Friday, December 07, 2007

Weekly Catchup

What's been happening in your corner of the world everyone? Any plans for the weekend? I'm going to spend it with Dorian. *g*


MaryKate said...

I wanna spend the weekend with Dorian. That sounds perfect, in fact!


Casee said...

I'm jealous!!! *g*

I hope to just catch up on some reading. Hang around the house. Oh, and I hope it's not too cold for the kids to go play outside. LOL

Kerry said...

I'm going to put up the Christmas tree tomorrow and have friends around on Sunday.

Bel said...

ioYeap, same opinion, I want to have Dorian too :) But I´ll have to study... Oh well, this is the last exam I have to hand in, at least this year.

Sweet said...

I'm hoping to put up the Christmas tree tomorrow and wrap some gifts :)
Then I'll be getting ready for work this weekend :(

Jambrea said...

I will be packing for Vegas!

Kat said...

Wow, I'm envious. A weekend with Dorian sounds dreamy - I want that :)

I'm studying for my last final. After Monday I'll be halfway done with law school - woohoo!!!!

I did take today off to read Sexiest Man Alive. It's more lighthearted than I usually read but I enjoyed it and want to read Make Me A Match. And I definitely identified with the heroine though thankfully have never freaked in an interview.

Other than that, it's just picking what I need to pack to go home. Or rather, picking what books I'm packing to read over break - clothes and other stuff get thrown in approx. an hour before I need to leave for the airport *g*

Aymless said...

I totally agree (Dorian is totally dreamy. *g*). I think Nalini needs to put that up as a prize. A lovely weekend with the leopards!!!

Its christmas tree lighting and first friday (basically they close downtown to motor traffic, all six blocks, and all the stores stay open late and offer yummies to eat and drink while browsing) here so I am off to see the tree lighting tonight and then cruise the shops to see what's new and eat the free yummies.

Since I finished my x-mas shopping (yay me!) I am rewarding myself with Robin Owen's Heart Mate.

Nalini Singh said...

MK / Casee - if only the ears had walls *grin*

Kerry - isn't the weather great our way today?! Perfect Xmas prep time.

Sweet - think about Dorian and work will go by faster :)

Jambrea - how awesome!

Kat - good luck with the final!!

Aymless - you're so organized, I'm jealous. Must do Christmas shopping...must...

Nalini Singh said...

Bel - good luck with your exams, too!