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Branded By Fire Spoiler Thread

This is the thread where you can freely discuss BRANDED BY FIRE and the previous books in the Psy/Changeling series. *SPOILERS* allowed, so if you haven't read Branded yet, click away! This link will take you back to the main blog.

So, if you're sure this is where you want to be....let the discussion begin!

Also, if you're looking for the Caressed By Ice Spoiler thread, Mine to Possess Spoiler thread, or the Hostage to Pleasure Spoiler thread, follow the links.

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Nura said...

LOved Loved i mean Loved BBF..Riley beat out Dorian as my 2nd fav Hero...but alas my heart belongs to Hawke who made some cameos n this book..i love his tortured Sienna "love-scenes" i just know that if and hopefully when these 2 hit the sheets its going to be postively volatile.please please dont let Kit anywhere near Sienna who needs a little boy when she can have a real MAN err wolf!

ps.. Kaleb rawwwr!
pps. Nalini your batting 6 for 6 now!

Anonymous said...

I truly loved this book, and it is by far my favorite of the series! I'm glad that Mercy and Riley ended up together, and I PRAY that Kit and Sienna don't do anything with one another. Although they are very close in age, Hawke is the super-hot-sexy-man she should be with, and I sincerely hope that the next book (Blaze to Memory) sheds some more light on this shaky triangle. After November, I hope the next book with be about Hawke and Sienna getting together!

Also, I have a question for Ms. Singh:

Will Amara ever have someone in her life besides Ashaya?

Kyesha said...

I really liked the relationship between Mercy and Riley, but what I really liked about this book were the new developments between Sascha and Nikita. It almost seemed as though Nikita is developing feelings for her daughter, even if she's not willing to admit it to herself yet.

And as for the Kit Sienna development towards the end, I'm acutally happy about that. I still want Hawke and Sienna to get together, but I like the fact that Sienna is getting to experience with guys her age so that when she and Hawke get together she won't be totally inexperienced.

Rianne said...

What I loved most about this book was seeing how a changeling/changeling romance would go. The interaction between Mercy and Riley was wonderful.

The humor of the alpha's Hawke and Lucas, telling Mercy and Riley to go play for example was nice. And the fact that they keep getting at each other... In one scene where they look "as innocent as choirboys" when Sasha says something, wonderful.

I liked it that I saw more of other persons, the SilverBlade sentinel who was mentioned in Hostage to Pleasure, the family of Mercy, even a glimpse of the packs in Moscow.

What was most interesting: the developments in the Hawke/Sienna story. I just hope there will be a book soon about them. It's the couple I can't wait to see. The fact that Sienna tells to Sasha that since meeting Hawke Silence started to crumble, looked to me as the beginning of a mating.

A last question (which hasn't anythint to do with this book): I read the word "HEA" in several posts on the blog, can anybody tell me me what this means exactly?

Anonymous said...

It means Happily Ever After

Erika said...

I really enjoyed the book. A lot of stuff went on, it was pretty intense. One thing I can't stop thinking about is Sienna. I wasn't totally for her and Hawke getting together, but this book def hinted at it. So it upset me when she and Kit were holding hands at the end. I can't wait to find out more about her power. I find it interesting that it reacts so strongly to being around Hawke. Maybe Hawke's mate did die, but he has a special kind of connection with Sienna through her power, instead of him being a changeling. That would give him a second chance at a special bond.

Anonymous said...

I loved the book, I think my favorite thing about the book was how both Riley and Mercy managed to get together without compromising who they were. I also really appreciate how the characters from previous books still play a significant role. It has been one day and I am already drooling for the next book!

Saly said...

I so totally loved the book. I devoured it yesterday & have already re-read my fav. parts. I liked the fact that there were a lot of new developments in the whole Psy world(Tatiana, HAlliance etc) & my, Kaleb & the Ghost are two intriguing characters.
I really liked Mercy & Riley too(after all they were the HEA couple in the book but I felt that unlike the previous offerings in the series, the focus on the main couple was less, though it didn't detract me from my enjoyment obviously :) )
But the whole WOW point for me was the whole Hawke/Sienna thing. I kept waiting for their scenes & hoped that they would have some scenes together. Alas, that didn't happen but I'm hopeful that we get something in Dev's book(maybe a jealousy inspired kiss)*grin*
I too hope that nothing actually develops b/w Kit & Sienna but maybe the whole thing might force Hawke to act on his feelings. can always hope.
I realllly hope we get their book soon(Hawke & Sienna's)!!I think their's will be the mostly hotly awaited book in the series & you'll have a lot of expectations to live up to(not that I doubt that you won't meet them);).
Any teeny-weeny hint when we might look forward to their book?*evil grin*

kismet said...

