Thursday, September 08, 2016

Silver Silence


Silver Silence the title of the next Psy-Changeling book. I'm sure you can all guess who the heroine is!
Silver Silence kicks off season two of the series. The books in season one all had three-word titles, but for this next arc of the series, we're switching it up to two-word titles. (Yes, we like to live dangerously :D).
The series title will also be changing slightly from the Psy-Changeling Series, to the Psy-Changeling Trinity Series.
A Psy-Changeling Trinity Novel
Why the series title change?
As I started to think about Silver Silence, I realized it would be a very good entry point into the series. We're going to be meeting new characters, seeing a new part of the Psy-Changeling world.
The series title change means Silver Silence will be listed as book 1 of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series rather than book 16 of the Psy-Changeling series.
This'll also make it easier for things like my website, so the book lists can be neatly separated out. Right now, the series list is in danger of falling off the page on the main menu!
If I've read the entire Psy-Changeling series, will this feel like a continuation?
Yes. While Silver Silence is a great intro into the series, if you're already familiar with the world, then you'll see deeper layers of meaning within each story. And of course, you'll come into it with a lot of knowledge about all the events that have led up to this point.
Does this mean all the books will be about the Trinity Accord?
No. In fact, the Trinity Accord plays only a minor role in Silver Silence.
The reason for choosing Psy-Changeling Trinity as the series title is that in my head, this is the Trinity arc, while season one was the Silence arc. It doesn't mean everything focuses around Trinity - it just represents this new phase in the Psy-Changeling world.
Does the new series arc mean we're leaving the previous characters totally behind?
No. We will be meeting new characters and going into new territories, but this is a living, breathing world, so people's paths do cross.
Also, we'll be circling back to some previous characters who haven't had their stories yet.
If I haven't read a single Psy-Changeling story, will I understand Silver Silence?
Absolutely. And hopefully, it'll tempt you to go back and catch up on season one!
Will my favorite characters appear?
If they're necessary to the story. Given the sprawling cast, not everyone can return. Allegiance of Honor was a soft goodbye to some characters - I say soft because if they have a natural part to play in a particular storyline in the future, you'll see them again.
How many books will be in season two?
I never know how many books it'll take to complete a story arc so I can't give you a number, but I have plans for plenty more Psy-Changeling goodness!
Who is the hero of Silver Silence?
I recently turned in the first few chapters of the book to my editor and she loved it, so we should have a blurb soonish. Until then, I'll tell you that Silver's hero is most unexpected. certainly wasn't expecting him to knock on Silver's door at seven in the morning like he had every right to be there. Once again, I learn never to predict what my characters will do!
Tell me more!
I've almost completed the first draft of the book. This doesn't mean it's finished. I do multiple drafts - my first drafts are the skeleton, with more layers going on draft by draft. Right now, I've been focusing mostly on the romance.
Silver and her hero are unlike any other pairing in the series to date.
I hope that answers most of your burning questions! I'll release the blurb as soon as it's finalized! Until then, anyone want to guess at the identity of Silver's hero?


Anonymous said...

Beau, the head of the Human Alliance.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's Bo, actually. But, yeah, he's the first one I thought of, too.

Laura said...

I'm going to guess Alexei. Or maybe Remi. Seems like there's some groundwork in place to explore either of those two.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the water changelings since she said it's like no other paring we have seen before.

Anonymous said...

What about the water changeling Malachi? We haven't had a romance dealing with the water changelings yet so that could be the unexpected part. But either way I am looking forward to a romance with Silver.

Erain said...

I'm rooting for Bo! Currently we only have one human-psy pairing, Max & Sophia. I don't know if Dev is classified under human too, if so, then Dev and Katya too. I thought Bo would be awesome because of his horrendous experience with the Psys. There's also the issue of his chip. Lots of room for development I think.

Then there's also Tanique. It'll be my choice if it's a Psy-Psy pairing.

There are just too many possibilities for Psy-changeling pairings. There is still a number of handsome and available SnowDancer lieutenants on top of the unexplored water and rat changelings.

I can't wait!!

Khemrajee Jagat Saidah Gilbert said...

Isn't Malachai in a relationship with Miane? At least, that's what I inferred from their appearance in the story.

I also agree that Bo is a good choice for the hero. After all, something has to be done about his implant and what better way than to be a part of the PsyNet.

G. Singh said...

aaahh Silver is getting a book!!!! I'm so excited...can't wait to hear more :D :D

Jen Barnard said...

Maybe Teijan. Silver must live in a secure building and he'd have the knowledge/means/guts to find her, get past the security and knock on the door.

Unknown said...

Who is Silver? I'm so confused!!!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for Silver to get a book. I adore her character. My first thought was Bo so I don't think it will be him. I'll have to think on this one. Can't wait tho. 😃

Fingers crossed Angela Dawe continues to narrate the series on audible. She does an amazing job!

miscanon said...

Bo seems like a good guess, but I can't really see him knocking on her door at 7 AM "like he has every right to be there." Not that Bo isn't pretty confident and sure of himself, but to me, that seems more like the attitude of one of the Changelings...

Also, Silver Mercant is Kaleb's assistant, to the person asking.

Catherine TYW said...

Silver Mercant is the scion of the Mercant family who has sworn loyalty with our most powerful Psy Kaleb :)

Her hero as someone unexpected makes me think that he could be an antihero and the first name coming to mind is Pax. There's a strong hint of that in Allegiance of Honor. He is someone who will be arrogant enough to knock on her door at 7am and expect her to welcome him into her home <3

I'm so excited about Silver Silence and hope to read her story blurb soon!

library addict said...

Yay fir Silver. I am excited to learn more about her.

I am hoping her hero is not a Changeling. Only because I love her interactions with Kaleb and I can't see her remaining working for him if she leaves the PsyNet to become part of a Changeling Web. As much as Silver and Bo sounds good, I also don't want her moving to Venice.

Now I shall spend the day wondering.

As for the new series name, thus will work well in Calibre for my digital versions. I'm just wondering for the newsletter shorts will the ones going all be part of the new series or will you still write some as part of the original?

I am so happy we get to have a season two and hopefully beyond. I would be heartbroken if we'd had to say goodbye to this world.

library addict said...

For Silver and this will work. Eek! Silly phone.

Adrienne said...

I'm so excited Silver gets a book. Thank you!

Christie said...

I'm going to say Bo... because his implant is about to implode and I think Nalini needs to address that sooner rather than later and it makes sense to do so now. Plus, I like the idea of the emotional human, Bo, with the icy Silver. I will say though that my least favorite of the series is probably Clay/Talen and I think it was because I didn't see Talen as being as strong as I would have liked her to be. I don't think will be an issue with Bo. One item that made my heart stutter a bit was that Nalini said that "...Allegiance of Honor was a soft goodbye to some characters..." I don't want it to be goodbye to any of the characters! I know that she can't just lump everyone in in every book but I hate the thought that any of the characters who made the foundation of the series (yes, I know this is supposed to be a new one in many ways) would not be included in future stories. That being said, Nalini does such a wonderful job with world building, character development, and story aligning that I have faith that she will make it work. I've never been disappointed in her books. She is my favorite author. Just re-read Kiss of Snow for about the 20th time!

Anonymous said...

Finally we get to read about Silver! Her character is so unique, mysterious and interesting. As for Silver's hero...

Maybe Tanique, Faith's brother? I would love this so much, although I can't see him knocking on Silver's door at 7.00 a.m nor do so as if it's the most natural thing in the world, but then again we know so little about him that it could be possible. Anyway if it isn't his turn now I really hope it will be the next time or the one after. Actually I just want to read a book about him, no matter when as long as I will.

That said.... Remi, Bo and Pax are plausible too. I can see all trhee of them knocking at 7.00 a.m at Silver's door and acting as if the whole thing is natural, but to be sincere I am not so sure that I like the idea.

All the three men put at risk the relationships between Silver and Kaleb and I can't see her working for him afterwards. I mean... it could offer a possibility for Kaleb to form an allegiance with Remi/Pax/Bo but I still don't think that she could work for him for the simple fact that, allegiance or not, he wouldn't be able to trust her as much as before anymore or at least in the same way as before.

Well, at the end of the day, I have complete faith in Nalini so whoever is the lucky man that will be with Silver, I know that I will love "Silver Silence" with all my heart. (Actually I bet it's someone no one didn't even think of)

Anonymous said...

But, does Silver technically work for Kaleb anymore? She runs the emergency network now, right? Kaleb is considered "family" by the Mercants at this point, but I think he has a new assistant. Or am I remembering wrong?

andrely said...

Pax bet by Marshall, because I would like a story like that, but if you speak knocking at 7:00 am is because he is a leader, head of a family group / herd, so it can also be a changing and as for Bo I tend to dream that will have a romance with Amara XD, but I think the story will revolve around political games and a kidnapping, but if she is in front of a communications network not me I can imagine enmeshed with a changing her grandmother acpetara what ?, is a question because alliances, loyalty, family is everything in Mercant, but I would like your partner to be Pax end the silence but was already signs that his silence he is fractured, besides suspicions they have on the plan of kidnapping of the daughter of Luke and Sasha I am inclined to clarify things and especially know more about the architect who seems to be a psi <26 and> 50 years enperando this book, <3, :).

library addict said...

Silver runs EmNet in addition to her duties as Kaleb's most senior aide.

Lenik is also one of Kaleb's administrative aides (the one who Kaleb calls on the intercom because he is scared of Kaleb using telepathy), but he reports to Silver.

I really love Silver and Kaleb's relationship so hope whoever the mystery man is that she doesn't have to give up her career.

library addict said...

Now I am debaiting if I want to change Psy/Changeling to Psy-Changeling in Calibre as well. Such decisions. (Yes, I am obsessing over the metadata :p The / and - are not the same)

Anonymous said...

I'm giddy with anticipation! My first thought is Pax Marshall.

Anonymous said...

Well.... if the Psy net is failing because of lack of diversity (meaning lack of humans), it makes the most sense for Silver (yea for her book!) to pair up with a powerful human. Just thinking....

Nanik said...

My first thought was Pax Marshall. Just because I want to know more about him...

