Changeling thread? Or should I set up a new one for MtP?

Also, have you guys seen the Ten Ways To Tell If A Book Was Written By Me meme that authors have been doing around the blogsphere? I haven't had time to do up my own list but here are links to the ones I've seen - Gena, Jill, Jaci, and several of the authors on Fangs, Fur & Fey. Go check them out! :-)


kylie said...

It would be nice to see a general Psy/Chg thread - but I'm betting MtP will be huge that many will want to discuss just MtP without having to scroll maybe its own thread. BTW, I've read some reviews from those who were so lucky to receive the ARCs - thumbs up again! No surprise :)

orannia said...

I didn't actually know you had a blog *hangs head in shame* when I read CBI, so I'm not sure...but I think it would be nice for MTP to have its own thread (and that way no one can stumble onto spoilers by accident..only by design :)

Oh, and can I just say a big thank you to those of you who have read an ARC and who have been keeping 'mum'. I have to say I have absolutely no idea what to expect from MTP (apart from the fact that I have a feeling I'm going to be a Clay fan for life :)


MaryKate said...

Hi Nalini! I loved the CBI spoiler thread and read it religiously, but I do think you could change it to a common spoilers thread, only because by now we've all read CBI (and love it!).

I hadn't seen the 10 thing blogs, but what a great idea! You're going to do one??

And also, any chance you're gonna give us one more teeny tiny tidbit *MK bats eyes* before MTP hits the streets??? Pretty please with chocolate and Hawke on top??

Nalini Singh said...

Kylie, Orannia, MaryKate - thanks for the feedback. Decisions, decisions...

MaryKate - I'm thinking of doing a 10 things blog when I get the chance :) As for the other...MtP will be out verrrrrry soon ;)

Christine said...

Hi Nalini!
I definitely think a MtP spoiler thread would be a great idea! It would keep spoilers from inadvertently slipping out in the wrong spot, and allow those who have finished the book a place to discuss!

Would you consider making a thread for each book? That way as newbie Psy-Changeling readers come upon your blog, it will be very clear to them where to avoid spoilers if they have not yet read all the books in the series, and still give them a chance to ask questions or leave comments about the books. (...uhhh... Disclaimer: I didn't check to see if you already have separate threads for StS or VoH before I typed this, so forgive me if I'm suggesting something that's already in effect! lol).

Oh! ...and I wasted..errrr.... spent a lot of time reading through tens of "TEN WAYS..." lists earlier... thanks a lot! :p Seriously... it was a fun distraction! ;)