Friday, September 09, 2016

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?


library addict said...

I enjoyed House of Payne: Scout by Stacy Gail (House of Payne #2). The hero of the first book almost put me off the entire series, so I'm glad I decided to keep reading.

I also enjoyed the latest JD Robb, Apprentice in Death.

Anonymous said...

Empire of storms, the latest instalment in the throne of glass series, by Sarah j Maas.

Such good stories, many things linking into previous books in the series, looking forward to the next one now

Anonymous said...

Read Apprentice in Death by JD Robb. Re-read Allegiance of Honor (still cried when Zie Zen left, and smiled when Kaleb met Annie). Skimmed through Reunion in Death by JD Robb. Now re-reading Origin in Death.

Also, will be reading the next installment of One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews. Interesting times in this installment.

Patricia S

Rowena said...

I was almost in a reading slump but I think I'm out of that (thank goodness) so right now I'm reading Three Amazing Things about You by Jill Mansell. So far it's good, so I'm hopeful that will be the case throughout the rest of the book.

Can't wait for Silver Silence!

Anonymous said...

One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews of course
long live the queen kate locke
i have also been in a slump for a while other than nalini release this summer i had slim pickings and its been to humid to do anything
but been hitting some used book sales and stocking up on cheap ebooks love 99 cents sales its like okay i have to buy at that price
my tbr is now out of control i really need to dive in my husband is getting all judgemental

Anonymous said...

Been on a mad reading binge in the last couple of week, Wild Embrace which I liked but didn't love. But that has more to do with my dislike of short stories than the brilliant Nalini's writing. The fact that I liked short stories at all says a lot.

Also read Apprentice in Death which is worth a read and Nora Roberts Bay of Sighs which I loved, much better than I was expecting. The horse riding at the Olympics also put Nora's True Betrayals in my mind and I finally got to that this week, like catching up with an old friend.

Finally I read Angela Marsons Silent Scream, which I think was a recommendation on this site. I loved it quite a dark crime book with a kind of contemporary British Eve Dallas. Loved the story telling and the pace of the author, great energy. So thanks to whoever recommended this one.

Anonymous said...

could not find anything i wanted to read, so i re-read allegiance of honor (already re-read wild embrace!), and will probably re-read clay/tally's book again tonight.

Laura said...

Currently working on Jay Kristoff's Nevernight. There's some child harm stuff early on (backstory) that almost put me off (My baby is only a year old and I'm sensitive to sad children stories), but I waited a few weeks and got past the ugly bits for now at least. The tone of the book is so unusual to me, that I kept wanting more.
Also just downloaded Eloisa James' new short story A Gentleman Never Tells, which I'm enjoying so far. (It was 99c on amazon last I looked.)

Anonymous said...

I've entered every ARC contest ever since I got hooked to Ms. Nalini's writing. Gosh, here's to hoping I win this time!