Tuesday, March 28, 2006

All Sorts of Excitement!

The first bit of excitement is that my spacebar key appears to be malfunctioning. I'm a very high-speed typist and now I'm having to go back sometimes and separate out all the words becausetheysometimeslooklikethis. Hmm... What's the weirdest thing your computer's ever done to you?

The second bit of excitement is that we had a small earthquake yesterday. The desk shook, the computer shook, I shook, but nothing fell and as far as I've heard, there's been no real damage anywhere. Most excellent. Japan is a seriously geologically active country - I've felt more earthquakes here in 3 years than I had all the time I'd lived in NZ and that's a pretty similiar country geologically.

The third bit of excitement is that we are going to have a guest blogger this week sometime! But who is she? Shall I make it a scavenger hunt? First person to guess her name gets a copy of Secrets In The Marriage Bed. (If you've already won a copy and know the answer, feel free to post, "I know! I know!" but don't give away the game!).

Okay let's start out with a few not so easy clues.

(a) She's a Kiwi.
(b) She's a writer.
(c) She thinks I'm super cool. (I'm pretty sure about this).
(d) She used to be President of RWNZ.

Okay, go for it!! Hunt people, hunt! And because I love you all, here's another really easy clue - there's a picture of her on my website somewhere.

And the fourth bit of excitement is that the super secret blog thing I've been dropping hints about is now live. Check out Diana Peterfreund's Great Blog Voice Experiment. You might want to check back there at the end of the week because someone you know *cough, cough* might be one of the participating authors.


Nalini Singh said...

No one's guessing! Did I make it too hard? Okay here's another GIANT clue :)Her name has two "Y"'s in it.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hey, Nalini! I just picked up Secrets in the Marriage Bed today! Can I admit this is the first book of yours I've bought? And it's because I found you through blogging. You have a presence on the web, you seem like a nice person, and you were nice to me and read my blog. :) I'm telling you this to prove that a presence and niceness work in expanding an audience (in case you were wondering). I didn't know you before, but I feel I do now, so you are an autobuy. :)

I read the first couple of pages in the store and I was hooked, btw! So it's not just because you're nice. :)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Ahhhh, I'm woefully ignorant about Kiwi authors! I couldn't find any pics but yours on your website. Dang.

Emma Sinclair said...

Yvonne Lindsay?

It has 2 Y's in it. She's a kiwi. She's a writer. I can find no proof that she thinks you're great, but you are, so if she's a reasonable gal, she will know that.

Cyn Bagley said...

Oops... I have no idea Nalini... I have never been involved with the RWA. But, I agree with Lynn... I love your voice (Lynn has been a friend of mine for quite a few years now WOW) I found you from her blog and just enjoyed reading about you. I tried to find your book at our little Borders bookstore in Carson City.. but they did not have you. I will definitely order your book from Amazon when I get my next group of books together. ;-)

Milady Insanity said...


The only other author I could find on the RWNZ site with 2 Ys in her name is Sarah Mayberry.

I couldn't find pictures of anybody other than you on your site, Nalini. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi , Nalini
I think the author is Yvonne Lindsay. I remember seeing her picture on your blog.Hope I am right. Would love your book. (Doesn't come out here till April.)


Nalini Singh said...

Lynn - oh, you just made my morning. :) :) Thank you for telling me it was because of my blog, too. I was a bit iffy about this whole blogging thing when I started but I've really fallen in love with it.

Emma :)

Cynthia - thanks! I hope you enjoy the books. It's funny what you say about voice. I'm getting together a new website at the moment and I was going to be all professional and write things in the 3rd person except I kept wanting to just talk! So now it's all going to be in 1st person. *g*

Milady - good try!

Fatima - you have an awesome memory!!

p.s. For everyone who couldn't find the pic of Yvonne, I made a mistake - the quiz wasn't supposed to be that hard. There IS a picture of her on my site but it's very well hidden. I thought there was another more obvious one but that was just in my imagination. Ooops. So Emma & Fatima you two did really, really, really well!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nalini. I am sure Emma and I will both enjoy your book.

Congrats Emma