After reading Branded by fire, (wich, by the way, I loved) i couldn't stop thinking about Hawke and Sienna... and Kit.
I can't really immagine Sienna with anyone whose names isn't Hawke, but I suppose it will be good for her to have some experience before Hawke..
mmmmm... and it will be interesting read about Hawke reaction at this situation.

then, I must add that as soon as you introduced Amara, (in hostage to pleasure), I was captivated by her. and i loved to rad about her interaction with Mercy in this book.
I'd hope she will have someone in her life, but i don't know if it is a realistic thing to hope (she is sociopathic, after all).
but maybe she can have friends other than Ashaya--

and... who the Hell is the Ghost??
ahhhhh, I'm to curious about him!!!

Anonymous said...

loved this book.
i have a question though...

In which animal Riley and mercy's sons will shift???
(if noone dominate the other....)
half cat and half wolf???

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,
I got the book yesterday, started reading and just couldn't stop! I love it! This is now my second favourite book in the series (first is still Slave to Sensation). The interaction between Mercy and Riley is great! Very interesting were the developments in Hawke's & Sienna's relationship. I hope there will be some information on that in the next book and maybe, maybe then Hawke will get his own story... :-)) I also loved that there were so many scenes with Sascha and Lucas. They are my favourite couple and I am really looking forward to learning if the baby is a boy or a girl!

kylie said...

No surprise that I enjoyed and adored BFF. Mercy and Riley: if ever there was a combustible pair!

Well, except for, yes, Hawke and Sienna! Arg! I'm glad for the Kit-Sienna development because she does need exposure to people closer to her age. And we don't really know what happened when they slipped away... Anyway, I'm sure that Hawke and Sienna are each other's HEA. Right? Of course!

Anonymous said...

What I really loved about this Mercy and Riley story is that they were able to keep their blood bonds with their own packs. It would have been awful if one of them had to give that up. Mercy giving herself to Riley to complete the mating bond is my favorite scene!

So many new developments too! I can't wait to know more about Sacha's changing/evolving abilities and her baby. I was on the fence before about Kaleb but this book makes me lean towards him being a bad guy...a really BAD guy! As for the Hawke/Sienna/Kit situation, I'm very, very happy about the possibility of Sienna being with Kit. I know I'm in the minority here, but Sienna's barely 18 and I'm guessing Hawke's in his mid 30's! Don't get me wrong, I love Hawke and can't wait for his story, just would like his heroine to be closer to his age. I've never liked it when there's such a huge age gap between the hero/heroine.

Congrats again Nalini!


Unknown said...

Great book. I loved the development of the characters and their interaction not just between the each other but also with their pack mates and other changelings.
The world keeps evolving in ways that MAKE sense which is so reasurring and also one of the things that keep everything fresh.
Mercy's interactions with Reily and the way they deal with the mating dance and dominance questions were very ingenious. Neither of them broke- it showed that a strong alpha male/female can apologize and bend without breaking.
I also thought actually being able to see interactions between sienna and hawk threw light on thier story arch as all we'd seen was Sienna stomping out of his office but never the byplay.
Kit and Sienna could have a completely inoccent relationship- but a relationship with another alpha male closer to her age is just what she needs. Especially if Hawke is to be her HEA, I'm not convinced yet. (anyone know if its been confirmed yet?)
Another thing- Designation X where have we heard this before, isn't that Jude or is it more like the teleporter?
One last thought- question, Amara seems to be evolving- is she currently at the 2y/o level emotionally? I hope we see more of this even if she doesn't get a HEA but I think she's like Judd, doesn't know HOW to show emotion.
And Kaleb? Good bad a bit of both? I think he's the Ghost but so not sure.
Tatiana? Wow EVILLLL.

Unknown said...

I just thought of something:
I think Nakita’s cameo in the book was a prediction of things to come (foreshadowing) I think she might be picking up emotion small tendrils that are leaking in slowly. Any large assault would naturally cause alarm. The net mind has to work subtly. Could be Nakita is .02% empathic the same way Amara had just enough TP to keep a connection to the psynet.

Henry and his PurePsy had a very underhanded but smartly evil way of getting their way- voluntary rehabilitation. How long will it last?

I also thought it was very interesting that the Lauran family was scheduled for rehabilitation only after Ming found out Sienna (who had been his protégé) was stronger then him [Ming]. I always thought it was Henry’s doing. I don’t get how they haven’t put two and two together.

