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The Hostage to Pleasure Spoiler Thread

This is the thread where you can freely discuss HOSTAGE TO PLEASURE and the previous books in the Psy/Changeling series. *SPOILERS* allowed, so if you haven't read HtP yet, click away! This link will take you back to the main blog.

So, if you're sure this is where you want to be....let the discussion begin!

Also, if you're looking for the Caressed By Ice Spoiler thread or the Mine to Possess Spoiler thread, follow the links.

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Jennifer K. said...

Oh, hello! I haven't participated in a spoiler thread before. I feel all naughty now. ;-)

How does a spoiler thread work, exactly? Do we discuss what we think/speculate may happen?

I wonder about Amara's part in the overall scheme of things. How big a part will she play in the Psy world? She's so empty that I don't know if Nalini can give her a story. Will Sasha's powers be enough to help her become a distinct, basically good person on her own? I think it's promising that she said she was thinking more clearly after she joined Ashaya in the changelings web, but how far can she be redeemed?

Oh, and Kaleb is more intriguing. What is this keepsake he's got and why do both the dark net and the net mind seem determined to keep him from finding out more about it and the person it belongs to? Intriguing.

Oh, oh, and Henry Scott. What's up with beta boy becoming more cagey? Did the implants cause some sort of stroke or something that then caused him to start thinking outside of Shoshanna's plans? He's a loose cannon now.

OK. I'll shut up before I keep going. I could, you know. Easily.

Frances said...

Amara is totally a loose cannon for me, I have some difficulty getting over how she buried Ashaya. While I understand she isn't evil, it's hard to wrap my mind around someone who hears another person's suffering -- in order to study it. If she is completely incapable of empathy and emotion, why does she cling so hard to her sister? I want to say that it's because Amara knows she can't live without Ashaya, but the will to live smacks of emotion to me, so I wonder how much of it is Amara being an empty sociopath, and how much of it was the DarkMind's influence...

I love hearing how Keanan and Noor are sweethearts! It will be good for both of them to act like kids and be all cute and silly like that.

Do y'all think the DarkMind and NetMind communicate at all? And if so, what do they "say"?

Anonymous said...

I loved HTP, and there are so many goodies that I can not wait to find out about.

Henry Scott, as Jennifer pointed out, took a turn! I always wondered about him and Soshanna since they were the only real alliance on the Council, but maybe not now...

And I want to know what the X designation is for Psys! Nalini said we find out more in Branded by Fire. That is what has been driving me crazy.

Kaleb is also becoming a more intriguing character. I have always liked him, but now I am wondering if there is something else besides power that is driving him.

There were so many more things, like who F_Galton is (the password to Pure Psy), Amara's future role now that she is leashed. I can't remember everything.

Do we know who's book is after Mercy's? That would be telling!

ST said...

I agree about Kaleb. In basic terms - good guy or bad guy?

My favorite part: Mercy and Riley in their excerpt. SMOKIN'!!!

Loved the book. Can't wait for Mercy's book. Wonder how the cat and the wolf are going to mate.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I loved HtP! I've been waiting for Dorian's story since he first appeared and it did not disappoint. There so many new developments in this book that impact the overall world for these characters. The addition of the Human Alliance was unexpected and a huge shocker! It really seems like the books are heading toward an all-out war between the three races.
It's very intriguing how the psy's powers within the Web of Stars is changing. Both Faith and Sascha commented on how their powers seem to be evolving and they're not sure what impact this'll have in the future. I'm interested in seeing whether Judd's powers and the others in the Lauren Net have also changed with the introduction of Brenna in their net. It seems that Toby is getting some Empathic powers. And I know Judd could now "reconstruct" Andrew's heart but this seemed more like something he hadn't tried before than something new.
Speaking of the Lauren Net and the Web of Stars, Mercy and Riley are going to be interesting. I actually had an idea I posted in an earlier thread so I'll just quote myself here: "I just had an idea. If Mercy and Riley are real Mates and not just together b/c they love each other, then doesn't that mean that the Lauren Web and the Web of Stars are going to become connected? Riley blood oathed with Hawke so he's connected there and although Nalini hasn't stated it, Hawke should be in Judd's web b/c they blood oathed too. And, of course, Mercy is in the Web of Stars. So I wonder if that's where this is going, one giant web between DR and SD."
Well, I've written a lot so I'll stop for now but I'll jump back on later

Anonymous said...