Aria said...

My firts thought was Bo too, I believe since He has some health problems and because of his responsibility with the humans he'll find the guts to knock on Silver's door.

But I don't know we haven't seen much of WindHaven and just like its been pointed out its a very changeling behavior

And for a psy - psy couple, even though I would love to see more of Tanique, Pax would be an interesting hero

Can't wait!!!

Nicole Angel said...

I am beyond thrilled! I was hoping the next book would be about Silver and it will be! I have wanted to know more about Silver since HOO, she is always so put together, efficient, however,we know nothing about her silence.

My first thought is that Silver would end up with Bo. His implant is getting ready to implode and that has to be addressed very soon. I am basing this on the time period between when Vasic's implant was starting to misfire, have problems and his books publication.

In addition, the net is still sick and we need human/Psy pairing. Therefore I am going to assume that it will be a human. However, Nalini is trickey :) and sometimes the characters do what they want, so, I wonder who showed up in her mind!

Nalini mentions he shows up at Silver's door at 7 a.m. Who would know where she lived, plus where she would be at 7 a.m. I am not sure I would have to go back to the books, however, does she live near Kaleb or do they just communicate mind to mind and she could live anywhere? Anyone remember where she lives? That might help narrow the field.
I don't think we will be getting another Psy-Psy pairing that is not what the net needs to survive. The only other possibility IMO would be a changeling- Remi, he is a leader, Adam from the Falcons? However, why would this mystery man be at her door at 7 a.m. and he would have to be important to know where she lives.
Is he someone Sahara knows and she gives him the information as to where Silver lives, doing a bit of match making :) I know that is not something Kaleb would be doing. ;)

I don't see why Silver would have to stop working for Kaleb, unless the person is an enemy of his and if he was Silver would never date him.

I still think Pax is somehow involved with the chairman or the group.
Now we know it is someone we already know, however, Nalini said we will be surprised when we find out who he is because she is surprised! I will have to re-read a few books again and look for clues.

library addict said...

@Nicole Angel

Silver works in Kaleb's Moscow office, so I imagine she lives in Moscow. At least most all of her scenes have taken place there (I'm trying to recall if she's ever been physically present somewhere other than his office or her office which is directly outside his office). She's obviously had multiple telepathic conversations with Kaleb where she could have been somewhere other than the office.

I'm excited because we should get to finally meet her mother and brother. And so far we know zilch about her father.

I adore Bo, so think they would make a good couple. And I can see her working for Kaleb still if she has to relocate to Venice. There would be issues with Bo wanting her to work for the Human Alliance and Kaleb not wanting her tio share any of his info with anyone else.

I hope we get the answer with the blurb and won't have to speculate all the way to the book's release - lol.

ggeorgelys said...


library addict said...

I think I shall renname the existing books as:
Psy/Changeling Season 1: Silence

and going forward they will be:
Psy/Changeling Season 2: Trinity

This is for Calibre and my digital collection. I really don't want to add another series column as that affects all of the books in my library. Plus then it would keep couting and the idea is to restart with #1 for season 2.

Also this way if there are any other newsletter shorts before Silver Silence's release I can easily slot them into either season.

Yay! Trying not to think about how long it will be before we can read it - LOL.

library addict said...

Also, I know it's now Psy-Changeling, but I can't seem to stop typing it as Psy/Changeling, so I'm sticking with the /.

Kat said...

I think Tanique is too young. Don't get me wrong, I like him and I think he has a lot of potential but I don't think he is ready. My money is on either Bo or Pax.

Nicole Angel said...

brary addict said...
@Nicole Angel

"Silver works in Kaleb's Moscow office, so I imagine she lives in Moscow."

(True, I assumed that, however, I don't remember reading she lives there.However, I kind of assumed she did, being she is not a TK ( JK) so, I guess she would have to live in Moscow.)

"At least most all of her scenes have taken place there (I'm trying to recall if she's ever been physically present somewhere other than his office or her office which is directly outside his office)"

(True, in retrospect, I don't really remember her being anywhere else. I was just trying to figure out how "the man" would know where she lived and be able to show up at her home at 7 a.m. I guess Bo could have taken a Red Eye to Moscow, then showed up at her home perhaps hoping to have a meeting with Kaleb to see if he could help with his implant situation. I am trying to think of the males besides Kaleb she has had a lot of contact with.

"She's obviously had multiple telepathic conversations with Kaleb where she could have been somewhere other than the office." Very True!

I'm excited because we should get to finally meet her mother and brother. And so far we know zilch about her father.

( We know so little about her family, this is exciting!)

I adore Bo, so think they would make a good couple. And I can see her working for Kaleb still if she has to relocate to Venice.

( Agree and I too adore Bo. )

There would be issues with Bo wanting her to work for the Human Alliance and Kaleb not wanting her tio share any of his info with anyone else.

( I don't think he would want her to work for the Human Alliance- she is Psy and I think he would respect her relationship with Kaleb, plus who would want to piss Kaleb off LOL )

I hope we get the answer with the blurb and won't have to speculate all the way to the book's release - lol.

(I. too, am hoping,but knowing Nalini, you know we are going to have to wait for the book!
Hope I win an Arc LOL

Nicole Angel said...

I love that we are starting the new Arc with book number 1. It makes perfect sense. Interesting there will not be a lot about the Trinity accord in this book, which means to me, perhaps it will be a lot like Vasic's book focusing on the relationship between Silver and Bo and healing him from the imploding implant!

I am so so excited I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

But whyou would Bo contact Silver? It shouldn't have more sense if he contacted Amara or even doctor Samuel Rain? It'seems true that due to the fact that the Psy-changeling Web needs diversity Bo is the choice that makes more sense.

However that diversity could be brought both by human and changeling for the simple fact that not all changeling are in pack nor necessary need one. Some instead could be without a pack in the sense that they haven't any alpha/"wing leader" but could consider their pack a close number of friends who isn'the changeling. Obviously we haven't met a changeling like that yet but it has been pointed out that they exists (those for examples that roams solitary all the time...) so in the future we could have a changeling hero/heroine like that.

As for now I think I would like to see Silver or with a human, but not Bo because he have too much power and therefore her loyalties could be questioned, especially those with Kaleb, so I am not so sure it would play so well for her. After all Bo isn'the the only human we have met (although I can't think of any right now and so far Bo is the one that makes more sense).

Otherwise I would like her with another Psy, who I highly doubt will be Pax for the simple fact that I believe we will see him walking the thin line between enemy and "not enemy" for a bit more, like for example there will be more hints about the fact that he COULD be the architect (although I don'the think he is).

If she will be with a changeling I think the supposed changeling could be a water one. He in fact could bring diversity and he wouldn't necessary bring her in a pack-net because, apart from the fact that water-changeling are different from the other changeling and so is their pack; which mean that they may not be able to form a Web of their own and therefore Silver wouldn't escape the Psy-net. It has been said that they live scattered around the world and some times alone for long times. This could mean that he could stop being part of the water-pack, although he would still consider them family (the same with Kit when he will form his own pack he would still consider the Dark River pack his family) and that would mean that Silver could be able, maybe, to stay in the Psy-net. Acasually, even if water changelings had a net of their own, and if I recall correctly, the only ones that are inside of it are the alpha, the sentinels/lieutenants and the healers with their mates and, in case, babies. The other ones of the pack aren't, so it isn't completelyou impossible for Psy to mate with changelingsome without leaving the psy-net (who knows maybe before silence it was quite common to see not only bounds with psys and humans but also changelings).

That is only a theory though....

Nemo said...

My guess - Bo or River. Anyway, I vote for human, because of disease in PsyNet. But... I cannot wait to find who has enough self-confident to knock on door in her place at 7 am!

Nemo said...


Nicole Angel said...

" But... I cannot wait to find who has enough self-confident to knock on door in her place at 7 am!" LOL, I love this!!!
I think Bo would be strong enough. It's an interesting quagmire trying to decide who this person will be. As stated we have met the person and and we are going to be really surprised!
Based on that most people expect Bo or Pax, maybe Remi...who would be a total surprise. She throws us a curve ball by having him show up at Silver's house at 7 a.m. Just Wow!

Nicole Angel said...

*Based on what I have been reading most people think Bo or Pax, so, who would be a surprise!

elemelf said...

I think--whoever it is--will also have to be tough enough/have the resources to...

*SPOILER* for Allegiance (I don't know if spoiler-zone is still in effect? Others have speculated on some plot points, above... still, this shocked me, so if you haven't read AoH, stop here:

save Silver's life due to the Architect's plan to assassinate Silver (as the next Mercant) as well as a slew of others. Murderous little git, isn't s/he?

So there's that, to add to the calculations.

Anonymous said...

What about one the wolf pack near Moscow? He could live near her (which probably live in Moscow or near it) and as such he wouldn't have any problem to "visit" her and it could bring diversity to the psy-net. Moreover, if I am not wrong, the pack is called SilverMoon so the title may have a double meaning as it would both suggests the heroine (Silver) and the hero (a member of the pack). However my memory could be at fault here and the pack could be named differently, so I wouldn't bet on it even if I like the idea of Silver with a changeling (and it would probably help both Kaleb and her family to form a real allegiance with the wolf pack in question).

Anonymous said...

Yep I was totally wrong. The pack of wolves is called Black Edge. I still like the idea of Silver with one of them though

library addict said...

and if I recall correctly, the only ones that are inside of it are the alpha, the sentinels/lieutenants and the healers with their mates and, in case, babies.

This is true. Not all the packmembers are part of the Changeling nets. But those that are, then the Psy in question doesn't really get a choice as "changelings tended to pull their mates into their own psychic networks." (Allegiance of Honor).

We haven't really met many non-second water Changelings yet. As someone above said, I get the impression Malachai will end up with Miane. And Griffin has barely been mentioned/appeared.

And for whatever reason I got the same vibe with Selenka and Gregori. We haven't really met anyone else from BlackEdge. And we haven't met anyone from the bear pack that also resides in Moscow.

I get the impression from Nalini's post above that the guy who ends with Silver is someone we know already, not anyone new or someone who has been mentioned but not yet really featured.