Also how will Sienna deal and learn to develop her powers. The only one with her type of power would be Vasic (I think?) Do you really think she will have to go back to the PsyNet?

T said...

I loved Branded by Fire...and one of my favorite lines from Lucas was 'You can't have her.' in the end of the book, when Mercy was injured. As for Sienna and Kit, I'm hoping they slip in to the woods just to talk. Kit and Hawke will never be able to stand around each other if something happens between Sienna and Kit...and I'm hoping Hawke and Sienna have their HEA. And lastly, after this this book, I'm convinced Tatiana is EVIL!!!

P.S. I really liked Mercy's explanation of why she entered the bikini contest. Ah, sweet revenge *evil grin*

Anonymous said...

Loved BBF. I've been in a reading slump for a few months now, and this is one of the few books I've been looking forward to. It was great! I'm still completely digging this series and I love all the layers and how the mystery is developing.

One thing, Nalini.... Any chance we could get a character cheat sheet at the back of each new forthcoming novel? There are SO many characters to keep track of. Most of them -- the main crew -- are easy enough to remember. But some of the other more oblique characters tend to fall off the mental radar.

Nifty...ready for Blaze of Memory

Claire said...

Loved loved loved BBF. I couldn't put it down and I'm diving in again for a second time today. :)

Riley and Mercy were such a compelling couple. Just wonderful!

I loved the insights into Hawke and Sienna's realtionship. I don't think the age difference is too much because, like Sascha said: Sienna's been growing older everyday, what with breaking out of the Psynet, taking care of her family, and starting to control her powers. But one thing's for sure, Hawke is going to do more than just kick a wall after he hears about Sienna and Kit. ;)

I also really liked how the antagonist of this book wasn't the Psy Council but the supposedly weakest race: The Humans. It gave the book a really different tone and changed a lot of the dynamics of the races!

So many questions were answered but so many more have come into play.
What is Tatiana Rika-Smythe's endgame? What is the X Designation? When will the Ghost come forth? (WHO IS HE?! IT'S KILLING ME!)

Leopard or Wolf babies for Riley and Mercy? ;)


Congrats on another worthy addition to my favourite book series!!!

bel_78 said...

I loved the book, Nalini, thanks!!!!

But now I`m extremely eager to read Sienna`s book!!! I liked the "Kitt development", that will surely make Hawke furious, but is highly likely to make him look at her as a possible mate that is in danger of getting away. Plus, it will give Sienna some extra skill in interpersonal relations that she will need if she is going to tackle Hawke!!

Any idea when their book is going to be released, Nalini?? And what about Angel`s Kiss??



Anonymous said...

I've read BFF once and plan to read again this weekend--am sure I missed loads of details as I blew through it so quickly.

I see Ashaya/Amara like the dual netminds. If Amara can evolve then there's hope for the Darkmind. Wonder if there's a playing with colors activity equivalent for the Darkmind? I think Amara would benefit from a changling mate because he could help her evolve to regain emotion.

Kaleb has me veeeery curious. Can't wait to find out more. And there's a changling pack in his territory. Wonder if we'll hear from any of them in future books.

As for Hawke & Sienna. Hmm. Sienna needs some Silence-like controls to be safe to herself and others. I'm thinking given how feral-like her psy talent seems to be, a strong dominant is the only dude who could hope to stand up to her. Kit or Hawke would fit that. HEAs are more satisfying after a bit of suffering, yes? No matter who Sienna ends up with, it would seem she's going to suffer somewhat. I wonder if she has the capacity to control/contain the Darkmind?

Christina said...

After nearly 5 hours straight, all I can say is: WOW. (Hot, also comes to mind). I am still processing everything, so I will have to think about all the little moments that made me go 'aw' but here are the ones that come to mind.

Hawke and Sienna. All I can say is, if I have to wait more than Dev and Max's book, I am going to cry! It was so torturous but so wonderful to read through!

I like Sienna's relationship with Kit. I think, as a future alpha, it will be good for Kit to be around a strong, dominant woman his age, but at the same time I think it will help Sienna, too. I hope they develop a deep friendship (but, as much as I love you Kit, I still think Hawke is her man).

Second, I think the council in this book was just awesome. I love the psy, and I am so connected to their struggle. Especially since Silence has its uses. And for once, they weren't the evil perps. I loved the mirror of the psy council in the human alliance. I haven't been a big fan of the humans so far (except for Tally--MTP is still my favorite book), but I have to say I loved seeing them in this book.

