Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jet planes and Germany

I start the first leg of my long haul flight to Germany this morning. Woohoo! I'm attending the Love Letter Convention in Berlin, as well as doing a number of signings - details here.

I've scheduled some posts to go up while I'm traveling (fingers and toes crossed it works!), but I'll also be checking in as I travel.

I have an interview today at The Reading Cafe. Barb from The Reading Cafe also reviewed, Tangle of Need - follow the links to read!

See some of you in Germany!

Then her wolf came to life inside her body, and the thought fractured under a chaos of sensation. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she met the fever of his kiss, her bones molten with passion. 

- Tangle of Need 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Next Psy/Changeling Book & Quote

I'm getting lots of questions about the next Psy/Changeling book. Yes I know who the main characters will be, but I'm not quite ready to discuss it yet. ;-)

Here's today's quote for those of you waiting for the June 7th release date!

It was all Riaz heard before he found himself making his way to where Adria leaned against a tree on the other side of the clearing. The shadows of the forest concealed her from the crowd, until it was almost a private alcove...but for the vivid tug of her scent.

Also, the spoiler thread is now open, so please post all spoilery comments there. Thanks muchly!

Tangle of Need *Spoiler* Thread


Comments - to see comments after #200, click on the [# of Comments] link at the bottom right of this post. It will bring up a pop up box showing comments 1-200. To see 201 onwards, click the [Newer/Newest] link up the top.

Hi all! Just a reminder to keep the comments on the other threads spoiler free, as lots of people are still waiting for their copies of Tangle of Need. 

However, you can discuss the book with spoilers in the comments to this post only. This is a space for fans to talk to one another - if you have questions specifically for me, shoot me an email. I'm way behind but hoping to catch up over the next few weeks, so be patient if you don't get a response straight away.

If you haven't yet read the book, and don't want to be spoiled, look away! I'll place a bookmark to this thread in the sidebar , so you'll be able to come back and join in the discussion once you have read the book. 

As always, please respect one another's opinions, even if you disagree. Happy discussing!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Tangle of Need is now out! First up I want to share a really cool review quote. (I'll have more review links for you over the week.) 

"As the Psy edge closer to civil war, Riaz and Adria are battered by politics, violence, and their compulsive attraction to each other...The action is also driven by past protagonists whose romances continue to develop realistically. Singh handles the division with deft style, weaving threads of her previous tales into the looming conflict without ever neglecting the budding relationship.

Perhaps more important for returning readers, she stays beautifully faithful to her own mythology, creating a truly satisfying romance and compelling action in one of her strongest episodes to date."

- Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
I've done a number of interviews recently and they'll be going live over the next couple of weeks. The first one is now up at USA Today's Happy Ever After blog. Fellow author Pamela Clare asked some great questions.

Also, I have a short post up at the Australian Romance Readers blog as well. 

Tangle of Need out in a few hours!

Tangle of Need is almost out! I hope you all enjoy returning the Psy/Changeling world!

Hawke growled. "Careful."

An unrepentant grin creasing the smooth dark of a face that had beguiled many a woman, Matthias put Sienna on her feet. "He ever chase you down a corridor again, sweetheart, you know who to call."

Sienna held her own. "I think I rather enjoy being caught."

I did a blog post for Fresh Fiction, talking about continuing character and its up now, so swing by and have a read. :-)

Monday, May 28, 2012

2 Days to go!! Plus comments question

2 Days to go till TANGLE OF NEED releases!

"That'll rot your teeth," Evie said, crunching on a potato chip, the lustrous ebony of her hair curling over the shoulders of her white cashmere cardigan.

"Pot. Kettle. Black."

"God I love salt." Another crunch. "Since I have no shame, I'm going to ask you what it's like being mated."

Question: What do you all think of shifting to threaded comments on the blog? Yes, no, ambivalent?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

3 Days to go!

3 Days to go till TANGLE OF NEED releases!

(Before I post the quote, a request - when you get your copies please don't post any spoilers on the usual threads for a couple of weeks, as the UK/Aus/NZ release date is June 7th. I'll put up a special spoiler thread for you. And for the UK/Aus/NZ folks, I'll put up some extra quotes to tide you over! :-))

Dimple appearing to dangerous effect, he touched her boot with his, playful as a pup. "We'll have fun."

"Yes," she said, wolf padding happily inside her skin, "we will."


Saturday, May 26, 2012

4 Days to go!

4 Days to go till TANGLE OF NEED releases!!

"Are all men so bloodthirsty?"

"Lara's father showed me his tools - then we had an illuminating conversation about how easy it would be to cut a person in half using one of the lasers. It was very civilized."

Hope you're all having a fantastic start to the weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Book Club & Tangle of Need

5 Days to go till TANGLE OF NEED releases!! A fun quote for Friday!

"Say sorry."

