Monday, December 31, 2007

There Be Dolphins

The plan is to get back to the normal schedule of posting this week, but I might miss a day here or there as I'm playing tour guide this week, and showing a friend from Japan around my corner of the world.

It's quite interesting seeing things from a tourist perspective. Yesterday, we went dolphin watching in the Hauraki Gulf. Check it out!!

Yes, these are from my camera! The water was so clear and a whole pod of dolphins ran along in front of the catamaran for ages. Apparently, they like to surf the waves generated by the boat.

We also saw lots of little blue penguins swimming around (they're so fast!), as well as gannets flying overhead. The view in the Gulf - of the marine life, the islands, the yachts, the sea itself - was amazing. It was such a great day. If anyone's ever down this way, I'd totally recommend doing this!


Courtney said...

If I ever get to NZ, Nalini, I'm bunking at your house! Can we chase sheep? Can we can we?

*puppydog eyes*

I'm making you something totally cute for when you come for RAW in Kentucky. I think you'll get a kick out of it. It is very Kiwi. *wink*

Christine said...

Fantastic photos!!!!
Those little blue penguins are so adorable!

Nalini Singh said...

We can totally chase sheep, Courtney! In FACT, I did that today! Seriously. My guest wanted photos with sheep and so off we went. It was hilarious. And I can't wait to see what you've made - does it have anything to do with sheep perchance? *grin*

Christine - Aren't they just?!!

danetteb said...

Wow!Beautiful pictures.It's nice seeing dolphins in their natural habitat.