So if it's to be a Changeling, it would make the most sense it be someone from BlackSea or BlackEdge since they would have people already in Moscow. Why would Remi or anyone from RainFire, or anyone from SnowDancer, etc be in Russia at this time?

And as said, it makes sense for it to be a human given the implant issue. So, that gives us Bo. There are other people high up in the Human Alliance, but other than Lily we don't have names yet.

On the Forgotten side (if we ignore the impant issue for now and just go with the PsyNet issue) we have who?

Glen (the doctor from Mine to Possess who also appears in Blaze of Memory and Allegiance of Honor.) Not seeing it.

Aubry, the vice-director of Shine (ooh he could work too!)

Connor, the doctor who treated Katya's wound at Dev's house. But he hasn't been mentioned since, so for me that rules him out.

Other humans...

Michel Benoit, but he's in Canada and I just don't see it.

River Shannon, again I just don't see it, plus he seems to young for Silver.

Keiran, he seems too young as well. And why would be knocking on Silver's door at 7am?

Sam Baker, same reasoning as with Kiernan.

Of course there are some good Psy candidates. Tanique I think is too young. It could be Chang, but not seeing it. None of the single Arrows would need to knock (lol!)

Pax, I don't think Nalini is going to give up the mysterious of his character yet. My money is on him being a bad guy otherwise he comes off as a Kaleb wannabe and sorry, but there's only one Kaleb! Now Nalini may yet surprise us and probably will, but I don't see her revealing too much about him in book 1 of season 2.

Silver has worked closely with members from all the races. So anyone even the slightest involved with EmNet could have reason to knock on her door. And her address isn't necessarily top secret.

It could also be that the hero knocks on her door because he's gotten wind of the Architect's plan to kill her and make it look like an accident.

So much to speculate about!

library addict said...

StoneWater is the name of the bear pack in Moscow. Took me a while to find it.

Unknown said...

Think I am going to have to re read a few books to remember where I saw all the candidates posted above.

Unless anyone can point it out 😊

I think Bo is too much of a obvious choice but I do think it's probably a human as the last book found out they needed more humans in the net to stabilise it.

Unknown said...

Ahhhhh I literally screamed reading this post! I can't wait to read Silver Silence =D

My ship is on Teijan, because I'd really love the rat family to expand, but I'm super excited that I'll at least see Silver. I would love to see some Silver/Sahara interaction as well!

Dassya said...

I'm in the minority but I hope it's not Bo. I just don't really like the idea of pairing him with Silver and would prefer someone who's really surprising. Either someone really powerful, or someone who appears really weak but will turn out to be an asset for the Mercants, maybe a Rat like someone's already mentionned because the idea of a Rat mate for Silver would be totally unexpected.

library addict said...

I think it may be Bo, which I'd be happy about.

I'd also be good with Aubry.

I want Teijan, Remi, and Adam to have stories, but I can't see Silver still working for Kaleb if she mates with a pack alpha. I would love for Finn to have a story, just not with Silver.

There are several Arrows I would love to see get stories.

To me, the biggest surprise would be if it's Ming. But I don't think Nalini would do that to us.

Maybe we're reading into Nalini's answer too much and it will be an unknown character. Or someone mentioned but not yet seen. I have stopped reading my book and am pouring over my notes for the series. I need the blurb!

Sel said...


(I admit, I kind of wanted her with Aden, but I love Zaira, so I'm good with that.)

I quietly want it to be Bo (Psy/Human, there's a lot to overcome for both of them, and the idea of the leader of the Human Alliance falling for a Psy - and we know how the Alliance feels about Psy would be excellent) but I'm more than happy to accept pretty much anyone except Pax Marshall.

A note for the Teijian shippers - doesn't he have a mate? He's got a daughter in one of the later books (Play of Passion? Or possibly even later. Might be Tangle of Need.) and Changelings can't have kids without a mate. Mind you, she might be adopted, but I have vague memories of the daughter being the first Rat Changeling to be born in the tunnels, and it was a sign of how much the Rats trusted the Leopards/Wolves that they actually let themselves have kids in their 'shared' Territory.

library addict said...

@Sel -

Aneca is the daughter of Zane and Rissa. Zane is the second-in-command of the ratpack (LOL - we really need to know their pack name) aka Down Below.

Rissa's name I think has only been mentioned in the short story A Conversation. She's been mentioned (not by name) a few times but has yet to actually appear. (not to be confused with Theresa aka Rissa who was Hawke's future mate).

Teijan was on a date in one of the novellas (I want to say Secrets at Midnight), but he doesn't have a mate yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for this story. Silver and the Mercants have always intrigued me. Now that we get her story we'll also get to know more about that family clan. And hopefully we'll also see more of Kaleb (he's my favoritye right behind Judd.)

How do you guys remember all these names?! I had to look them up. I love the idea of Teijan but maybe someone from the Forgotten ( I feel like there's so much to explore there). But for some reason I keep thinking of Max Shannon's brother. They reunited at the end of Bonds of Justice and though Max and Sophia have shown up in subsequent books, we haven't heard anything else of the brother. Hmmm.

Nalini will make it work and we will love it regardless.

Racquel said...

The first person I thought of was actually the leopard changeling who was out roaming and went scuba diving. Why can I not remember his name!!

Then I thought Teijan would be an awesome choice! Silver's Mercant spy network and Teijan's rat spy network could have ALL kinds of reasons to be needing top secret meetings. Teijan could have some info to trade and happen to be there to interfere with the assassination. They would have a lot in common and respect each other's skills in the spy game. No conflict since the Rats are already a client pack of Dark River which Sahara considers family.

I can see the Bo angle for all the reasons mentioned, but it would be a harder sell.

Tanique and River are both too young. Remi and Adam just don't seem likely.

What if Samuel Rain snuck out and ended up on her doorstep?

Doesn't Rita (of Emmett & Rita) have a single older brother? He'd be human.

Then of course, there's Sage, Mercy's brother.

So many possibilities!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love it to be Teijan since I've wanted his story from very, very early on and as the Rats have human members in a Psy stronghold, it's conceivable that some of them got the implant. So Teijan would have an incentive to try to figure out how to stop them from malfunctioning and since they're good with tech, he might realise that the Mercants have information and information is what they need. As I think someone pointed out, Teijan would also be able to FIND Silver. It'd be an interesting pairing, you know, since both the Mercants' and the Rats' worlds revolve around collecting information.

This all said, I feel like the malfunctioning chip storyline has to go to Bo, who is most in need of the fix. To give the finding of the fix to someone else and then just have Bo be grateful doesn't really seem like what Nalini has built the story or the characters up for, and she's nothing if not consistent. Also, Bo wouldn't be a surprise. Like, all his scenes in AoH were there to set him up as a new Hero and the malfunctioning chips up as a storyline a la Vasic and the defective gauntlet.

I'm personally gunning for Teijan, but will no doubt end up loving whoever it ends up being. I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT. Nalini is the queen of anticipation omg.

Tineke said...

I don't know why, but the first name popping up in my head was River Shannon, but I don't think it will be him. There are so much possibilities, but one thing is certain: I'm looking forward to reading it!

G. Singh said...

hmm after reading all the comments, I would have to go with it being Teijan. (I'm not really feeling the Bo vibe -in terms of him being paired with Silver-) Aaand I can definitely see him at "knocking at Silver's door at 7am like he has every right to be there." Plus they're both in charge of information networks.

But no matter how this book goes, I'm still extremely excited for it ^_^

Denise said...

Doesn't she live in Russia, like Kaleb? Maybe it could be one of the changelings in the russia 's wolf pack.
I like the idea of Bo and her.

Anonymous said...

Teijan would be awesome, but how about Jamie, the DR soldier?
We've already met Jamie a few times but he's still "new" so more of his backstory etc. could be expanded...
Can't wait to find out who it is... please let it be in the blurb :D

Erain said...

I'm rooting for Teijan if it's a psy-changeling pairing. Both of them works as strong support and stay out of the limelight. It'll be nice.

But somehow between Bo and Teijan, Bo seems to have more swagger in him to turn up at 7am like he has every right to. Teijan feels a tad too polite. But we never know I guess. He's an alpha after all.

On top of the pressing chip issue, Bo totally deserves a book of his own. I just reread AOH and it seems that the stable portions of the psynet is when the psy mates with a human with strong Shields. So I'd go with Bo.

Maybe Teijan with Alice?

Erain said...

I'm rooting for Teijan if it's a psy-changeling pairing. Both of them works as strong support and stay out of the limelight. It'll be nice.

But somehow between Bo and Teijan, Bo seems to have more swagger in him to turn up at 7am like he has every right to. Teijan feels a tad too polite. But we never know I guess. He's an alpha after all.

On top of the pressing chip issue, Bo totally deserves a book of his own. I just reread AOH and it seems that the stable portions of the psynet is when the psy mates with a human with strong Shields. So I'd go with Bo.

Maybe Teijan with Alice?

Suzanne R said...

As Trinity needs a closer human component, I would lean towards Bo. My second choice would be Malachai. Third choice Teijan. Who thinks that the ultimate villain is Shoshanna Scott? She has always wanted to be Queen and thinks that every one else is beneath her.

Lynne Silver said...

My vote is for Bowen, Teijan or Kit. He's younger but he's alpha and I vaguely recall Lucas saying Kit was going to go on his wander abroad.

ming-ki said...

Wow! I must say I hae been waiting for Silver to have her own book! And yes, finally, she will be soon delivered to our eyes to feast all! Hooray! Silver has been intriguing since she first appeared as a productive and effective assistant, and as time passes by, and even her family clan has been introduced, I have really wanted to know more about her and see other facets.

Hmm, after reading about the critical situation the last book - the lack of human interaction with psy – I started to see a hero and heroine as psy and human (though not in that order), and in order to persuade other psy and other race members to believe in this theory/ reality, that psy must be someone high-profile, someone who public has already noticed and known, and who else, if not Silver? With the same reasoning, the human lead should also be either influential or well-known, and judging from the scenes he has made in the last book, it is his time to shine!