perhaps I can tell you my theory as to why Ms. Singh introduced F. Galton's name in her Psy/Changeling series.
Francis Galton (1822-1911) was Darwin's cousin and an important intellectual figure of his time: he was the author of some of the first weather maps, invented instruments for the measurement of meteorological factors and came up with the idea of using finger prints to identify individuals. The most interesting thing about him though, was his interest in heredity. Among other things, Galton believed (and I quote) "that society should promote the reproduction of talented and intelligent individuals: Positive Eugenics. He also believed that society should restrict the reproduction of below average individuals: Negative Eugenics." Notes/B.G. Intro.ppt
Later, Eugenics grew steadily popular both in Europe and in America and, perhaps best known, ideas similar to those promoted by Eugenics are the basis of Hitler's concept of the Arian race.
In light of Galton's propensities to Eugenics I think the reason for PurePsy chosing his name as password becomes clear.

~ Adnana

Anonymous said...

I believe Christina is right.

Loved the book. The lights went out from Hurricane Gustav so I had nothing but time to read.

I reread CBI and I posted on the spoiler thread not long ago. But yes Toby is an empath.

Also Nalini said before that there is a reason that Hawke isn't in the LaurenNet. I think it is because he won't join until he mates with Sienna.

Big shock that Henry Scott was black and also that he is associated with the Pure Psy. Also I was shocked that he had a mind of his own but he had to get to the Council some way.(I always pictured him as the dad of Verunca from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

I pictured Ming as the guy from Flash Gordon too.(responding to a post on a previous thread)

Amara is interesting. She is one of those characters that seems like she could go either way. Good or bad. That will be one good suprise when it happens.
The war is coming and I think Nalini can write until Kit is old enough to become Alpha with all of these new characters appearing.

Also I really want to read a story about Vasic. He seems hot.

I am going to quit now. But I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Adnana. I called you Christina. But you are right about the link.

Jennifer K. said...

You know, it's interesting, but I was very surprised to find out Henry Scott is black, too. For some reason, I'd been picturing him as almost looking like a distinguished Santa Claus or something. When I get something wrong, I do it right!

I'm definitely interested in seeing what happens with Mercy and Riley. What happens when a cat and other changeling species mate? What will their kids be? Where will they live?

And I wonder what Ashaya will work on now that she's off the Implant protocol and she's "fixed" Dorian. *snicker* She's got to have something to occupy that intellect.

I also found it interesting that some of the Psys' abilities are changing. I wonder why, and did they change on the original Psy Net, before Silence? Were they supposed to have been changing all along and Silence stopped the process? Where would that leave the Shadow Net, then? Their powers would have continued to grow.

Shaymless Aymless said...

HtP was sooooo cool. Lots too think about.

Adnana: thanks for the tibbit on Galton. Very interesting. As you pointed out, this falls in line with Henry's desires.

Lacarma: LOL Had that same picture of Ming too!

I totally loved Keenan (that part where he asks Dorian if he could have a big gun too... *g*)

Still giggling about all the "trouble" Sienna may be causing Hawke with her plans for her b-day. And what are her powers! This enquiring mind wants to know.

Must have more Vasic! Yum!

Finding Kaleb a bit more evil in this book. Him wanting to rule all the Psy and all.

I'm not sure Sascha's and Faith's powers "changing" like they think. I think its most likely they are reaching their full potential with their acceptance of emotion and that their full potential was hidden from them much like Sascha's family history and the Forgotten were hidden. Am thinking that emotion has a lot to do with some Psy powers, especially those related to emotion. And the Psy haven't "seen" these aspects due to their chaining of emotions, selective history and desire to conform.

And what's up with the things in the back of the HA assassins' heads?! Think it a like the chip for Protocol I?

Anonymous said...

First, let me apologize. I know this is a long post, but I have been trying to gather my thoughts for a few days and keep on coming up with more to discuss! I already read HtP twice, and went back and read every book in the series in a row in order to try and find clues. I’ve tried to keep most of my comments on what actually happened in HtP.

Dorian & Ashaya: I really liked this match. I’m so glad Dorian is now able to shift. I hope we get to see Dorian reunite with his parents and introduce his mate and child to them. How do you think Ashaya will use her abilities in the future? Will she become more powerful now that she is influenced by the web of stars? Do you think that Faith and Ashaya’s powers will slowly escape into the web like Sascha’s, and increase everyone’s potential in some manner?

How does the mind shielding work? Even before mating with Dorian, Ashaya benefited by receiving a shield to use in blocking her twin bond with Amara. At first, this shield only appeared when Dorian and Ashaya touched, but later became stronger. However, this shield against Amara did not protect her from the PsyNet. The NetMind was protecting Ashaya and the DarkMind was protecting Amara (did I get that right?). Sascha thought twins in the PsyNet might be a direct reflection of the separation between the NetMind and the DarkMind.