And Kaleb? *sigh* All I can say is I still want him to get his own book. Good/bad/on his own terms, I don't care!

Finally, I am completely forgetting her name now, but I think Dev's girl is Ashaya's former assistant she thought died in the explosion. I don't think she died when the lab collapsed. I wasn't eager to 'branch out' to other characters, but now I am definitely looking forward to Dev's story!

Christina said...

Just some thoughts after reading the other comments:

I agree with Erika, I think Hawke does have a second chance, and I was under the impression he realized it. Someting about a conversation he had with Riley, when Riley said 'she isn't ready' and Hawke's reaction. My theory is that he didn't complete the mating bond because they were so young. Maybe she was just a potential mate. Wolves only mate once, but he never actually mated with her.

I am also so glad my theory was confirmed about Sienna being an X. Can't wait to have more of an explanation about that ^_^

I second Saly's plea. Please, please throw us a bone, Nalini!

Maritza, I don't think Vasic has her kind of power (although I could be wrong). He is a traveller, but that isn't the same designation as X. X, in HTP, we learned only in passing when Ashaya said that the X designation was so rare and volatile even the Psy feared it. This (I think) is the first thing we have seen of it.

My question is, was Sienna saying the crack in the den that almost killed the cubs in the nursery (in Faith's book) was caused by her? I also found it interesting she is more powerful than Ming, the best mental combat. I would love to see a fight between them ^_^

And I agree, Tatianna is EVIL, but it was fun to see her finally instead of just Kaleb or Nikita wondering about her.

Elizabeth N said...

Mercy & Riley - great scenes together, probably my 2nd fav book after MTP - now I'm wanting Mercy's brothers ... to get their heroines as well

loved BBF - is it Nov yet?

Heading back to re-read the series, I also think that Dev's heroine is Ashaya's assistant - is it Nov yet?

More please! Thanks Beth

Unknown said...

To say that I loved this book is a complete and total understatement. I loved that we got to see the birds and learned a little of how their packs are structured. And of course, how the rats, wolves, and cats are really working together to become a strong unit.
The scenes between Riley and Hawke were all awesome. They have such a close friendship that really shines through in every conversation they had. Their "fighting" scene reminded me a little of Vaughn and Lucas in Visions of Heat, and both really show how male changelings bond.
Since Lucas and Sascha continue to be my favorite couple, I really enjoyed reading about them so much. I can't wait to see if they have a boy or girl and what kind of powers their child will have.
Mercy and Riley were HOT! They really both worked together to make their relationship work and were both willing to sacrifice a huge chunk of themselves for the other. It was great seeing Mercy's personality and Riley's reactions to Mercy. And Mercy's family were added to my list of future stories I would love to see written.
It was interesting to see how the psy and changelings almost had to team up against the humans, the group always thought to be the weakest. It always amazes me how much each side still has to learn about the other and how their prejudices continue to affect their interactions with one another. Also, the fact that Bowen (another great character) is in line to become the new chairman should make things very interesting between the changelings and humans in the future.
I am also very interested in Nikita trying to rationalize giving the book to Sascha. She refuses to even think about it as an emotional response to her daughter's gift. Instead she continues to try to convince herself that it's all part of her bid for power in the Council.
There is so much more that I can say about this book (the lynx, the Ghost, etc) but I think I already took up my share of space. So I'll just end it with, this book is absolutely awesome and I can't wait for the other books!

Unknown said...

Oh and just another quick note, I would love to see a short story on some of the pranks the juveniles play on each other.

Christina said...

I like Lucas and Sascha, but I would love to see more of Clay and Tally. They are my favorite couple, and since they already had such a strong bond before the mating I want to see how that affects their relationship now.

Lili, I think a short story on the juvies would be great, too! Its always fun when Lucas and Hawke share screen time, but the juvies take it to a whole new level. I was SO happy to see Jon was fitting in so well with the pack, too ^_^

Mercy's brothers are added to my list of future books I would love to have, along with Andrew, Walker, Kaleb, Vasic, Indigo, the Latin cats (they just seem like so much fun), and after watching the Cat/Wolf/Rat relationship, I wouldn't mind a book for Teijan, rat leader.

Elizabeth- glad I'm not the only one who's thinking it's her.

Shaymless Aymless said...

BBF was wonderful! Love every part of it.

The part that had me in laughing so hard I cried was Mercy's ploy to get rid of her brother Bas's last girlfriend. The kitten defurring tool was the cherry on top.

Glad we saw a bit more about the ever so mysterious Tatianna.

