Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cake is not a food group...or is it?

How're the holidays going for everyone? :-)


Sweet said...

My Christmas was really nice. In fact I'd have to say the icing on the cake was that I received my MTP arc on Christmas Eve. I stayed up all through the night reading it. I couldn't put it down. It was very well done Nalini :) I'm definitely going to have to do a slower reread to do my review. ;)
Now I CANT WAIT until HTP comes out. You were sooo right about that excerpt. I was bouncing around when I was reading it. Your books are just awesome and I can't wait for more to see how it all plays out.

orannia said...

Ohhh sweet! I'm bouncing around excited that you've read MTP :) Not long to go now!

The lock on my security door just gave up the ghost (that is such a weird expression BTW)...while lockedI shoudl point I had to ask a friend of the family to take the door apart so I could get out the front door :) I'm now searching for a replacement and games!


PS Cake isn't a food group, but it's a proven fact that your brain runs on sugar (OK, glucose), so eat cake and feed your mind :)

Courtney said...

Well, I think cake should be a food group. Or cookies. Or pie.

I had a busy holiday. We had family get togethers on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, all with my husband's family. He was working for a lot of it, so I had to deal with the in-laws alone. Needless to say, hubby seriously owes me.

Today was for resting and hanging out at home. Peanut, my 18 month old, was happy to relax with her new toys. My parents got her giant Leggos, which were a big hit. She even helped me put them back in their bag when she was done playing with them! :D

Marg said...

Oh my! I read that as Coke (as in Coca Cola!) and was already to chime in with....of course it is!

Maybe I need to have some just to get the old brain going!

MaryKate said...

Hey Nalini - Michelle Buonfiglio just voted Caressed by Ice Paranormal of the Year over at!

You're in some vaunted company, my friend! Many romance luminaries are also listed in her Best of 2007 listing.

Go see!! And CONGRATS! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!

Nalini Singh said...

Sweet - I'm so delighted you loved MtP!! Can't wait to read your review :)

Orannia - I knew cake was good for you ;)

Courtney - your Peanut sounds seriously adorable. I can just imagine her putting those legos away :)

Marg - LOL!!

MaryKate - thank you so much for the heads up! I just went and left a comment. What great company to be in!

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

Cake is TOTALLY a food group! And if you eat cake as part of a cultural ceremony (i.e. birthdays and other holidays, weddings, etc.) it has no calories. Seriously - it's part of the mystical quality of cake.

Christmas was great but now I need a vacation. Wednesday was a great day for vegging and reading while the kids were wrapped up in their new toys and books.

Kat said...

I'm working, which is not so bad except I can't get through my TBR.

I'm also fighting with my new e-Reader. Not fun.

On the upside, I'm reading From London With Love by Jenna Petersen. I got Shadow Music by Julie Garwood today too.

My fiends are telling me I need to re-start the In Death series. I stopped it after Vengeance about 5 years ago, so I think I have to start at the beginning.

Christine said...

Cake covers several food groups at once, Nalini, so no worries!!! You've got protein (egg), dairy (whipped cream frosting), grain (flour), and you can even cover the fruit (on top or in the filling), and of course, the chocolate food groups with the most special of cakes! ;) lol

My Christmas was very nice, thank you. I enjoy this whole week from Christmas to New Year's Day... spending quality time with family and friends, sharing fine food and drink. (I sound like a greeting card!) It's just too bad my waistline and bank account end up suffering for it all!

How is your holiday week, Nalini?

Barbara V said...

Cake is part of the carbohidrates and is so good. It should be included on every meal. Don't you think?