Amara: Very interesting character! I have no idea where Nalini is going with her. She is an M-Psy, but her skill set is different from Ashaya’s. Why did Ming LeBon recruit her, and what happened to make her flee (rabid wolf once called Ming’s pet)?

Amara said that Sascha was like her—empty. I wonder what she saw in Sascha to call her an emotional vampire. What was Amara meant to be that was caged by the DarkMind? Apparently, she is a spectacular genius with a beautiful mind, and she is capable of maintaining an emotional and/or blood bond with both Ashaya and Keenan (thread inside her mind).

Rebellion: I am wondering how many people are members of the rebellion. It seems that there are actually quite a few well-placed members by now: Ghost, Anthony Kyriakus, Zie Zen, Arrows Vasic and the M-Psy who saved Dorian’s life (I’m hoping we will learn his name soon), various scientists who oppose Protocol 1 and assisted Ashaya by smuggling messages to Tally (names who are known only to Ashaya and Zie Zen), and any number of supporting staff such as the woman who assisted Ashaya after she poisoned herself (she was not named either—very mysterious!). What about the psy computer hackers who created a telepathic tree in response to the Council blackout of Ashaya’s transmission? That sort of tree would necessitate planning and coordination of many people, wouldn’t it?

I am also interested in the gold coins stamped with the Chinese character for unity. There are 10 of them, and each is possessed by an individual worthy of trust. We know that 1 of these coins is owned by Zie Zen. My guess would be that Anthony Kyriakus also has 1 of them. Who has the remaining 8? My first guess was 1 was in Kaleb Krychek’s possession and that was the data he is constantly searching for, but when I went back and read that section closely, his object was actually a platinum charm with a single star on it. Kaleb is searing for the owner of this charm, and so far the NetMind and DarkMind have defied him by not assisting with this search.

Arrows: Does anyone have an idea of how this power structure works? I know Ming LeBon directs them, but how many actually wear his personal symbol? Where are they stationed around the world? My thought would be that there should be some stationed close to each of the Councilors—after all, not all of their battles take place on the PsyNet and they can’t have that many teleportation capable Tks.

Vasic: Ming LeBon thinks that Vasic is incorruptible—because there is nothing left to corrupt—and because Arrows are all placed on a regimen of drugs. I thought the use of Jax was discontinued due to Judd’s actions, but maybe that was only 1 of the drugs used. I have to go back and read that part of CbI. It is mentioned briefly that Jax junkies are disappearing off the streets 1 or 2 at a time. This is a different pattern from the normal Council sweep when all junkies are removed at once. Do you think these junkies are used to experiment on for the purpose of finding new drugs to control Arrows?

I do not think Vasic is the Ghost. He wears the uniform with Ming LeBon’s personal symbol. Wasn’t this the same uniform that Judd used to wear, so wouldn’t he recognize Vasic? When Judd met with the Ghost in CbI, he thought that this man might be another Arrow. Wouldn’t Judd know if he was a fellow member of the elite squad that served LeBon? I guess it goes back to the power structure question. I’m hoping we will learn more soon! My other idea is that the Ghost may have the ability to modify his appearance or psychic signature, but that probably wouldn’t be necessary when meeting with Judd.

Mercy: Interesting tidbits about Mercy were disclosed. She was once a bikini model (did I read that right??), attended medical school for a few years, and her given name is Melisande (Vaughn called her by that name, and she threatened him with violence so I’m guessing she doesn’t like it). I am anxiously awaiting her story. She is turning into quite a complex character.

Future storylines:
DarkRiver – Aaron, Desiree and Jamie are being promoted. Kit, Nico, and Cory are no longer juveniles and will be trained in soldier duties.

SnowDancer – Andrew was sent back to his position in San Diego. This makes me curious about how SnowDancer controls California (excluding the DarkRiver areas), and were soldiers are stationed. Tai also shows up and helps Dorian when his family is attacked by the Human Alliance.

Walker – I wonder what is that is so appealing to children? Does this skill have anything to do with his twisting psychic star?

Human Alliance – My guess is the brain implants are a type of shield, or something else that disrupts psy abilities. When the Alliance was discussing the possibility of Ashaya possessing aggressive psy abilities, someone responded that “we’ve got it covered.”

BlackEdge Wolf Pack – This is the 2nd time this group has been mentioned. They live in Moscow and were meeting with Krychek. In CbI, they were fighting with a bear clean for dominance.