"Never." Elbowing the man to free herself, Mercy made the introductions. "Everyone, this is my brother, Bastien, otherwise known as a pain in the neck, and an excellent cook. Bas, these are wolves who will fall upon you and devour you if you so much as blink wrong."

The Friday Book club is now open! What are you reading and loving at the moment? I'm all about Cooper and Grace right now. :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

6 Days to go!

6 Days to go till TANGLE OF NEED releases!
When she poked her head up from the sheets to see him walking into the room dressed in nothing but a towel hitched around his hips, a cup of coffee in hand, she simply stopped breathing for a second.

"Come here," she said when she could speak again. He smelled of soap and man and coffee, and she wanted only to rub her face against his chest, indulge the deep sensory need he both created and filled in her.

Also, I recently interviewed Gemmell Award nominated spec fic writer Helen Lowe and the interview's now up at On the Realm, so swing by and have a read. :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 Days to go!

7 days to go till TANGLE OF NEED releases!

Riley shot him an openly concerned look after Riaz left. "It might go better coming from me."

Hawke didn't take it wrong--Riley wasn't only his senior lieutenant, he was also Hawke's friend, knew exactly how this might make him behave. "No, I've got it.

Also, a heads-up: Brenda Novak's auction to raise money for diabetes research, is winding down to a close. However, there's still a week or so left to bid on a ton of items - including coffee with me in Anaheim, so check it out!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

8 Days to Go!

8 days to go till TANGLE OF NEED releases!

"Alerted by the psychic reminder, he paused, reworked his search algorithm to halt at the first sign of a trip wire or sensor. By the time Silver walked back into his office, he was facing his desk once more, even as his mind hummed with a task that would've taken the full attention of most normal cardinals.

Kaleb had never been normal. Not in any way."

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tangle of Need - 9 Days to go!

Hope you all had/are having a great weekend! With 9 days to go till the release of TANGLE OF NEED, I thought we'd start the quote countdown! Here's the first one:

"He was so big and strong, and he wanted her so desperately. It stroked the wolf's battered ego, made her claws prick out and dig into his flesh through the fine black cotton of his shirt. 

He hissed out a breath, but it wasn't a sound that told her to stop."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Book Club

Wow, it's Friday again already! Time for the book club - what are you reading and loving at the moment?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New German Covers

Aren't these beautiful?! 

11 Oktober 2012 

Originaltitel: Whisper of Sin/Angel’s Wolf/Angel’s Dance 

Packende Geschichten zu Nalini Singhs Gestaltwandlerserie und ihren erfolgreichen Engelromanen.In einer Welt voller Schönheit und Blutgier, in der Engel über Vampire und Sterbliche herrschen, in der Mediale versuchen, die Emotionen zu verbieten und Gestaltwandler um das Überleben kämpfen, brodeln die Gefühle - Rache, Hass und Leidenschaft. Jeder ist auf der Suche nach einer Liebe, die alle Grenzen überwindet ... Egmont Lyx

14 Februar 2013 

Originaltitel: Tangle of Need 

Der SnowDancer-Wolf Riaz fühlt sich unwiderstehlich zu der schönen Adria hingezogen. Doch dann werden die beiden in einen tödlichen Konflikt der Medialen verwickelt, der das Schicksal der ganzen Welt bedroht. Sie müssen eine Entscheidung treffen, die ihre Liebe auf eine harte Probe stellt. Egmont Lyx

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Stuffy or Buttoned-Up Hero

I recently read two books that featured heroes who start off as stuffy and might even come across as judgmental: Her Best Worst Mistake by Sarah Mayberry (contemporary), and What a Gentleman Wants by Caroline Linden (historical).

Both are great books, so do check them out! Here's a link to the Dear Author review for the Sarah Mayberry book, which is where I first read about Her Best Worst Mistake.

Getting back to the heroes - as the stories continued, I, along with the heroine, began to see the person behind the stuffy mask, and each hero turned out to be really heroic - a truly good guy, someone the heroine can rely on through anything and everything. 

This is a trope I really love in romances. Do you? Are there any books you'd recommend that feature this kind of a hero?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving at the moment?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Archangel's Storm Excerpt

The Archangel's Storm excerpt is now up on the website! Enjoy!

Archangel's Storm (September 2012)
by Nalini Singh

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Random Q&A: Answers

Okay, I randomly picked ten of the posted questions (plus a couple of related ones) and answered them below. If you snuck in two or three questions at once, I picked only one to answer. 

Don't worry if your question didn't get answered. We'll do this again sometime.

1. Will we get to know if Vivek gets made soon or at all?
You'll find out the answer in the GH book after ARCHANGEL'S STORM.

2. Do you plan to write another series or book beside PsyChangeling and Guild Hunter like what you do last year with Harlequin Nocturne?