Can't wait to see more the Ghost, Kaleb and of course the Hawke/Sienna/Kit relationship.

Jennifer K. said...

I really enjoyed the book, too. I was wondering if the solution to the Hawke/Sienna mating problem is that Sienna is the reincarnated mate Hawke lost when they were so young. Hawke's age makes it a possibility, I think, but I also agree that it's possible that since Hawke never completed a mate bond with girl he thought was his mate, he has a chance to form a bond with someone else. I just don't know. I'm definitely looking forward to Nalini's solution. I've been cheering for that pairing from the beginning. They are a fascinating couple, even if they aren't "together" right now.

I enjoyed the mention of the Ghost and his dilemma about should he try to stop Psy from voluntary rehabilitation. Again, it sounds like that might be something Sienna would/should sign up for. I also look forward to learning more about her powers. I was excited to read that she's MORE powerful than Ming! Alright! Somebody needs to take on him. He's scary ... but it sounds like she's scarier!

I can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

I really loved BBF, too, especially the development of Riley's and Mercy's relationship (from "damn wolf" to mate :-) ), and that, in the end, both want to give so that the other is not hurt by being forced to leave their pack. And the result - a cross-nets-mating bond, great! One of my fav scenes is, too, when Mercy decides to accept the bond.

And I'm really curious about Sienna's X-desingation - as far as I know, no one mentioned so far is an X-Psy, not even Vasic.

I loved seeing so much of Sasha and Lucas, still my favorite couple, - I'd like to hear more about the "darker side" of the E-designation, which was hinted at. I'd love to read more about that research about E-Psy and the mentioned similar work about the X-designation. Hope that book will be found in time to help Sienna deal with her powers!

What I had hoped for and didn't get was a little more about Dorian and Ashaya (especially their mating party in the beginning), but the glimpses on their life were sweet...

Also can't wait for the Sienna/Hawke/Kit development - reassuring that Riley and Mercy will keep an eye on all three!


Shaymless Aymless said...

Ah-ha. Dev heroine is Ekaterina, Ashaya's former assistant. That should be very interesting.

Jacee said...

Loved it!!!
Loved Riley and Mercy together. Loved seeing Riley as more than a tough man but also a caring brother,lover,friend. Loved all the glimpses of other lives in a more personal way- Mercys brothers, Andrew and Brenna teasing, Sascha finding out she's pregnant, Jon fitting in. Loved seeing more of the "pack structure" with Hawke and Riley interaction.
Can't wait to see what happens with Nikita, Kaleb, Sierra, Amara, Indigo,Valsic and of course Hawke, Sienna and Kit.
Wondering if Devs woman isn't Ekaterina but instead Sierra (Kalebs assistant).

Christina said...

Sierra? I thought Kaleb's assistant was Silver...

I think it is Ekaterina (thanks for the name, Aymless). How would Kaleb's assistant know about the children?

And only Sienna so far is an X designation, Heike (That we know of, anyways). I was suspcious in HTP that it was Sienna's designation. I am so glad I was right, and I can't wait to see more of her abilities. I hope she makes appearances in the next few books, but I don't see how we can get into the packs since the next books are Dev's and Max's. It seems we are getting away from the wolves and cats.

Shannon said...

Ms. Singh-

I am really love the whole series, but Branded by Fire was by far the best of all! All the new developments that happened in this book just have my mind spinning!

Mercy and Riley were super-hot together, and I cannot wait till they have some babies of their own! Sasha and Lucas, of course, are still fabulous with the new pregnancy, and I'm glad that the other couples are still going strong!

I am still a bit on the fence as far as the whole Kit/Sienna/Hawke thing goes! I was not expecting such a huge development on the Hawke/Sienna-mating front which is probably why I absolutely adore your books! My hope is that Hawke gets his act together and mates Sienna before she gets away, which is what most of the other people on this Blog have written. I just like the idea of them because Hawke and Sienna need some lovin' and why not together?-LOL!

Also, I hope we hear more about Vasic as well because he is really interesting!

Just wanted to ask the same question as Anonymous earlier in this Blog:

"Will Amara ever have someone in her life besides Ashaya?" I'm just dying to know like everyone else!

Thanks again Ms. Singh, and I can't wait to read Blaze of Memory, and Max's Book! You are just a great author, and I'm just going to keep reading until you stop writing!

(P.S. Christina-Kaleb's assistant has gone by Sierra in this book and Silver in another.

Nalini Singh said...

