Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Guest Blogger: Yvonne Lindsay

And here she is, the awesome Yvonne Lindsay with her guest blog! (Yay for Emma & Fatima for hunting her down! I'm in a generous mood so I'll send you both copies of Secrets. Just shoot me your addresses). :)

Before I let Yvonne take over, I'm going to tell you something about her. She's not only my (very tall) friend, she's an awesome new Desire writer and she knows lots and lots about writing and publishing. So feel free to pick her brains!! (But don't tell her I told you to do so).


Wow, I’ve never been the subject of a scavenger hunt before, but Nalini assured me it wouldn’t hurt and so far she’s right! Thanks for the guest blog-spot, Nalini, and yeah, for the record I do think you’re pretty cool.

I have to admit to being a little overawed and very much a newbie at this blogging phenomenon, but it sure seems to be a great and fun way to share and expand on ideas, thoughts and happenings. Speaking of happenings, I’m relieved to hear that your earthquake didn’t cause any damage, Nalini. Can’t say I’m terribly impressed with your reminder that NZ is so similar geologically to Japan—not impressed at all! I was born in Wellington, where small quakes apparently register quite frequently, however my parents had the good sense to relocate to Auckland before I could form any lasting or damaging memories of any unstable geological behaviour. And surprisingly enough I still live in a city that is ringed by (hopefully) extinct volcanoes—lots of them. They don’t wake up once they’ve been quarried, right?

Speaking of computers, the weirdest thing my computer does to me nowadays is compact my email. This exciting feature of XP is darned annoying. I’ve lost entire folders worth of email which I’m sure are somewhere lurking in the bowels of my hard-drive (ick), but WHERE? And who’s stupid idea was it anyway to compact email in the first place, it’s kind of like your mother going into your bedroom while you’re at school or work and tidying up for you—you get home and think you know exactly where everything is, until you go to put your hand on it and it’s gone and lost forever. If anyone has any brilliant suggestions at recovering compacted files (I’m getting visions of a garbage compacter here—argh!) I’d be truly grateful.


Anonymous said...

Yvonne, welcome to the world of blogging!

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Thanks, Olga. Sometimes it pays to poke your head out of your cave every now and then and revisit the *real* world (g)

Nalini Singh said...

Caves are cool places. They have character. ;)

Yvonne Lindsay said...

So, Nalini, could it be argued that books are caves?

Nalini Singh said...

Intense question...I have to go meditate on it awhile *g* Seriously though, a good book can take both reader and writer off into a different world, insulating them from everything else, so yeah it is a kind of a cave effect isn't it?

(See, I told you YL was smart!)

Bronwyn Jameson said...

I like the books as caves analogy. Some are deep and dark and, well, scary. You wonder if anyone will come out alive. Some are multi-layered with hidden depths you can easily miss, while others are more open and the light reaches every corner. What you see is what you get. Then there are the ones that harbour unexpected treasures--like, you're slogging away past ordinary, grey rock and then you happen upon some gorgeous limestone. Or glow worms. Or an underground pool.

Yvonne Lindsay said...

FLASH! Was that a triple RITA nominee who just appeared?

The slogging away analogy is also apt when crafting your book/story methinks. Sometimes its sheer hard graft in the dark and then wham! You're delivered a precious uncut gem that just needs shape and polish to bring the story back into the light again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Yvonne! Had to go anonymous when I couldn't remember my blogger id. How sad is that? :-( Some of us just aren't meant to be bloggers obviously:-)

But hey, great to see you here on Nalini's blog! ~waves to Nalini~ Not getting into the books as caves theory that our triple RITA finalist ~hi Bron!~ has encapsulated so eloquently, I just wanted to say I loved the glow worm caves I visited early this year in New Zealand. Just awesome. When a book does the same to you, whether reading or writing it, as what happens when the guide extinguishes the lamps and lets those glowworms shine so beautifully up above, it's pure magic!

Great analogy you guys!

Trish Morey (sadly aka anonymous)

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Hey Trish, great to see you. FWIW you'll never achieve anonymity. Not with all those Waldenbooks bestsellers behind your name. I spent a bit too much time in my cave hunting for glow worms last night. A bit on the tired side today. Ho hum.

Nalini Singh said...

Egad, was that a Trish Morey sighting?! And our (Australia is a part of NZ after all) triple RITA nominee?

I love those glowworm caves too, Trish. I think it's one of the most beautiful natural things I've ever seen. :)

Love the caves analogy! Esp the part about finding an uncut gem when you least expect it.

Milady Insanity said...

Oh I've been to the glow worm caves near the Gold Coast. Just June last year, in fact.

They are so beautiful!

As for what I consider my books to be, they are PITAs. LOL.

Nalini Singh said...

PITAs? Help me out - all I can think of is pita breads!

Cyn Bagley said...

Oh... I wanted to say Hi, but I was busy yesterday... cleaning and ripping up old receipts. :-)