No, not at this stage. I really want to focus on the GH and Psy/Ch series.

3.(a) Do you see yourself writing a story about Kit or any of the juveniles? or any of the younger characters (Keenan/ Noor, Ben/Marlee)?

(b) Have you considered or are you going to write a YA series based on the Psy/Changeling young?

(c) Are we going to get a story about Kit of the Psy/Changeling universe? I thought he was awesome in Kiss of Snow and I'd love to see about him!

These three are related, so I thought I'd answer them together.

I currently have no plans to do a stand-alone YA series based on the Psy/Changeling young. I prefer not to separate out characters into different series (which is not to say you might not see storylines featuring the younger characters within the books).

I also don't like doing big time jumps, and since everyone  mentioned above (except for Kit), is currently very young, I don't have any plans to write separate stories for them yet.

As for Kit - he's a possibility, but he's got some growing up to do yet .

4. When an angel becomes an Arcangel how does that new person gain a territory? Do they have to fight or does the Cadre meet and realign boundaries?

The latter. It's part of the angelic "political system" so to speak, that a new archangel is assigned territory and given a certain period of time to settle in (approx a hundred years) before any of the other archangels can challenge him or her.

This is referenced a little bit in ANGELS' DANCE.

5. Hi there, how do you find managing your career from NZ? I know you do travel approx how often a year do you find that happens?

With the internet, it truly doesn't matter where you're based, either in terms of the writing/editing/publishing side of things, or when it comes to connecting with readers (hi everyone!).

I travel a lot because I enjoy it, but you don't necessarily need to travel at all.

6. How long do we have to wait to find out who the Ghost is?

Only another twenty books.


Sorry, couldn't resist. It won't be toooooo long - it's a tough secret to keep!!

7. Will you ever write a story focusing on a changeling pack other than SnowDancer or DarkRiver?

Yes. I've been thinking about a book featuring the falcons for a while. In terms of when that'll happen, I'm fairly certain it'll be after the completion of the main series arc.

8. Oh and is Venom after Jason?

No. We're going to back to Elena and Raphael. :-)

9. Will you ever write a book that shares a little of each of the Psy/Changeling couples HEA's?

I'd love to do this, but the timing isn't right yet.

10. How many more books in the Psy/Changeling series do you think you will write?

I see approx 2-4 more books until the end of this story arc. So if you're reading for that arc, you will get a satisfying conclusion.

After that, I'd like to explore aspects of the world and its characters that we haven't seen as much to date. The world is so vibrant and alive, that so long as there are stories to tell within it, I'll happily continue to write them.

Random Q&A

Questions closed. 

I'm opening the floor to questions. I promise to randomly choose and answer at least ten of the questions that come in. 

I'll close this post to questions in an hour or two depending on how many questions come in, and the answers will go up in a second post. 

Also, before you post your question, make sure it hasn't been answered in FAQ post.

Ready, set, go!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Book Club

It's time to talk books! What are you reading and loving at the moment?

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Excerpt: Tangle of Need

Last week I posted an intense excerpt from Tangle of Need. This week, I've got a fun piece that takes place during a meeting of the senior soldiers.

I hope you enjoy! (Less than a month to go till release day!)

Excerpt from Tangle of Need

“Okay, now that that’s sorted,” Elias said, glancing once again at the board on which he’d scribbled his notes. “We need to talk about—”

“Hey, Eli,” Kieran interrupted, gray-green eyes wicked with mischief. “Is that one of those scratch-and-write boards they use at elementary school?”

“What?” Unfazed, Elias continued to write on the pink slate. “You just noticed?”

Adria laughed, wondering if Sakura had given the board to her father. From beside her, Simran said, “I think it’s great.”

“You’re a girl,” Kieran pointed out. “It’s pink. Manly men spit on pink.”

Roundly booed by the females in the room, Kieran threw out his arms. “Hey, hey, I like girls.” Pure charm. “A lot.”

“Quiet,” Elias said in his no-nonsense way, “or we’ll be here all day. Next thing we need to sort out are some new training modules. We now have a climber with Level 4 certification in the group, so she’ll be doing a lesson tomorrow for those of you who climb like bears after hibernation.”

It took Adria a second—and Elias’s amused look—to realize she’d been volunteered.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Nalini Singh

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Photos From Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Back in March, I went down to Flaxmere for a great evening event. As my flight came in a little early, one of the lovely staff members from the Hastings Libraries, Carla, drove me around the area. 

Since it was a beautiful day, I got some great shots. I hope you enjoy!

You can just see a vineyard at the bottom of the mountains.

Closer shot of the vineyard.

Part of the ceiling of the Hawke's Bay Opera House. It's a stunning building - if you ever get a chance to visit, definitely check it out!