Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

International Covers - Germany

Check this out! The German covers for Cherish Hard and Rebel Hard!
Releases scheduled for August 2019 and February 2020.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open. What are you reading and loving this week?

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Friday Book Club

A late Friday Book Club! What reads are you loving this week?

Friday, November 02, 2018

UK paperback & Immortal Insider: Interview with Raphael & (Most) of his Seven

Update: This issue appears fixed, and I'm hearing that people's books are arriving. Please do let me know if you're still having problems and I'll ask my publisher to chase it up. 

UK peeps: A few of you have told me that Archangel’s Prophecy is showing up as awaiting publication on Waterstones, and as shipping in 1-2 months on Amazon UK. I’ve followed up with my publisher and been told that this is as a result of a warehouse move not going smoothly. 😣The publisher is working to fix it by this weekend so the books can start shipping - I’ll update you once I get an update. I’m sorry everyone. The good news is that the ebook and audiobook are available if you don’t want to wait.


The full Immortal Insider interview with Raphael and (most) of his Seven (Venom escaped) is now live at USA Today HEA. I think Bluebell better hide from Venom. (00)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

SPOILER ZONE: Archangel's Prophecy

Thread Closed

For the first time in the over ten-year history of this blog, a spoiler thread is being shut down. I don't monitor the spoiler threads, and generally run a very relaxed and hands-off comment policy, far more so than many authors. However, as it is my blog, I have a trusted friend who keeps an eye on the comments to ensure no reader is being impolite to another, as everyone should feel welcome to post. 

There have been any number of highly critical comments about my books left on the blog over the years. All have been left up as I've always encouraged a vibrant discussion. I do, however, expect everyone to act like adults and to discuss the book (however critical that discussion may be), not resort to insulting me personally. Unfortunately, it appears this simple expectation of politeness is too much for some - yet regardless of this, the thread was allowed to continue. However, the lack of civility has now bled over into comments directed at fellow readers, and that is something I will not countenance.

As a result, and because I've been told there is little to no actual book discussion happening, I've made the call to close the thread. Comments have not been deleted but have been put into hibernation because no author should be expected to host such behavior on their own blog. It makes the space toxic for everyone, including readers. 

My apologies to those of you who wanted a discussion space to talk about the characters and the storyline. The Facebook spoiler group will run to the end of November, and there are multiple unofficial fan groups online where you can discuss the book. I am not a member of any of them, so I can't recommend one over the other, but I'm guessing most of them have their own rules and they're probably much stricter than mine. So please go into those spaces with respect for the people who created them.


This is the dedicated *spoiler* thread for Archangel's Prophecy and earlier books in the series. Spoilers abound, so be warned!!

Usual rules: be kind to your fellow commenters and have fun. This spoiler thread will remain active as long as the blog does, so you can join in at any time. :-)

I don't monitor the thread for questions, so if you have a Q for me, you can email me (nalinisinghwrites AT gmail DOT com).

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?