Hmm, still, I did not really expect, if true, to see this combination. If it really is Bo, I must confess that the head of Human Alliance himself is not that attractive to me. Maybe it has started from the day that he first appeared in the series – as both a wrongdoer and an underdog. But then, again, if he is the male lead, there must be something different from his very point of view, and hopefully I will go yes for him like I have done with many new characters in the series!

Until then, will try to wait patiently for the blurb to be revealed!

Tori said...

Excited to see Silver (and the Merchants) story being told. As for her hero-I'm thinking Pax or Bo. And whoa to anyone who messes with her. They will not only have her grandmother to deal with but also Krychek. *scary*

AlwaysV said...

I hope Silver's Hero isn't Bo! Not Bo, please. The guy is boring. I'd love ADAM for Silver.

Maryadine said...

First, I did a loud YES!! on the bus. Secondly, I'm thinking Bo or Pax but I'm on the fence about Bo since I saw something in one of the books about him looking for a silver looking challenging. But Bo would be cool. Maybe a forgotten member but the only brass person I can think of is Bo.

Maryadine said...

Another thought.. the water changeling Malachi? I thought he might be involved with malene but not sure. I vote for Bo. I saw Adam and Remi mentioned. Remi isn't leaving his pack and Silver I hope can still work for Kaleb or take over the Merchants when it's time.

library addict said...

If it's not someone we know yet, it could be the lawyer for the Human Alliance who was first mentioned in Shards of Hope.

The Forgotten's Glenn or Connor could make sense given they're both doctors so could know Silver from her work on EmNet.

BlackEdge's Gregori makes the most sense to me of the hero is a Changeling.

But Bo still gets my vote.

(Like Sel mentioned above, after reading Shield of Winter I thought Silver would end up with Aden. But I like Zaira so was happy to be wrong.)

I'm really trying to think who else would be surprising. I know I joked about Ming yesterday, but I can't think of anyone who would logically going to see Silver and still be surprising.

I still think it will be someone we already know. And given the events of Allegiance of Honor Bo is ready for a story. He's been one of my favorites since Branded by Fire when he owned up to his mistakes with Nash.

Silver has been one of my favorites since she was introduced, so I'm excited for her book regardless of who the hero is.

Anonymous said...

Lukewarm on Silver and whoever (and thank you guys for reminding me who "Silver" was).

As long as Anthony and Nikita eventually get a story (as in "their" story), even if it's a sub-plot in someone else's book,I'm good. Not sure what their story would look like, TBH, but I have faith Nalini Singh can pull it off.

Joan Colbert said...

Dear lord, please do not let Silver be paired with boring Bowen. Silver deserves so much more than being a deus ex machine for a dying human. This trope has already been done with Toxic Talin and with Katya. Silver needs some spice and adventure, with an alpha male like Remy or Adam.

I love the awesome Psy-Psy pairing because the males were awesome. I do miss Psy-Changeling pairings, though and would love to Silver come fully into her own, not as a crutch for dull, dying Bowen.

Still hopeful to see a Anthony/Nikita hook up someday.

Anonymous said...

I wish for Bo, in fact while I like the idea of having Silver's story, I've been wanting Bo's for a long time... (how can someone say he was boring? yes he did a stupid thing when he went after Nash, but I feel he learned from his mistakes) Bo his a strong man in a though position, he's trying to find how human can live happily in this world were Psy and Changelings have such abilities? He's a leader responsible for a lot of people he's trying to protect...

The problem with Bo is that it might make too much sense:

Something has to be done for his implant soon and that deserves more than a glimpse, that story has been building up for some time...

Bo contacted Silver right at the beginning of the Emergency Network (in the Hong Kong aftermath) and I'm guessing he's been her main contact in the HA for all this time...

He would have the resources to find out where she lives, she's high profile and, since EmNet includes humans, he would probably want to know what he can about her.

The Psy-Net needs diversity which mostly mean humans... and maybe some changelings that aren't at the core of a pack (no Alpha/Wing Leader, no Sentinels, no Lieutenants and no Healers, has they would pull Silver out of the Net)*. And it needs it sooner than later.

Kaleb and Sahara want to find a way to get humans and Psy to see the other as potential partners... What better way than by pairing a man respected in the HA and seen as holding his own against the Psy with a woman from a politically powerful Psy family,connected to the strongest Psy in the Net (Kaleb), and that is also respected by all races because of her work with EmNet...

Also Bo has expertise and resources to face the treat of the architect.

... as I said I would love for Silver's H to be Bo (can't way to know who it is)

Some thoughts on other contenders:

I have trouble with any Psy unexpectedly knocking at Silver's door at 7... It just doesn't feel very Psy to me... if he's that confident, wouldn't he knock at her mind? (In Pax's case I also feel he's going to stay a mystery a while longer)

As for Teijan, he's an alpha, and in the case of our diving cat, didn't it say at the end of Allegiance of Honor that Jamie and Desiree were promoted to sentinels ?

Raines... I can just see him knocking at her door :) ... but I can't quite make it fit... even if he was better...

River... It's been a long time since we heard from him and I can't quite move from the man unsure about his brothers reception and to whom we know no international/political connection other than his brother... to the man knocking at Silver's door.

* (Random thought: Until Kit creates his own pack he is not at the core of one... but I feel, even IF he ended up in the Psy-net, he'd be wrenched out of it once he creates his pack... anyway he has some roaming and growing up to do yet.)

Whoever it ends up being, I'm sure we'll be treated to a great story :)

Anonymous said...

Okay I have to admit Silver Silence is making me rethink everything I've thought could happen. But I love the idea of Bo and Silver Mercant together. However I'm also hoping Teijan, Miane, Matthias and Kit get books.

Keeping my finger's crossed!!!

P.S: I love the title of this first book in the second arc!!

Ness said...

I gotta say, I really hope it's Bo. Silver/Bowen has been my wish since...maybe book 10? I think it would really help solidify the Human/Changeling/Psy triumvirate among the Trinity leadership. Like, Kaleb is already linked heavily with the changelings through Sahara and Judd, and the Human Alliance already has strong ties with the Changelings. Narratively, it would make since to have the Human Alliance tied strongly to the psy at the top, too.

Also, we really need more humans in this series. I love Max and Tally, and it's just so great to see characters who don't have the advantages of the psy or changelings charge head first into battle, so to speak, even knowing they're at a disadvantage. Tally is probably the best example of this, since she doesn't even have the advantage of Max's natural shield. She does what she needs to do to find out who's hurting the Shine kids and to save the ones she can. Her story is not just about saving herself, but about saving others, and that's probably what makes her one of my favorite characters. What I'm saying is I'd love to see more humans front and center in the series :)

Unknown said...


Tally does have airtight shields, but since she didn't know she had them before Sascha tried to help her and couldn't get through and then later neither could Faith, I feel it doesn't impact on the argument you make about her going toe to toe with the Psy. (Mine to Possess)

That's were we learned that there are no genetic components to humans airtight natural shields (at least in the Psy's opinion), and that they can be the result of childhood abuse/trauma.

That's the reason the council didn't go after humans who had them... if it had been genetic, wanting to eradicate the familial lines that had them, they probably would have gone after them the same way they went after the Forgotten at first (before they decided their abilities had to be diluted...)

Joan Colbert said...

I like the idea of either Alexei or Remy as Silver's mate. This is the Psy-Changeling world and that is the dynamic that makes this series so unique and fascinating. The Human Alliance are slowly finding their way but they bring very little to the plot other than a boatload of issues to the mix. Tally, who was selfish, petty, and immature, was the least likeable human for me and she set the bar low for human mates. I nearly stopped reading this series because of her and after all these years I still detest Talin and have never re-read Mine to Possess. I liked Annie and Tazia but Max was totally boring. Bowen would be an even more boring lead because he has no powers, no presence, no charisma…he’s just there wailing and gnashing his teeth. I cannot imagine slogging through an entire book focused on his exploding brain syndrome.

I have anticipated Siler's story for so long, hoping for her to be paired with a changeling male who would compliment her, introduce her to adventure and passion while providing the Mercant clan an opportunity to merge with a changeling pack. I could envision the Mercants merging with Remy's pack, helping RainFire become a force within the Trinity Accord.

I realize there has to be some miracle magic trick solution to save Bowen and his minions who volunteered to the microchip implants. But that problem could be resolved with a novella and pairing Bo and his street urchin sister Lily with low-grade Psy partners. Silver is an, enigmatic, powerful female and she deserves so much more than a boring, human male. If Bowen is paired with Silver I will have to accept that, but Silver's Silence will be a library read for me and my P-C collection short one book. I could not find entertainment in seeing Silver being used like Clay was.

Joan Colbert said...

Also, I wouldn't mind Teijan as a match with Silver. Teijan has far more layers than Bo and Teijan has truly fought to keep his underground community viable and safe.

However, Teijan was already mated to Delia but she went feral and he was forced to kill his mate. I can't see how Teijan could mate with Silver, I do not buy into any second-chance mating plotlines.

bookeateer said...

OMG!! I love Silver and of course Kaleb is her boss, more Silver, more Kaleb...
Please, please, in this new arch a Nikita Story

library addict said...

Just goes to show tastes differ so much. Max & Sophia are one of my favorite couples.

I didn't like Talin & Clay's book the first time I read it, but I have come to really appreciate her character and their story the multiple times I've reread the whole series.

I don't want to see Silver paired with a Changeling for the reasons outlined above. Mostly because I love the dynamic between her and Kaleb and I want her to remain working with him when all is said and done. And if she's paired with a high-level Changeling that won't happen. So I want her hero to be Human or Psy.

The hero's location plays in for the same reason. I don't see Silver relocating to California when Nalini has said repeatedly she's going to explore new parts of the world. So that leaves Jamie, Teijan, etc. out.

I'm wondering if the situation with the chips will be a major part of the Trinity arc in which case Bo would have to have a later book. If he's Silver's hero then that would mean the situation will be resolved in the first book of the season which may seem rushed. For me, that's the strongest argument against him being the hero.

But Nalini also put a quick deadline on solving the chip issue, so I would think it needs to be solved fairly early on.

So I still think Bo, but can also make strong arguments for Gregori, one of the as-yet-we-haven't-met-them bear shifters, or several Psy.

