Sunday, May 27, 2012

3 Days to go!

3 Days to go till TANGLE OF NEED releases!

(Before I post the quote, a request - when you get your copies please don't post any spoilers on the usual threads for a couple of weeks, as the UK/Aus/NZ release date is June 7th. I'll put up a special spoiler thread for you. And for the UK/Aus/NZ folks, I'll put up some extra quotes to tide you over! :-))

Dimple appearing to dangerous effect, he touched her boot with his, playful as a pup. "We'll have fun."

"Yes," she said, wolf padding happily inside her skin, "we will."



Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to this book!

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing some extra quotes, for those of us who have to wait.


azteclady said...

Oh thank you! (not getting copy until June 6 or 7 myself)

julieann37 said...

Thanks for thinking of those of us who have to wait.

Diane said...

I want to play too!

Quibbler said...

Dimple, dimple, who's got a dimple?.... Hmmm

And thankyou very much for continuing the teasers while we're waiting for our turn, 'tis much appreciated!