Wednesday, December 19, 2007

[Edited] Update & Book Tour: Gena Showalter - Savor me Slowly

Ok, the Mine to Possess ARC winners have all been notified. Check your email if you entered. I'm not announcing the winners names yet, but if you won, feel free to "out" yourself!

[Edited to add:] Winners who I've heard back from - Casee, Nicole C., Joni, Angela H., Bel, Jennifer R., Helen G., Stephanie S., Amy B., Tina C., Brooke, Ria, Janet, Kirsten S., Margarida, Sweet, Peggy, Anna, Sonia, Rosemary

I want to thank all of you for your enthusiasm for the contest and for MtP. I hope you all fall adoringly in love with Clay and Tally's story!! :-)

Talking about releases, check out the OOTB book tour for the fabulous Gena Showalter's next Alien Huntress book! I'm so loving that cover!

SAVOR ME SLOWLY by Gena Showalter

(Pocket) December 26, 2007

Mishka Le’Ace was created to be an undercover operative . . . literally. Her beautiful body has been mechanically augmented to give her superhuman strength -- strength she’s going to need. Her latest mission sends her to rescue Alien Investigation and Removal agent Jaxon Tremain from torture and death. With him, she discovers a passion unlike any other. A passion she was forbidden to know. . .

From the moment they meet in a darkened cell, Jaxon craves her touch. But the machine half of Le’Ace forces her to do things she doesn’t always want to do. Even betray him . . . and ultimately destroy him. Now Jaxon must battle the man controlling Le’Ace and even Le’Ace herself to at last claim the woman he’s come to love.


Gena Showalter sold her first book at the age of 27. Three years later, at the ripe old age of 30, she had sold an amazing total of 15 books in a multitude of genres: paranormal romance, contemporary chick lit/romance hybrid, young adult and urban fantasy. Her books provide something for every fan of fiction. For more information about Gena and her novels, you can visit her website at and her blog at


In versatile Showalter’s new futuristic novel, the world teeters on the edge of disaster unless a tough band of human and alien allies can stop it. Danger spiced with sizzling sensuality are definitely hallmarks of Showalter’s style. Kicking butt and taking names is what these protagonists do best which cranks up the action quotient for this intense new book! – Romantic Times

One of the premiere authors of paranormal romance.” New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole

SAVOR ME SLOWLY is the third and strongest installment in Gena Showalter’s Alien Huntress series. As riveting as the previous two books were this one is better. Fresh Fiction

The characters in this book are flawlessly drawn. . . Science fiction at its best! So if you’ve never picked up a story by this talented author, now is the time to start. Two Lips Reviews -- 5 lips, their highest rating!



Kat said...

Not me *tears*

Congrats to the winners!!!!

Christine said...

I'm outing myself as a non winner, too.
*tears and sniffles*

Congrats to the lucky winners! :)

Aymless said...

Whee! I'm a winner! *Amy bounces up and down giggling with glee* It's made my whole day! Thank you, thank you Nalini!

CandyAss said...

awww :( I'm a non-winner ::sniff sniff:: oh well I still can't wait for Clay's story :) Congrats Winners!!

Sweet said...

This is my first ARC ever !!!!!! This has totally made my day. It completely makes up for me being sick all weekend. Thankssss so much Nalini :) happy,happy,joy,joy

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

SIGH! Oh well, congratulations to all the winners.

orannia said...

Congratulations to all of the lucky reviewers and big hugs to those not so fortunate! We haven't got too long to wait (I keep telling myself that but I'm not sure if it is making a bit of difference :)

Nalini - thank you so much for the teaser (I can't call it an excerpt because I feel deliciously teased and now I want more :) *SIGH* Clay sounds so yummy though! Hmmm, I told my friend her Xmas present would be late this year as she and her family are going away and my present will require water. She wanted to know if it was a magic-grow Changeling....I was like...I love you but I wouldn't give a Changeling away...unless of course he wanted to go because I wouldn't want to keep anything that didn't want to stay. (I hope that made sense.)


PS Oh, and I've started Imitation In Death...did I tell you I've been on the Jack the Ripper tour in London....eerie, very eerie.

Courtney said...

I didn't win MtP, but I won CbI earlier this year, so I'm still a lucky, happy girl.

Nalini, thanks for telling us more about Gena Showalter and her Alien Huntress series. It inspired me to do some looking online and when I made an Amazon order this afternoon, I put the first one, Awaken Me Darkly, in my cart. I can't wait to read it!

orannia said...

Oh, the first book in Gena Showalter's Alien Huntress series is available at the library...which of course I will be stopping at this afternoon :)

*bounce, bounce* I love new authors!


Aymless said...

Orannia - I loved the Jack the Ripper tour, through Walking Tours of London. The guide we had was supposed to be THE expert (Donald Rumbelow) and wrote several books on the subject.

If anyone goes to London, you should check out London Walks. They have flier at Heathrow in baggage claims (if my memory is not faulty). They do several wonderful tours. My favorite was the one was to Stonehenge and Salisbury.

Jennifer A. Ray said...

Thank you so much, Nalini! I can't wait to read 'Mine to Possess'!!!

And that Gena Showalter looks great too...

Kris said...

Congrats winners!!!
I love Gena's books. She is an autobuy for me.

ShellBell said...

I loved Awaken Me Darkly and Enslave Me Sweetly - can't wait for Savor Me Slowly.

Congrats to the winners - hanging out for Clay's story!

Delilah said...

Thanks for choosing me to get an ARC! I just read Beat of Temptation last night in one sitting. I'd planned to finish the story today - just read a chapter prior to going to sleep. I ended up reading the entire thing and even had tears in my eyes for Tam.

Anonymous said...

my mail ate my email from you!