Not Pax as I suspect he's a bad guy. But either way I bet it will take longer to reveal his true motivations. I don't see us even getting his POV until a later book in order to preserve the mystery. But we'll see.

Though we haven't been given Silver's age, she comes across as very mature and in control. So Tanique, Kit, and River all strike me as too young for her.

The only characters who would truly disappoint me at the point are if her hero is Ming (lol), Pax, or Lenik. Despite my really not wanting it to be a Changeling, I will keep an open mind. So it can be anyone else.

Ness said...


Thanks for the correction! It's clearly time for a reread :)

And @library addict, Max is one of my favorites, too! I agree with you that Tanique, Kit, and River are all probably too young. Everyone seems to succeed pretty young in this world in general, but I'd say that Silver has to be at least mid to late 20s.

I think with the chip issue (and with the hero being Bowen), it would be a great way to move the Human Alliance to the forefront, as we haven't seen as much of them and meeting more of them would definitely mean a completely different aspect of the world. I would love to see the Trinity arc really introduce the humans as a true power, equal to the psy and changelings.

And the Gregori suggestions is an interesting one! I didn't even think of him, but it would definitely be an interesting choice.

And @Joan, I guess it's interesting to see how different people interpret different characters, because I didn't see Tally as selfish, petty, or immature (Clay, on the other hand...). I saw her as traumatized, lonely, courageous, and tenacious, constantly thinking of those in her care, and later Clay and his pack (it's been a while since I've read it, but in her response to Ashaya, when she refused to put Clay's life on the line even if it meant Jon could be safe--she cares about both people but also understands that she can't trade one life for another). Both Clay and Tally were flawed people with a heavy past, acting out and reacting, but ultimately settling their past because they loved each other and were determined to save innocents. But that's just how I saw both of them.

It also makes me sad to see comments in here about Bowen being boring? I understand that everyone has their own opinions and interpretations and that's completely valid, but I just can't see it. To me, I think he's a wonderful and fascinating character. He's a soldier for his people, joining the Human Alliance to protect his people the same way the lieutenants and sentinels and Arrows do. He believes he's following a leader with his peoples' best interests at heart, and sure he makes a really huge mistake with Nash, but he learns from it. He's seen friends die, probably has to fight against former friends as he rises to power within the Human Alliance, and becomes a valuable ally to SnowDancer and DarkRiver. And that's just with him as a periphery character. To me, there's just such a wealth of emotional and political complexity with Bowen and it would make for an amazing story.

But to each their own!

Trish said...

@Ness I agree with EVERYTHING you're saying. I don't understand the vitriol against Talin, I just don't. I thought she was so sympathetic and even when she messed up, I totally understood why she would react the way she did. She's a sexual abuse survivor who thinks she's dying, her entire life has been so traumatic, like, do you even know what that does to a person? And even scared shitless as she was, she was ready to go up against forces that were so much more powerful than her to get justice for her kids.

One of the important themes of this series has always been about recognizing different kinds of strengths and their importance. Nalini has always been super explicit and careful about that message (e.g. whenever she talks about the submissives in a pack) and for people to dismiss the humans the way they have been in this comments section also makes me sad because you've missed the point. ESPECIALLY given the HUGE ANVILS Nalini dropped in AoH about them. (Like, real talk, she was not at all subtle about it.) There's a reason this series is now called the Psy-Changeling Trinity series and I for one am excited to see what Nalini has in store for the much-maligned third race in this new arc. After all the Psy pairing books and the Changeling books, I am ready for some new stories. I am ready to learn more about the other people that inhabit this world. We need them and their stories the way the Net needs humans to save it from itself.

Unknown said...

I really hope that in this new series we get the chance to read more about Amara. And Alexei.

Unknown said...

Sorry, the next comment is off topic (Silver silence):

I didn't like Talin & Clay's book the first time I read (listened to) it either, but after rereading (or rather re-listening*) a couple of times I've grown to like it.

It wasn't just Talin I didn't like at first... Clay wasn't very nice either.

What Talin did when she let Clay think she was dead was so cruel, but she was hurting herself even more than him by doing it... She was just "messed up"... and that is one thing I do like about her character. The trauma affected her whole life... And it wasn't a single trauma either, there was the childhood abuse that went on for years, witnessing Clay tear someone to pieces, loosing Clay to the justice system... and later the hurt and guilt of making Clay believe she was dead, something that was ongoing and was emotionally poisoning her. She made a lot of bad decisions, but that's what happens when people are hurt, they can't think straight. Even so, she managed to do something good with her life, helping the kids as she did.

She had a good foster family and she got counseling and it helped some but there were still a lot of issues... things didn't just magically get better. There was something very "real" about that.

And we learn a lot in that book: about the Forgotten, about human shields, etc. The fact Clay's mother didn't know she'd been mated was interesting and helped me understand what happened between Riaz and Lisette.

I'll finish this by saying, I believe we, as readers, can get the same "human=weak" bias the Psy and Changeling can get, I had to catch myself... that's when knowing more about how humans can/could be equal partners in the triumvirate of the Psy-Changeling world began to intrigue me... They have to find a way, for all their sakes: Humans, Psy and Changelings.

Now back to Silver Silence (sorry for the rant)

*Angela Dawe is amazing and I'd be heartbroken if she wasn't the one doing all future Psy-Changeling stories, switching narrator mid-series, even for an other good one just makes the new books sound so wrong...

EM said...

Given that Nalini said "Silver and her hero are unlike any other pairing in the series to date", I'm inclined to assume that means that it's NOT any of the following: a human-psy pairing (we already had Max & Sophie), psy-Forgotten (we already had Dev & Katya), psy-psy (we've seen that before), or psy with a type of changeling we've seen paired before (wolf, some sort of cat).

That leaves two options: a changeling type we haven't seen as a hero yet, or something entirely new that we can't even guess at (the way we didn't know that the Forgotten even existed until a few books in). But given that Nalini invited us to guess at the hero, I'm assuming that means it's someone we have seen before, or who has at least been mentioned in passing.

Using my process of elimination, that leaves me with some sort of non-wolf, non-cat changeling that's been mentioned at some point. Given the Moscow location, I can't help but wonder if it's a bear (I mean - Russsia, a bear, lol!), although I could see a bird or sea changeling as well.

[As for the other books, it really is to each his own! I'm with Joan in that Clay and Tally's book almost made me stop reading the series - I don't know WHY Tally grated on me so much, but I too just couldn't stand her! But I did like Max, so obviously, it's not an issue with all human pairings. The only other character I didn't like was Grace. I thought maybe that I didn't like submissives, but then I read Felix's story, and I was fine with him. I'm really glad Tally didn't drive me off the series, because I've enjoyed every other book and almost every other short story (well, except for Grace's). But other people love the two characters I can't stand - as noted, to each his own!]

Unknown said...

@Ness and Trish

It looks like I'm very slow when writing... I began writing before both your posts!!!

I agree with you both and I believe you explained my opinion better than I did!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Back to Silver Silence

@ EM

I did the same elimination you did at first, but then I began to think...

I believe that when Nalini says "Silver and her hero are unlike any other pairing in the series to date", it doesn't have to mean it's not a human-psy pairing... There are many ways an other human-psy pairing could different than Max & Sophie's.
Race isn't everything...

Unknown said...

Can I throw Kit out in the mix, he might be roaming in Russia

library addict said...

Looks like my comment went into the ether somewhere. Trying this again...

My issues with Mine to Possess we're all with Clay not Talin. I also read the books in a major glom. So their story coming right after reading Judd & Brenna and Nathan & Tamsyn's stories probably factored in (as they are also favorites). Plus their book introduced Max and Devraj who both intrigued me from the get go.

It's interesting to me how my opinions have changed through multiple readings. Couples who were my favorites the first time through have all remained so. But the couples I was on the fence about have shifted. Clay & Talin and Riaz & Andria have really grown on me. Whereas the dominance issue in Andrew & Indigo's story didn't bother me the first time around but has irked me more each time I've read it.

But every romance has scenes I've liked. That amazes me about this series. There are no books/couples that I actively dislike. Of course I have characters and books I love and prefer, but even when I've had issues with the romance in a book, there's so much else going on that there isnt a book in this series I haven't enjoyed or skip when rereading. That's so amazing when you think about it.

Trish said...

@library addict- I second eeeeeeeverything you said, especially with Clay being the obstacle to my enjoying MtP. When I recommend this series, I always talk about how even when the romance isn't my jam, I still read the rest of the book because I am SO HERE for the worldbuilding and the non-romance plots. The great thing about this series is that none of the characters or pairings is interchangeable. They're all unique and compelling and inevitably some of them won't be to your taste, but the world is so fascinating that it would be a shame to miss a book because so much is happening aside from the romance.

Joan Colbert said...

@Ness, yes we all react to the characters very differently. I saw Talin not as a hurt flawed person, but as decidedly hypocritical conniving liar and user. Her actions were calculated and deliberate. Content to let Clay think she was dead, she shows up two decades later only because she wanted to use the very strength she condemned him for being born with. Unremorseful of her decades long deceit, she went on to throw in his face that while he was mourning her, and nearly turning feral, she was happily screwing dozens of men while he wallowed in grief and guilt. She even went so far as to tell him she wasn't attracted to dark-skinned men. That was not only insulting but vicious and mean-spirited. Somehow I doubt many female readers would try to justify similar behavior had the male had left the heroine to rot behind bars then instruct their family to lie to her for two decades that the man she loved was dead and watch her suffer.

Had she not needed his connection to Dark River to accomplish what she could not, Talin would have had no qualms letting Clay mourn her forever. The only reason she stayed with Clay was because she was dying, not out of love for her mate. Clay and Talin's relationship was always predicated on what he could do for her, even as kids in foster care. Clay and Talin are the weakest couple in the entire series because the so-called heroine was weak, whiney, and self-centered. I'm glad there are few references to Talin in later books.

