Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Links

First up, I've been asked whether there will be a Mine to Possess ARC contest. I'm working on the details. Hopefully I'll have something to announce mid to late next week. :-)

Now, onto the links:

Publisher Red Sage now has a blog and they're currently doing a series on "Getting to Yes."

Writer Unboxed has a very interesting interview with agent Donald Maass. This is part 1 (part 2 goes up next week).

Fellow Kiwi Yvonne Lindsay has up a thought-provoking post on backcover blurbs and reader expectations.

Historical and paranormal author Kresley Cole talks about her First Sale at Dear Author.

Paperback writer Lynn Viehl has the finalized cover art for Twilight Falls.

Next week, author Ann Aguirre will be holding a week-long Early Christmas with guests and giveaways.

Fellow Berkley Babe Saskia Walker is holding a contest to win a copy of the Naughty or Nice anthology - you have until Monday to enter. And just for fun, turn on the sound and check out this video (for everyone who likes shoes, handbags and hunks...). (Link grabbed from Saskia's blog).

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Kat said...


*ridiculously excited*

Can't wait to see the contst.

*crosses fingers and waits impatiently*

Athena said...

I have to say that I think I actually prefer the cover art for Val on Viehl's book than her own vision. I too cannot wait for the contst although I'm hoping that it doesn't become habbit for my computer to go loco whenever i win something online. shudder. oh well i'd rather have an arc than a computer.

Athena said...

You know I've actually just thought of something. considering the current obsession these days with cover art/guys-who-fit-the-bill is there a person that you could compare to any of your yummy changelings? Clay? How about Mr. Scrumptious? Anything? *wide eyes I mean Nalini you know how our shallow souls crave some eye candy Any hunka hunka man that we can feast our eyes on?

Aymless said...

MtP ARC?! I want!

I just pre-order MtP along with Majorie Liu's new book out in Jan. I was weak-willed today. *sigh* I'll think of as an early.. uh... Valentine's to myself. (smiling shyly)

Jennifer said...

Nalini, it is my expert opinion that you should give us another long excerpt from Mine to Possess ... as well as a chance at ARCs.

Who made me an expert, you ask? Why, I did! "Expert" gives my opinion so much more weight than just saying "I, a regular rabid fan," want something. So, I think you should give us an excerpt and ARCs. I'm an expert. I would know. ;)

Jennifer K. *deploying the hypno eyes/cuing Twilight Zone music*

Christina said...

Oooh, I have to agree with Athena. Who do you think of (maybe as inspiration?) for your characters, Nalini?

I thought that video was funny, by the way. Thanks Nalini ^_^