Hi everyone! Just a quick visit to say I know there have been questions on this thread - if you could hold onto them until the Q&A session, that would be awesome. I should have a confirmed date for that very soon.

Jacee/Shannon - Kaleb's aide should be named as Silver Mercant. If her name is noted as Sierra somewhere, the typo gremlins might've stuck(Gah!!)I can't find it in the text, so if you have a page ref. could you drop me a note? Thx!

Tinuke said...

Just dropping a quick comment to say that BBF was superb. Utterly loved the interaction between Mercy and Riley and the whole take on the changeling world. It was interesting to see the threads binding the various characters of different races together. I am very intrigued by Bowen and Lily wonder how that is going to impact with Dev and Max if at all. Kaleb's comment that he was the caretaker and he took his caretaking duties very seriously has certainly made me sit on the fence with good or bad. I thought this advanced the story linewonderfully without detracting from the Mercy and Riley's story. Can I also say how eternally grateful I am for the fact that the sex and romance scenes with Mercy and Riley so effortlessly flowed directly from the story and the situations that they found themselves and added layers of emotionality as the story progressed. This is a beautiful series with a truly believable world in which I get drawn into every time I pick up one of your books. Mega Congratulations and look forward to all the rest to come.

Anonymous said...

I loved BBF!!!! I loved the scenes with Hawke and Sienna. I keep going back and reading those parts!!! Please, please write their book soon and hopefully Sienna and Kit will not get together. I hope that Hawke gets jealous!!! The age thing does not bother me at all -my father was sixteen years older than my mother and I must say that I have never seen two people more in love than my parents. Thanks Nalini - I love all of your books.

ST said...

Love love love this book. Loved that Sasha darling is preggers. Who's next? We have lots of non-changelings now mated into Dark River so will there be more babies popping in? Fun!

My fave book is still Brenna and Judd though. :)

alanajoli said...

Wow, astonished at all the Hawke/Sienna love in this thread. I've actually been pulling for Sienna/Kit for ages -- in part because they're so much closer in age, and in part because I think Kit's going to be one heck of a hero when he gets his chance. I feel bad for Hawke, but I also feel like a comparative kid like Sienna might not actually be good for him...

But we'll see! Maybe we'll get a real love-triangle style novel! :)

alanajoli said...

Oh, also, loved the moment of Amara making the chemical mixture the color of Mercy's hair. That seems like a huge step for her!

Christina said...

Kaleb's comment that he was the caretaker and he took his caretaking duties very seriously has certainly made me sit on the fence with good or bad,
I loved this part, too. So many little bits about Kaleb in the last few books, he is really staying on the radar. The house, the charm, the mark on his body.

Alanajoli-- I loved that scene with Amara, too. It was so fun! I also think Kit is going to be one heck of a hero when he gets older. I have always been a Hawke/Sienna fan and will love their book when (not if) it comes out. The only other characters I have ever considered for her, though, (in case Nalini decided to throw a curve ball at us) was Kit and Kaleb.

I wonder how many people I'll shock with that comment.

LISA said...


Anonymous said...

I really loved Bbf! And I think, that the parts of Mercy and Riley are perfekt and we get a good insight view of their characters. And I have to say THANK YOU for the subplots. It was so wunderful to see the development in Lucas and Saschas relationship and to read about Hawke and Rileys deep friendship (and the heartbreaking moment when Sienna said, that Hawke is the reason for her loosing control)... I also loved the hot scenes between Mercy and Riley (especially on the forrest floor ;-))
So I can't complain about anythink in Bbf! I hope (but not really believe) that we get to see more developments of the changelings/psy we know in BoM and Max book. Although I would love to read about Dev I'm afraid that we will get to know many new characters and I'm very confused by now with the many names. But I trust Ms. Sight and think she will make a good job.

Anonymous said...

i must be honest. i read the book soo quickly the first time, and then i savored the Mercy/Riley parts, but only skimmed whenever the Council or Human Alliance met. I need to re-read the Council/HAlliance parts to keep up with the development of the story!! LOL! but i seriously loved loved loved Mercy & Riley's interactions and even Riley/Hawke time. i am swooning at how great this book is :).

Anneela said...

Hi Nalini, I just finished reading BBF and I must say that it was fabulous. I' ive it 5 out of 5 stars. The new developments are mind jaw dropped on scenes such as Nikita giving Sascha a book on E-Psys and of course Riley saying to Hawke "she's not ready..." and the other things that happened after that ; ). Who could 'she' be but Sienna. LOL! Riley and Mercy being together was a given...lovely made them steam up the pages...I loved that. Any way thanks for a great made me feel like having the cake and getting the icing too! Looking forward to the next installment in the series. - Anneela

Denice's Unicorner said...

