Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club time. What are you reading this week?

I have to give a shout-out to the Anonymous commenter who recommended Timothy Zahn's Quadrail books on a previous post. I've just read Night Train to Rigel and really enjoyed it. Check it out if you're in the mood for some sf/mystery. A train across intergalactic space! What's not to like?

Okay, your turn!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hope Even In The Darkness

"We can go to terrible places, dark places with our hero and heroine, explore wounds painful and old, because we know that there is hope even in the darkness."

I have a post up at the Read A Romance Month site today, talking about Hope Even in the Darkness. Swing by and have a read, share your thoughts.

(There's a contest, but even if you already have copies of the books, I'd love to hear about your favorite happy endings).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


And the winners are: Mariel S., Cornelia S., Edlyn M., Rebecca H., Colleen W.

Winners have been notified via the email address used to enter the contest : )

Reading & Writing

I'm working on the first draft of Psy-Changeling #13 (Vasic's story), and he's making me a little crazy. So difficult to get him to talk!

In other news, I opened up Whisper of Sin to check something tonight and ended up reading the whole novella. I adore Emmett and Ria. This particular exchange between Emmett and a young Dorian (the story is set a few years back) made me grin.

"Sooooo...what happens if I flirt with Ria?"
"I use your ribs to make a wind chime."
"That's what I thought."

If you haven't read this novella, it'll be available on its own in electronic format in March next year. It's currently available as part of the Burning Up anthology, which is completely awesome and includes one of my all time favorite novellas by Meljean Brook - "Here There Be Monsters".

It's now after midnight and I feel like a little more reading - hmm, what to choose (not that I don't have a towering tbr pile!)

What are you up to?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving this week?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013



If you'd like to go in the random draw to win one of 5 Advanced Reading/Review Copies of Archangel’s Legion, send an e-mail to naliniDOTassistantATgmailDOTcom with:

- "ARCHANGEL’S LEGION ARC Contest" in the subject line; and

- your mailing address

by August 26th 2013, 8pm New Zealand time.

Please follow the correct format for entry re the subject line, so your e-mail goes into the right in-box. (Your e-mail address will only be used to contact you should you win, and your mailing address to post out the ARC if you win.)

Since this is an Advanced Review Copy, if you win, I'd ask that you please post a review somewhere before the release date (October 29th) - on a blog, on Amazon, B&N,'s up to you, but it would be much appreciated if you'd post your thoughts somewhere. The contents of the review are, of course, totally up to you.

A note about the ARC - it's substantially the same as the final book, but since ARCs are printed prior to the final round of edits, there are some errors in the text that aren't in the final book.

-Ashwini : )

The fine print:
Contest is open internationally. One entry per household. No purchase necessary to enter. Winner(s) will be chosen randomly using and his or her name posted on this blog on 28 August 2013. Void where prohibited.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Just a heads-up: The website has been updated but it's got a few wonky spots yet, along with some broken links etc. All should be running smoothly soon! :-)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Book Club

The Friday Book Club is now open! What are you reading and loving this week?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Guild Hunter Series Contest

If you'd like to win a signed set of the Guild Hunter series, go forth and enter this Dear Author contest (international entries ok). This doesn't included Archangel's Legion (but there'll be an ARC contest coming soon for that :-)).

Also at the same Dear Author link is a giveaway by Julie James, whose books are AWESOME, so enter that too! (All of the contests have different rules, so just look at terms and conditions to find out if it's international or not).

Have fun :-)

Pakt der Sehnsucht

German readers, don't forget Cooper and Grace's story is now out as an ebook ("Pakt der Sehnsucht"). 

For those of you who prefer the paperback, this story will be out in an anthology in October, along with two other novellas: ("Geheime Versuchung") :-)

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ebook Covers: Declaration of Courtship & Texture of Intimacy

Two gorgeous covers for you today! These are for the ebooks of Declaration of Courtship (Cooper/Grace) and Texture of Intimacy (Walker/Lara).

Both were previously published as part of WILD INVITATION, which also includes Beat of Temptation (Nate/Tamsyn) and Stroke of Enticement (Annie/Zach).

So, if you'd like to read all four novellas, the anthology is the better choice. 

Otherwise, you'll be able to grab these two ebooks separately in November. :-)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Website Maintenance

The website may be down for a little while this weekend as we (hopefully!) finish all the work we've been doing on it. Nothing will change in terms of content - we're just trying to make it more friendly for all the different devices (computers, smartphones, tablets...) everyone's using to access it. :-)

I'll let you know when it's ready for beta testing! Until then, if you see something wonky, don't worry, my web designer is probably still putting everything in place. Thanks for the patience!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday Book Club

Time to talk books! What are you reading and loving at the moment?

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Archangel's Legion Paperback Pre-Order Discounted

North American folks - looks like Amazon has discounted the pre-order for the paperback of "Archangel's Legion" to $4.79 today. (I'm sorry digital folks. I wish that edition was discounted too, but alas I cannot control Amazon).

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

August Newsletter Now Out

The August newsletter is currently going out. It can take up to an hour to get to everyone, so please be patient. If you don't have it within the next two hours, check your spam/junk folder, then drop Ashwini a line and she'll make sure you get a copy (naliniDOTassistantATgmailDOTcom).

Enjoy! :-)

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Website Maintenance

Happy weekend everyone! We're doing some major website maintenance this weekend, so the site (  will be offline at times. Don't panic! It'll all be back once we're finished. :-)

Friday, August 02, 2013

Friday Book Club & Linkage

The Friday Book Club is now open! What are you reading and loving lately? I'm in a science fiction mood so I'm on the lookout for new sf reads. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Also, I have two links for you to bookmark for the month of August - both featuring amazing giveaways. (For international folks, just check the rules for each day - some giveaways are open internationally, others not. Mine will be :-))

Read-A-Romance Month website - this will feature posts and giveaways by tons of authors (including me), throughout August, so make sure you check in every day.

Same goes for - which is holding a giveaway extravaganza!

Now, onto the books you're reading!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

August Newsletter

A heads-up that the August newsletter will be going out Tuesday August 6th (that's US time, so for Southern hemisphere folks, it'll be August 7th).

The newsletter will include an excerpt from Archangel's Legion

If you're not a subscriber, you can subscribe by filling in your email address on the form on the top right of the front page of the website. The same form is also on the blog sidebar

Once you sign up, you'll have to click on the link sent to your email to confirm your subscription. You'll then automatically get a Welcome newsletter with two free short stories (Poker Night and Knives and Sheaths).

If you'd like the August newsletter, please join up before it goes out.

Any problems, drop Ashwini a line (naliniDOTassistantATgmailDOTcom).