Anyway, I read fantasy for the supernatural element, I am not interested in human males as leads, otherwise I'd stoop to reading regular romance or chick lit. I envision Silver in a loving, passionate relationship where she won't have to carry the man in her life. Therefore, I am going to imagine Silver with a changeling male until the blurb comes out and we know for sure. If it's Bowen the Burden, then I won't need to pre-order the book.

Anonymous said...

River Shannon.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I see what Alexandria meant about this. Anyway, my guess is Adam, from WindHaven.
and check this, please:

Alexandria defends her position on Talin, Grace, and Indigo

EM said...

@ Lizzie Liberty:

You could be right. The other thing that nobody has mentioned (I don't think) is that maybe this pairing will be "unlike any other we've seen to date" is because of soemthing pertaining to Silver herself. We're speculating about the hero being somehow unique, but what if there is something unique about Silver that we don't know? So far, she's been presented as an essentially "normal" (albeit powerful) psy. But we've seen powerful psy before. Maybe there is some secret in her background (human or changeling ancestry that's been hidden? or a one-of-a-kind genetic mutation that gives her a unique ability?) that makes her different. Maybe she'll be paired with a human, psy, or changeling we've seen before, but she herself will being something new to the pairing. It's a possibility.

@ Joan

Thank you for helping me clarify why I don't like Talin. To me, she seemed like a "professional victim" who used the fact that she'd been abused as an all-purpose life-long excuse for selfish and using behavior. I truly cannot stand Talin. I reread the book a while back and tried to be mroe sympathetic and see what I was "missing", but it didn't work. I hated her as much if not more the second time around.

(While I also didn't like Grace, my feelings on her aren't all that strong. I think my issue with her was just that I found her kind of boring as a character. I found Cooper kind of boring too, now that I think about it. I didn't hate their short story, I just wasn't that into the characters and it didn't do much for me. But Talin - ugh! True hatred! lol.)

Ness said...

Wow, I guess I was reading an entirely different version of Clay and Tally's book. In the one I read, she was using sleeping around as a weapon to hurt herself. In the version I read, I distinctly remember how she kept her mouth shut about Clay killing Orin after he'd ceased to be an immediate threat to her so he wouldn't get in more trouble. In the version I read, sure she didn't even intentionally mate with Clay--not because she didn't love him but because she didn't want to hurt him more when she died.

Did she do messed up things? Sure. The comment about dark skinned men might have been designed to keep him away but it was a really, really awful thing to say. She is a flawed person, she's not a perfect character. And like...childhood trauma doesn't just shut off once you reach adulthood? The way it affects people doesn't have an expiration date. She brings it up a lot because it still hurts her, the wound isn't closed.

I know not everyone isn't going to like Talin. But I just don't agree with the interpretations above.

Back to the topic at hand, I'm definitely interested in reading more about the powerful Mercant family. And I know Kaleb is never gonna be the big brother type, but I'd love it if he was at least a little protective about Silver.

Trish said...

"Happily screwing dozens of men"? Clearly we were not reading the same book because Talin goes on in detail to describe her shame and how her promiscuity was a method of self harm. Nalini specifically has a counselor tell Talin that her behavior is an understandable reaction to childhood abuse. And then later, it was something that only happened when she was blacking out due to her lack of Net feedback. We see what happens when she blacks out--that she dissociates and then regresses into a childlike state. Fantasy elements aside, that is what trauma does to you. In your hatred for this character, you've twisted her motivations to suit your opinion in the face of literally DOZENS of paragraph that tell you exactly the opposite.

I am genuinely appalled at the lack of empathy for her character. Talin was a baby when her foster father abused her. By the time Clay killed him she was only 8. And not only had she been abused, she saw her best friend turn into a killer and viciously murder her abuser. Nalini explicitly describes how that's also a trauma that continues to haunt Talin. I work with children everyday who've seen someone murdered in front of them. Trust me, that shit stays with you and impacts everything you do. Clay is so angry that Talin is afraid of him and it's clear he doesn't understand why. But Talin's reaction to Clay is completely understandable. She says to him, "How was I supposed to know you wouldn't turn that violence against me?" and he's so fucking insulted by that?? But Talin has always known that you can't trust men. Too many women in our world understand that even the men you're supposed to trust, who are supposed to protect you, take care of you and love you can turn around and violate you in the worst way. That is the reality of the lives of many survivors unfortunately, that we have to look at kind men, good men, as the exception rather than the rule. But that's the only way some women can protect themselves. I will never begrudge a woman for feeling that way.

Trish said...

Everything about Nalini's portrayal of Talin felt very true from my experience working with survivors of that kind of trauma. It fucks up your self-worth, your ability to have healthy relationships, the way you perceive and interact with everything in your environment. But more importantly, she's a character. Characters in a story are not supposed to be perfect. They're supposed to fuck up. They're supposed to react in a way that's consistent with their experiences. You're not supposed to agree with or like everything they do. But a good author makes it clear why the characters are reacting the way they are. So yes, Talin does unkind things, but Nalini explains why. Her comment about dark-skinned men was absolutely not okay, but Clay immediately knows it for a lie. And don't act like Clay was some poor sap who got steamrolled. He walked into the events of this book with both eyes wide open. The point of their story is that they came from fraught beginnings, were separated by traumatic violence, and now have to learn to relate to each other as adults. One of the central conflicts between them is that Clay doesn't understand Talin's trauma and the way she's responded to it and she doesn't understand how his trauma has shaped him. They're both constantly comparing each other to how they used to be and messing it up and hurting each other and then they learn to take each other as they are.

It's okay if that dynamic doesn't work for you. Trauma isn't pretty. Sexual trauma is even more difficult to swallow and portray well. Working with people with trauma, having relationships with people with trauma isn't easy. But don't deliberately misinterpret a character and assign them the basest of motivations when literally everything in that book contradicts what you're accusing her of. Talin was never unremorseful. She and Nalini go on in depth to describe how everything that's happened between her and Clay has eaten her up inside. Everything Talin does in that book is to try to avoid dragging the people around her into her darkness and Clay refusing to let her push him out because he's decided she's his to protect. (That push-pull of her wanting to keep Clay safe and at arm's length, but at the same time wanting him all to herself is so classic of the relationships many people with trauma have.) She never lied about why she came back into Clay's life. She told him upfront what she needed from him and everything from then on was his choice. Aside from that lie about not liking dark men, which was literally immediately brushed aside because Clay knows it's not true, when did she ever lie to him again? They know each other so well that they know when the other is lying and so they don't do it.

Y'all can dislike Talin if you want, but please don't trivialize what she went through. What I've always liked about this series is that all of Nalini's characters have suffered some kind of trauma and reacted to it differently and come out stronger for it. And many readers understand Talin intimately and all this horrible rhetoric about "professional victims" smacks so much of the ugly discourse that has been used to dismiss and silence survivors of sexual abuse and assault. Don't be one of those people.

Anonymous said...

My first thought is still Bo, but I like some of the other options as well. I'm looking forward to the release already.

As for: "Who thinks that the ultimate villain is Shoshanna Scott? She has always wanted to be Queen and thinks that every one else is beneath her." I've thought that "the Architect" was her ever since the rogue Arrow Blake Stratton was killed (in Shards of Hope) by the person with the "highly recognizable face".

library addict said...

Shoshanna is a top contender for sure.

But I'm hoping the Architect turns out to be Changeling or Human, only because so far most of the main bad guys have been Psy (Santano, Henry, Tatiana, Ming, Blake, etc). Of course, the "highly recognizable face" and fact that s/he supposedly knows Ena Mercant puts a lot of holes in my wishful theory - lol.

As for Silver's hero, what if he's not making contact about the chips issue, the lack of humans in the net issue, or there to protect her, but is there for business? Could he be someone we haven't met from the Chastain Group or Rao Group? Or one of the multitude of folks Kaleb does business with? I know it's not talked about very often given all of the other stuff Kaleb brings to the series, but we shouldn't forget he's a very successful businessman on top of everything else. And Silver is his most senior assistant.

That's probably a real long shot, but I'm trying to think outside the box.

Ness said...

@Trish This is so well said!

And oh man, I'd be so disappointed if the Shoshanna wasn't involved in some way, shape, or form, but I agree with library addict that I want the main baddie to be Changeling or Human. Shoshanna and Ming are definitely threats (although I hope the Ming issue is resolved soon). Hopefully even if Shoshanna isn't the main baddie, she'll pop in to stir things up (and possibly act as a red herring to the real villain?).

Having Silver's hero be someone we haven't met before would be interesting. I just assumed it was someone readers knew, mostly because Nalini said it was someone she wasn't expecting, which made me think he already ~existed before the writing of this draft. It's probably pretty safe to rule out anyone from DarkRiver or SnowDancer. Another family to consider is the Liu group, since they've come up several times. But I really hope her hero isn't Psy.

library addict said...

@Anonymous, re Alexandria's post

The Andrew/Indigo dominance issue irks me precisely because Nalini wrote at the end that Andrew isn't finished growing into his dominance and will one day surpass Indigo. Why? Why can't Indigo remain the more dominant? Why does the male partner always have to be the more dominant?

I think Nalini has done a good job of addressing this issue in later books (especially Feliz & Dezi's novella). But it still irks me whan I reread Play of Passion because I like both characters and the dominance issue seems to be the sole factor keeping them apart for much of the story. I would have liked the book more if Indigo had simply been the more dominant and Andrew had to learn to deal with it, but the fact he will outgrow her in dominance is such a downer and spoils their romance somewhat for me.

No doubt other readers feel differently about it. I know I am probably in the minority, but that's my take. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy parts of their romance, just the whole "he will one day pass her" irks me.

My point was really that I liked their story more the first time I read it and this issue now just seems to take over much of Play of Passion when I reread it. Whereas with books such as Mine to Possess and Tangle of Need I've grown to like more with each reread.

Joan Colbert said...

@Trish, I have worked sexual abuse survivors for years, Talin is an awful representation of those brave people. Most donot automatically become promiscuous liars. Her character was the classic example of the victim mentality so prevalent these days to excuse all kinds of destructive behavior. The childhood sexual abuse trope does not make her a sympathetic character, her decades long lie negated all empathy for her.