This is one of the best world building series i've ever read.
my fave is sill CbI but every installment rewards.
On the Hawk/Sienna front, i can understand why Nalini wants to wait to resolve that - she is definitely too young emotionally to be able to deal with him, and he has some preconceived notions to get over.
I am really curious about the identity of the Ghost and why he has som much influence on the structure and wellbeing of the net.
But the character I REALLY want to read about is Vasic: there is a tortured soul, and the fact that he must be in such close proximity to Ming the merciless must be excrutiating.
I do believe that Ekatarina is going to be the heroine of the next book (yay! she survive! bummer, she's been tortured!)
(Getting too long here so i'll wrap up)
Unlike a previous posters comment, i don't feel that Riley or Mercy needed much more exposition - both are fairly straight forward characters who just happened to be chemically explosive in each others company.
I fully expect that for those others who have much more dysfunction in their makeup (the psy's specifically) Nalini will expound and expand where necessary. And we'll all have a grat time reading about it

Anonymous said...

I really liked BBF but my favorite book is CBI. I think it would be really interesting if Sienna did get together with Kit. What a team they would make when he goes off to start his own pack or if Lucas stepped down as alpha.She would be a awesome enforcer for Kit or Hawke think Judd times 10.

Nalini keep up the great writing - Angel's Blood was terrific...

Anonymous said...

Loved it... loved Mercy, and Riley was great... Love the set up of the Hawke/Sienna/Kit thing... and am definatly thinking that Kit is what makes Hawke open his eyes. Also agree with what someone else said... I'm fasinated by Amara, and where she is going to go... Did anyone else notice that line in the prologue of Sacha's book? That its rumored that E-psy can cure instanity? I'm definatly wondering if that means Amara is going to have a future, and can't wait to see what it is.

Come on Nalini, you know you want to give us another peak at Dev's book... right? ;)

Christina said...

Did anyone else notice that line in the prologue of Sacha's book? That its rumored that E-psy can cure instanity? I'm definatly wondering if that means Amara is going to have a future, and can't wait to see what it is.
That line didn't stick with me (I'm going to have to find time to reread BBF), I remember that there was a 'dark side' or darker effects of the E psy, and that's what made me curious. Sascha always seemed so sure that negative emotions wouldn't fester within her (not that she didn't have them). Maybe there is more to her abilities than what she has assumed so far...

I am really curious who Indigo's mate is! especially since Nalini confirmed it is a changeling.

Shannon said...

This was my first N. Singh's novel and I admit it is one of the best I have read in a looong time. I LOVED all the characters. Mercy is a strong woman without being annoying- (you know the kind that are flawless and won't rely on a man at all?). Riley was the perfect MAN to give her what she needs: strength, intelligence and being able to provide for her needs since she is a dominant. The conversations flow and aren't choppy. The humor in their interactions/teasing are wonderfully written. The sex scenes were perfect. Easily one of my fav couples of all time! I can't wait for Hawke's story though! Can, we say...Yummy!?

Anonymous said...

I like this book. It's subtle and sneaky.

As to babies from Mercy and Riley, I keep having this picture of twins - one cat, one wolf.

T said...

LOL, Anon! For me, I see a boy who looks exactly like Riley and is a wolf. Would like to see Mercy's reaction when she see's her kid is NOT a cat.

Unknown said...

BBF was great, but what else would it be. A lot of my questions were answered but many new ones popped up, which I hope some of which will be answered in BOM. That fact that Mercy is a very strong woman and the fact that that is exactly how Riley wants her is great. Mercy and Riley are great, although the speculation of whether their children will be wolf or cat has started me thinking....

It was mention in CBI that Brenna's experience with Enrique changed her psyche but didn't say how. I wonder if this will have any bearing on her and Judd's child(ren.

Doesn't Lucas have some Psy blood? Am extremely anxious to learn about their offspring...

Random Thoughts

I think Kit and Sierra's involvement will be superficial in the romance department but very relevant in the friendship department. Sierra needs to relate to. I do think their relationship will make Hawk think.

Drawing a blank on the name of the guy who was part of the HA and is now kind of working with the Changelings... but it was mentioned that the kind of power that he now holds can and often does lead to corruption...will Tatiana soon have a new pawn?

What if Kaleb is the ghost?

What if we are all totally wrong and Sierra is not Hawk's mate? Who then? Stay with me now...Amara? Okay been drinking waay too much caffeine, putting the cup away from me.

