Friday, December 21, 2007

Weekly Catchup

I realized I missed a question earlier - about an excerpt from Hostage to Pleasure. It's a bit too early yet for HtP. Chapter 1 will be included in back of Mine to Possess, though. Here's a tip - if you're tempted to read that excerpt before diving into MtP...resist! Trust me, you'll enjoy it a lot more. :)

So, how's the week been? Any plans? I can't believe it's almost 2008!


orannia said...

Ohhh, that's a very tempting statement Nalini. Can I resist...OK my track record for being able to resist excerpts is atrocious (Anne Bishop anyone?) but after the excerpt earlier this week I think I will be straight into MTP because I think we can all agree that Clay is simply yummy!

This weekend....finishing my Xmas shopping - I promised to buy my grandmother a soft glasses' case (that's what she wanted) but there aren't many around (and she's quite snazy for 86 years so I can't get her a boring one) and sweet peas are flowering (I know, late in the year but YAH! My mother would have been pleased.)

Have a lovely weekend all and Happy Holidays!


Kat said...

Hi Nalini,

I am's Dorian!!!!

The week's been busy with both my jobs. This weekend I'm hoping to see Juno or Sweeney Todd. And I'm heading over to hang out with a friend. She wants to make a gingerbread house which neither of us has attempted before. Should be interesting, if not messy.


Aymless said...

The week has been fairly slow. Although I did find a great sale and am now two pairs of pjs richer (couldn't resist, 60% off!).

I'm heading home for the holiday this weekend to do the usual holiday things and answer all the annoying holiday question. You know the "So are you seeing anyone?" type. I'm just happy to have found a kitty acceptable sitter.

Happy Holidays everyone

bel_78 said...

Hi, Nalini :)

The week has been very long, so this long weekend will be wonderful. I plan to sleep (a lot, I have to catch up), meet with friends and do some Christmas shopping. If possible I´d like to read a book a professor gave to me as a gift, too.

Take care,


PS: For amyless, I know everything about annoying questions from family. You just have to endure them during the holidays. Patience :)

Susan said...

I have been crazy busy - and Christmas is just around the corner. I have started a Novella for the Harlequin contest - for their Presents line.

I am also running a contest on both my blogs! Nothing too fancy but there is a Barnes & Noble Gift card up for grabs!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

Nalini Singh said...

I went to dinner with friends last night and ate wayyyyyy too much. :)

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I'm going to a family friend's wedding tomorrow morning and will see old school friends from 30 years ago. The rest of Saturday and Sunday I'll try to pick up some holiday presents for my Mom. I've gotten everyone else's presents, but Mom's being difficult this year... My brother arrives on Sunday for a week's visit so we are all looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to sleep, enjoying the holiday season with my family, a little bit of work and more parties... Bookswise, I've just begun Elijah by Jacquelyn Frank and am enjoying it. I really recommend her books.

Kat said...

I saw Sweeney Todd and National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Both were good. I liked Sweeney Todd, but didn't love it (adore the play though). National Treasure I loved. I'm a sucker for treasure-hunting books and movies and this one was fast-paced and entertaining.

Book-wise I'm reading Karen Hawkins's How to Abduct a Highland Lord aka the book with the title that inspired my blog almost a year ago (and yes, I'm just getting around to reading it). It's really good so far :)

tugsduck said...

Hi All. I'm one of the extremely lucky winners of the ARC of Mine to Possess. It was awesome! I read until my eyes wanted to pop out of my head (much to the chagrin of my boyfriend!).

This book is just as good if not better than those preceding it. It has humor, poignancy, and sensuality (much to the pleasure of my boyfriend once I was done reading!). Clay and Talin's story was the bomb!

This book will be added to my keepers to be enjoyed again and again. I've created quite a following for Nalini with my friends and coworkers - even those I wasn't quite sure would like such an unusual world were pulled in. That's a testament to Nalini's skill with words.

Thank you Nalini and for all of you eagerly anticipating the release date, it will definitely be worth the wait!