My take away was that Talin was incapable of love or commitment. She just wanted to use Clay’s changeling strength and his Dark River connections to boost her creds with the Forgotten. Once her goal was accomplished, she just wanted Clay and his Dark River friends to get lost…until she needed their resources at a later time. Unfortunately for Clay, that selfish, horrid creature was his fated mate and he was bound to her physically, mentally and spiritually. If anyone should have been allowed to break the mate bond it should have been Clay.

Nevertheless, most of the character portrayals n this series have been outstanding. The focus has been on what each person brings into their unique relationships and how each partner compliments the other. So far for me, the human mates have been lackluster, with the exception of Annie and Tazia and thankfully those stories were novellas.

I consider this series to be the gold standard of PNR and fantasy genres. Like Stephen King, Nalini is a master at storytelling, world-building, and character developing. I was initially wary of pairing a submissive male with a dominant females, because I usually dislike the prickly dominant females. But Nalini made Felix and Dezi's story work so beautifully. However, not all characters will resonate, especially when the plot delves into social platitudes. I can read documentaries or non-fiction when I want reality.

While I do understand that it will be necessary to bring the humans to center stag to help repair the PsyNet in the new arc, to start the new arc off with a boring, boorish male lead as Bowen, just to save his life, would clip Silver's light before she got the chance to shine. Like Clay, Silver deserves a mate that loves her for who she is, nt what she can do for him. Heck, I'd rather see Teijan paired with Silver than Bowen.

Joan Colbert said...

@Trish: Also it's understandable that Clay would be affronted by Talin's fear of his strength. She is the one who ran and stayed hidden like a coward but she had no problem turning up to see if she could use his so-called fearsome "violence" for her own purpose. Talin KNEW Clay would never harm her, that statement of hers was so manipulative, cloying, and insincere. She knew Clay killed to protect her ungrateful ass and she left him to rot. She just wanted to turn her own guilt and shame about lying all those years back on him by playing on Clay's feelings for her.

So Trish it's your prerogative to overlook Talin's multitude of flaws and try to justify her behavior all you want. But I will also see her in a totally different light and nothing about her past will ever endear her to me as a heroine. Having a traumatic pass does not give a person carte blanche to lie, deceive, and use other people.

This is also one reason for my dislike of Bowen. He was introduced into the story as an insidious, manipulating kidnapper, he use terror and threat against an innocent life as leverage. I am not opposed to him being saved because he showed remorse, but this sudden revelation of linking his death watch to the need for more human mates to shore up the PsyNet is too contrived for me.

Ness said...

While I know no amount of argument or actual evidence from the actual book will change your mind about Talin or give you any kind of empathy at all, she's not trying to "boost her creds with the Forgotten." I'm pretty sure her goal is not to rise up in that hierarchy--it's to keep more Forgotten kids from getting kidnapped and killed. She's not trying to save them for her own personal gain--she empathizes with them, she's been where they've been, and she wants to save them for their own sake. She didn't want Clay and his friends to "get lost so she could use them at a later time." She thought she was dying--how the heck was she going to use them later? You're right, a traumatic past doesn't give a person carte blanche to be a terrible person, and the lie she told was a terrible one. But it's one that she told as a child, it's one that stems from not just the repeated trauma she experienced, but from the trauma of seeing a man die in front of her at the hands of someone she loved. Yes, he did it to protect her. But it's also really scary. Talin has a lot of complicated feelings and emotions, and they're messy and sometimes they don't make sense--but that's sometimes how people with an abusive past react, even if you don't like that they do. And just because we have sympathy for her doesn't mean that we don't see that she isn't flawed. We just...don't think she's a terrible person unworthy of love because of her flaws.

And as far as the possibility of Silver and Bowen go, just because there's an issue with the chip does not mean that that would be the only reason he'd be seeking out Silver as a romantic partner. Silver isn't a scientist. It's not like she's personally going to find a cure for the chip for him, so how would him hooking up with her gain him anything in that respect?

But interesting that you'd think that what Talin and Bowen did were super egregious when there are characters--main characters even--who have done much worse than either of them have. But once again, clearly we're not ever going to agree on Talin or who deserves empathy.

I, for one, am looking forward to having more humans come into the storyline. If humans were completely useless, then natural selection would have taken care of them a long time ago. More than just being peacekeepers and parties that the Psy and Changeling can trust to act as intermediaries, they have a role in this world, and I'm looking forward to see how Nalini folds that into the story. Just because they don't have extra abilities doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of really great story to explore.

Joan Colbert said... are correct in your assessment of my post, no amount of rationalization for Talin's behavior will ever endear the character to me. I understand all the trauma she endured. However, I still cannot relate to her or empathize with her because of the way she deliberately gutted the only person who stood up for her and would have died for her. She even convinced her adoptive family that Clay was a monster and to help her perpetuate the lie about her death. Some may excuse and defend such behaviors but I cannot, not when this character was cast as the heroine of the story.

Sure, Talin is worthy of love but she was unworthy of Clay's devotion because she did nothing to earn his love or respect. She was calling in a marker to play on her childhood friends remorse. Sure, she knew she was dying and she wanted to use her connection to Clay to open up a future line to the powerful Dark River pack for her Forgotten friends. She was planning to go off and die with her friends and leave Clay alone and mourning her for a second time.

Back in 2010 when I was coming off the high of back-to-back reading Slave to Sensation, Vision of Heat, and the spectacular Caressed by Ice, Mine to Possess was such a terrible disappointment. Talin just left a bad taste in my mouth that has lasted to this day.

Also as previously stated, the human charaaters are unimpressive for me. Aside from Tazia and Annie, the ones like Talin and now Bowen are just to needy who have to glom onto a Psy or changeling in order to save the weaker human branch of that world's trivariate. Max was okay but it was the peripheral information that lead to Sofia connecting them to Nikita and the expansion of Nikita's character that made his book a good read.

On the whole, human males have no powers, nothing special to bring to the table and that's why I have zero interest in reading chapter after chapter of Bowen's dilemma. Besides, just like with Clay and Talin, we've already read a similar plotline of a character dying of some mysterious brain disorder and saved a la deus ex machine with Dev and Katya.

Silver is on the Architect's hit list, Ena Mercant will likely be a major player in her granddaughter's story. The Mercants will come to the forefront as a major world power; the Human Alliance has nothing to offer the Mercants. Having the distraction of trying to save Bowen and plug him into the PsyNet would take away from Silver's journey of guiding the story into a new direction. I prefer the subtle way humans mates are helping stabilize the PsyNet in various sectors of the globe. Silver is the type of heroine that I can stand and root for. I am hoping for her to paired with a male who is her equal, not be his crutch.

Unknown said...

@ Trish and Ness

Totally agree with you about Talin... and I find troubling all this venom against her and the way things are twisted around to make her awful when she's trying with her last breath to save street kids most don't give a damn about (she doesn't even know about the Forgotten)...

People can dislike the character (I'll admit she's not my favorite), but at least dislike her for what she is, not some twisted interpretation were you choose to disregard most of what is related about her pov and you attribute to her some motivations straight from your own imagination that don't have anything to do with her character.

The really distressing thing is that all that venom seems like too much, it feels like prejudices against traumatized victims that can't get well as quickly as some people believe they should.

@ library addict
About the dominance issue between Andrew and Indigo... 1) I believe they didn't say he WILL one day surpass Indigo in dominance... but that he MIGHT... I think the point was to show that they had found their own equilibrium and that that wouldn't change. Especially since Drew is kind of outside of the hierarchy. 2) Personnaly, I didn't feel the real issue was the dominance... to me that was like the age thing... and Indigo admits it was an "easy" issue to hide behind for her to excuse the emotional distance she maintained. That had more to do with the fact that being in love means a certain vulnerability (and that has nothing to do with who's more dominant)...

@ EM
I think you have a point saying it could very well be something unique about Silver... we don't really know that much about her. The fact the Mercants "stayed a family" under silence could be the result of them having had to band together to protect a secret, a difference... I any case I can't wait to get to know their family!

Ness said...

@Lizzie Liberty, THANK YOU. I mean, I'm done wasting my breath, and it's like her past trauma/abuse and reactions (all pretty understandable from where I'm sitting, even if they're not always nice) are being held against her and used an excuse to hate her. So. I'm done.

I do wonder what Silver's designation is. Part of me hopes it's something new and unique a la Aden, but part of me just hopes she's a normal (if powerful) Psy, whose strength lies in her clever mind. I wonder if the Mercants are going to be more ~overtly family than the Night Star Clan and I'm excited about seeing the whole family dynamic.

Lux said...

To be honest Talin and Clay's story has never been my favourite nor will ever be. I too found their book the worse of the series. I mean, there are others that I didn't like at first but then, re-reading them I would change my opinion while for "Mine to possess" that never happened. I didn'the love it at first and I still keep not loving it. If I was to rank the book it would be a 3/5 stars( Normally I wouldn't consider this rank low but we are talking of Nalini here and she is my favourite author for a reason). As for Clay and Talon it'seems the same. I don'the particulary like them but I don't dislike them either. To be sincere I am pretty much indifferent to their characters. However I can't agree with all this hatred for Talon. I mean, yes she messed up and she did it greatly. There were tons of choices that she made with which I couldn't/can't agree BUT it's not as if they didn'the hurt her too or she is petty because she made them. She isn't a monster. I really can understand if someone didn'the like the book, as far as I am concerned I wouldn't really care if Talon or Clay would die. I mean, I would care mostly for John and North and the effect on the pack and I wouldn't want them to die for unnecessary reason. I am saying that if that would happen (which is impossible) I wouldn't cry for their loss. Then again I wouldn't care even if something joyful were to happen to them so... That aside, I am not a fan of Bo. Not for what he did to Nash but simply because he didn'the grow on me. And although I hope Silver's hero to be someone else, I will read the book no matter what (Nalini can do magic). After all sooner or later there will be a book about him and considering the situition it's bound to happen or in this book (as it seems to pointing out) or in the next one (as I hope). As for the human in this series I really am interested to see how things will go. I truly liked Max's story and I trust Nalini to do a wonderful job.

Ps: Curiously enough I am quite interested in Bo'so sister which is weird considering that I'vere ad about her once while I knowas Bo since book 5... but oh well...everyone is different.