Back to Riley and Mercy: What if, they had a child thatlike Dorian was latent and couldn't change but combined the strengths of both wolf and cat?

And in closing I'll add my pleas; Hawk push a little harder we want your story now. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nalini for 2 great characters in BBF. My favorite is still CBI but Riley and Mercy are so hot and lovable. In reading the threads I have the same thoughts and questions as everyone.
1. Who is the ghost? Vasic or Aden?
2. Amara? Amara is an interesting character that keep making herself know. I think she needs a hero like Andrew to balance her out.
3. Hawke and Sienna? Won't go there I just absolutely love the explosive dynamic between those two. You threw me into hyper ventilation mode with Kit that I burned my mouth with hot, hot tea. Sienna does need to have a relationship before her and Hawke gets together.
4. The birdsss. I would love a book about the Wing Alpha.
5. Last but not least. Brenna and Judd. I would love for Judd to have a set of babies together. Can you see tough man with twins? lol

Thanks Nalini for introducing these books and characters into our lives. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Even though my ultimate fave in the series is CBI, I really enjoyed BBF (: The character development was amazing!

The whole Sienna/Hawke thing has been niggling at me since CBI actually (all that arguing was a complete giveaway) :L I would love them to get together, but Sienna is so young atm - she has the potential to be one of my fave heroines, as long as she doesn't fall for Kit (whom I like, but not as much) :] Also, I totally agree with the person who said Hawke's mate wasn't really concrete - seems like it was someone he really loved as a kid who died & he just assumed it would have been her if they would've grown up.

Ghost - WHO IS IT?! I'm dying to know. I can see why people say it's Kaleb, but since he keeps going on about taking over the PsyNet not so sure...

Can't wait for Indigo too! She seems a great character, & I think Andrew would be good for her... Two wolves would be interesting together methinks. (:

P.S. Just read BOM - Noor & Keenan? So cute! The power-tandem thing is really interesting.
& I'm v. intruiged by Vasic, hopefully we shall see more of him too.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, Nalini, please don't make us wait till 2011 for Hawke's book *cries*! It's waaay too far away :( I'll send you e-cookies and e-hugs but please, PLEASE write it sooner!!! And perhaps a 'behind-the-scenes' story to keep us going, till you do :P

Anonymous said...

O.k. Love the book branded by fire but I honestly have a problem with Hawke and Sienna. First the age difference, last I read Hawke was 32 and Sienna was 18. Second I was kind of hoping that Hawke's childhood friend (maybe mate) did not actually die for whatever reason but came back and they ended up together in the end. I guess I just believe in having one mate, just one other half of you. Don't get me wrong I like Sienna but she just seems immature to me at times.
BUUUUTTTTT....if Siena and Hawke are gonna end up together I guess their story better be so good that I will overlook these problems. After all love conquers all. Oh and I know Nalini that you are goner achieve this. Nalini pleaz give a nearly crazed fan a hint if Hawke and Sienna will end up together.:)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! *Squeal*
I love this series!! I'm so happy I found this fan site!!!!
And by far, "Branded by Fire" is my favourite in the series! Though caressed bye ice is a close second.
I agree with the rest of the people making comments! Hawke and Sienna should end up together! *Another Squeal*
They seem so cute together!.. actually "cute" is probably the poorest choice of word out there... maybe destructive.. lol
I would be soooo upset if you put Hawke with someone else! :(
So don't. :P
Well.. maybe I'll let it slide if you shoved Amara and him together, atleast then I wouldn't of seen it coming. haha
And then again, maybe you could bring back Hawkes mate... though that would soughta be a Talin thing all over again.. not that theres anything wrong with that of course!

But yes, my favorite pairing in the series would definitely be Sienna and Hawke ... that is if you put them together...
Because it seems so impossible for them to be happy together!

On a completely different note, you should definitely make a story for Amara! I know that seems very unlikely and I don't know how impossible that would be, but I find her so funny! I can't imagine anyone being able to seduce her but it would be hilarious to watch!! Yay for the fact she's on their side now!

Umm what else to say...
Can't think of anything so say right now but I'm sure I will later...
So I'm gonna leave this on a happy note and say you are by far my most favorite author in the world!!!

Lol you need to write faster so I can read your books sooner :p

(Sorry that the comment is so long)

Anonymous said...

MJ I loved this book. It's my favorite in the series. When I need a great story to re-read I go back to this one. I liked Aden's story, and then Kiss of Snow. Keep on writing these great stories.