Anonymous said...

We're lead to believe that human is needed in the net and while that's true, this is about trinity now. Wouldn't it make sense to have changelings in the net also to complete it? That's something we haven't seen yet in the series where a changeling can be pulled into the PsyNet. The psy we've seen are pulled because they're mated to alphas and lieutenant/sentinel. In AoH, the book described the human bonds as "not in the PsyNet but not quite out of it," that seems similar to the DR and SD web where they're connected but separate. There are quite a bunch of possibilities Nalini could throw in the second season, I'm just thinking we need to broaden what we already know and throw some crazy mix into it.

Also why does everybody think that Bo needs to be bonded somehow only to a Psy to heal? Why wouldn't a mating bond work also?

library addict said...

@Anonymous Also why does everybody think that Bo needs to be bonded somehow only to a Psy to heal? Why wouldn't a mating bond work also?
Because it is not just Bo who needs to be cured. His senior people (which I imagine includes the as-yet-unnamed lawyer, CFO, and at least one of his lietenants) are all affected from the first group who had the implants. And there are others who had their implants put in later including his sister, Lily.

I think it's a good point that some of the "lower-level" Changelings could possibly be in the PsyNet like the Human who are bonded in.

@Lux, I would love for Lily to get a story as well. She's only been in 3 books, but made an impression back when she was introduced in Branded by Fire

At the top of my wishlist are: Adam, Bowen, Finn, Kiya, Lissa, Matthias, Remington, Rina, Selenka, Tanique, and Teijan (plus Silver but we know she's getting the upcoming book).

I would also love at least a short story or novella for D’Arn & Sing-Liu, Elias & Yuki, and Jason & Nicki.

Other couples breifly mentioned I would love get more of are Joe & Jess (we still need the name of their youngest son), Shamus & Emma, Isaac & Jessie (at least we got some closure for them in Allegiance of Honor), and possibly Lake & Maria.

And even though they've had a newseltter short, I confess to wanting more of Riordan & Noelle and Tai & Evie. Oh and Abbot & Jaya as they had a secondary romance but no POV scenes.

There are others I would like to know more about, especially the Arrows like Nerida, Remi's sentinels like Lark and Angel, and Gregori from BlackEdge. I could go on as Nalini has mentioned so many characters that sound intriguing. I hope she really does continue writing this series until her 90s. It's the only way we'll get them all!

library addict said...

Oops I never finished my thought re: Bo with Silver. (sorry @Anonymous)

I don't think his being the hero would be dependent upon them bonding. My theory—as well as others above—is simply that solving the malfunctioning chips issue would put Bo in line for a story early in the second season arc. So it makes sense that he could be Silver's hero. Not that she would actually solve the issue, either by their bonding or otherwise.

Even though bonding wouldn't be necessary to cure Bo, conversely Silver bonding with Bo would go toward healing the PsyNet. But obvoiusly that issue is going to need just more than a handful of additional Psy/Human bondings. I think fixing the faulty chips will have to be a scientific solution, probably with Ashaya and Amara.

So there are argument for and against them being a pair just on these two issues alone.

library addict said...

Eek, ignore all of my typos.

Also, I forgot to list Pia on my top wishlist for stories.

Winkle said...

Throwing out something completely out there. What about Alejandro. In the arrow children's complex it is remarked that he may be improving with children exposure.

Lux said...

@library addict
Oh well, to be sincere I want to read stories about tons of characters. Alexei, Kit, plus all the other mentioned.

As for Alejandro I am almost certain that we will have a book about him too, because to me it seems that his improvements are pointing toward that direcation which, by the way, I love it. Although I think it will happen only later on in the story because he needs to improve much more before he gets a book of his own.

Another couple of which I want to read is, obviously, Nikita and Anthony, they are both so complex and interesting! I really hopen we will get to read their story sooner rather than later.

It was already discussed in some comments before (like 50 or even more) that even changeling could be part of the Psy-Net, even if only marginally, as long as they aren't alpha/wing leader, liutenants/sentinels and healers. Someone pointed out that it may be possible even for water changelings of all types (maybe even those with a high rank)to be linked with the net because they are different from all the other changeling and therefore they may not have a net of their own or one that works differently. Which is why the next archive is going to be so exciting and interesting, I truly want to see how Nalini will develop it. However, despite I completely agree that this arc is called Trinity and therefore all three races will play a fundamental role, it is also true that, because of it, humans will have more relevance rispect to the Silence arc, were they wereven quite marginal. In this arc we will not only see the three races starting to communicate to each other more but we will also see how humans will gain a position were they may call themselves equals to psy and changelings while as they are right now their position is quite unsure.

That said the more comments I read the more it seems to me that this arc is going to be as fantastic or even more than the previous one.It wI'll be an amazing journey. Whoever the male hero will be for the next book I have no doubt that I am going to love Silver Silence.

Ps: @Library addict: don't worry, you are not the only one. I would like to get to read Nalini Singh books for a long time. I really hope that she fins a way to became immortal, that way she will never stop writing (hopefully) and there would be always new books to come. Yep, that'sounds definitely my wish.

library addict said...

Since he seems to be the popular favorite here, it sounds like we're wrong about Bo.

I'm not too sad. As long as Bowen eventually gets his own story which I am 99.99% certain will happen.

From Nalini's Gollanz interview
Here’s another clue – some people have actually made the correct guess, but they are in a definite minority.
Full interview here: Gollancz Blog: Suzanne McLeod Interviews Nalini Singh

Now I am wondering again who it will be...

Anonymous said...

@library addict

Haha I legit came here to trawl through the comments after reading that interview.
Since Bo is the majority guess, he's out. Teijan is also a pretty popular guess so he's probably out too. My money would therefore be on one of the less-considered Changelings- if it came down to it, I'd probably put a bet on Gregori (?) the bear in which case I'm really curious what role he'll play since I imagined with Teijan he would have heard info that someone was out to attack Silver and so wanted to get that information to her.

Hmmm and there's no way for info to get from the Rats to the Bears because that would obviously go via DarkRiver who would inform Silver and Kaleb directly and it'll be a cold day in hell before Kaleb trusts Silver's safety to someone else when he knows there's a hit out on her.

Maybe the Bears are super into the whole intelligence network thing themselves? We really don't know much about them other than they're cool with Kaleb but stay out of each others' way...


Aria said...

Just thinking didnt Bo and his people have some weeks apart in the implants? Doesn't it give them time to remove the implant? A least for Lily and the others? (We already know is late for Bo) and what about Noor and Keenan, they saved Katya, and I know it was said that the packs decided they should be children and all but what it they end up saving Bo too?

Aria said...

What if *

Lux said...

You may be correct here, although I'm not sure it will happen because it would risk to expose their ability which is not what the leopards want. On the other end theyour may make an exception for Bo because losing him could ca use great damage to the already precariots stability of theach world. But your guess could truly be correct. I didn'the evenue think ofor them.

As for Silver'screen hero I am happy he isn'the Bo. As I stated before I am not a fan of him so, while I will definetely read his book, I am still happy it's not this one because I love Silver and I would like her with someone else. So who could he be? I have no idea or whatsoever. I don'the see him being Teijan because he is an alpha and therefore she would escape the net. I don't believe he is a Bear either because ewe haven'the met anyou of them yet and we are supposed to have already seen him...

Yeah, I am in the DARK.

Lux said...

Ps: Sorry for my mistakes, I was in a hurry and writing with the phone

Unknown said...

maybe Selenka Durev???? it would defiantly be different, and not something to be expected.

Unknown said...

just considering she lives around the same territoryish as black edge

Angelica said...

I'm re-reading the series right now (for the i-have-no-clue-but-many-th time) and the most unlikely person i could come up with to end up with Silver was River Shannon, Max's brother ;).
However, Nalini has showed so many times before that she never introduce a person without a reason even though that reason might not be clear until several books later (So impressive!). Take Remi, Tanique, Samuel Rain as examples so it shouldn't be impossible. On the other hand, I can't come up with the faintest idea what River would be doing knocking on Silver's door at 7 AM.

library addict said...

Release dates:

US/Berkley = June 13, 2017
New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh introduces a bold new chapter in her extraordinary paranormal romance saga with the Psy-Changeling Trinity series. Wild passion will encounter the darkest of betrayal…

UK/Gollanz = 15 June 2017
Silver Silence marks the beginning of a thrilling new story arc in Nalini Singh's bestselling Psy-Changeling universe. Welcome to Psy-Changeling Trinity!

Still wondering about the identity of the hero. #WhoIsHeNaliniWhoWhoWho #WeNeedToKnow.

library addict said...

Yay. Only 6-1/2 more days before the special edition newsletter. (Not that I am counting the hours or anything...)

Also, though I think the hero may very well be one of the Russian shifters (possibly Gregori from BlackEdge wolves or someone we haven't met from the StoneWater bears), I am rooting for one of the Forgotton since Bo is out. Or another Psy.

Honestly, I cannot wait to know so I can stop spending so much time speculating.

library addict said...

Whoo hoo!

Interesting choice, Nalini.

I did mention the possibility. Now to go back through and figure out if he's ever been mentioned by name because I do not recall...

library addict said...

Yay! So excited.

Interesting choice. I did mention the possibility (even if I didn't think it was the first choice).

Now off to see if he's ever been mentioned by name, because I do not recall....

Pam said...

I am very excited to see from today's release from Nalini that Silver will be hooking up with the Alpha of the StoneWater bear clan in Moscow. This is the first book with a bear shifter in it, and he seems to be just as charming and dangerous as the leopards and wolves we have all come to love. I am currently rereading the Psy/Changeling series, partly in preparation for the next book and also because I just needed a Nalini fix.

Tonal Tempo said...

The J-Psy are the obvious target group for bringing more humans into the PsyNet, so I doubt Silver's story is going to focus on that critical issue at this tim.

The Windhaven Falcons have connections to all other wing groups around the world, so my vote is for Adam to be the 7am guy with a emergency medical issue that will require her coordination expertise. If the architect sends an attack on Silver, he/she would never anticipate a winged escape!