Psy Abilities – Some are strengthened by contact. Which ones? Medical?

Councilor Henry Scott – He has created a database of names (some including entire families) of flawed psy, and has been contacted by Pure Psy.

That's all for now! Zoe M

Anonymous said...

That does make sense! I haven't had time to see if he was someone historical or someone in Nalini's universe.

lacarma minter--
I recall Nalini discussing that, but didn't Nalini say there was a reason no one was in the net other than Brenna? I am under the impression that the Lauren net is still just the Laurens and Brenna. I think Hawke will join, too, when he mates with Sienna (please Nalini!) and my theory on why he didn't enter into the net when he blooded Judd is because the Lauren Net was created around and sealed off with just the Laurens, wheras the web of stars was created and formed around Lucas, so any and all connected to him will be included.

Amara, I think, is what the council wanted when they implemented Silence. She is slightly psychotic (Judd saying it was merely by chance she wasn't born with offensive powers was telling), but I think her complete lack of emotions was what the silence protocal was attempting.

Aymless--I second your inquiring mind! I am hoping since Riley is the next hero, we can see more of Sienna. I miss the wolf den.

My question is what is the relationship between the Ghost and Judd, now? Because one of the scenes from the Ghost's pov, he mentioned Father Perez, and said he was the only person he trusted. Does he still trust Judd, or does he think Judd has been out to long? Is Judd still working with the ghost?

Zoe--you brought up a ton of good points!

I reread the series, too. (And Mine to Possess keeps me riveted, it is my favorite so far).

Anonymous said...

Something else (tying into my immense curiosity with Sienna) is if her power "stemming from the same dark core" as Judd's requires Silence, how is she able to handle so much emotion?

And in this book, it seems like the collapse of Silence is coming sooner than anyone is prepared for, even Anthony and the rebellion. It took so long to implement it, I'm afraid that if it just falls and the Psy structure crumbles, the repercussions will be to much to handle.

Anonymous said...

Nalini did say there was a reason behind her decision to not include anyone else in the LaurenNet beside Brenna even though Judd was blooded in. I copied the question and response from the psy page on her website.

17. Why isn't Judd Lauren linked psychically to the SnowDancers, as Sascha and Faith are to the Web of Stars?

I can’t answer this without giving away a ginormous spoiler, but I do want to say that I did work out the logic of it beforehand. There is a reason behind it, and it will (hopefully) make complete sense when you read it!

Riley will be connected to the Web of Stars by Mercy if we follow the rules from before. But a question. Will we be able to see that he is linked to Hawke like everyone is linked to Lucas? And then when Hawke mates with Sienna (hopefully) everyone will be linked. The web of stars will be linked to Hawke by Riley and Mercy's mating. HawkeWeb (lol)to the LaurenNet by Sienna. But we still would have to link the LaurenNet to the Web of Stars. Maybe since Brenna and Riley are brother and sister or one of the Laurens will marry one of the people in the Web of Stars. (Crazy right. Just throwing that out there) One big net.

Also now I have changed my mind about Walker. On the CBI thread I thought he needed a changeling woman. But now I think he needs a human woman since that would make their net complete with all three races.

Anonymous said...

sorry that previous post was me again. Lacarma Minter

Anonymous said...

A human in the Lauren net would/should make it stronger, I always feel bad for them since their net seems to be struggling so much while the dark river net is getting stronger with each novel.

I am probably the only one, but I would like to see a Psy/Psy pairing (maybe Walker and another who drops out of the net?)

I don't think that Mercy/Riley's mating will link the two nets because Riley and Brenna are siblings, though, because Sascha said that siblings don't have the same connection as mates and blooded sentinels (she was referencing Tammy's twins at the time in STS)

Anonymous said...

I just finished looking at the thread on plans over the weekend and Nalini's response to Christina, about her next book, caught my eye: "Christina - his name starts with a "D" and has a "v" in it. We're going deep into a whole another side of the Psy/Changeling world." That is so exciting! I really missed Dev in HtP. He quickly became one of my favorite characters and I'm really happy he'll have a whole book to himself.
Of course, this raises the question of who his heroine will be now that most of the main characters are taken up. I really hope it's Amara. She is another character that just pops out of the pages and I would like to think she is not without redemption. This will also allow us to see another aspect of this world that does not revolve around the packs. We haven't really been exposed to interactions outside of these tight circles between the other races.
Christina: We did see Sienna struggling with her powers and emotions in CbI. Judd figures out that her mood swings and outbursts are related to the pain caused by the dissonance of her emotions with her powers. It was implied that Judd was going to help her learn to balance out the two or figure out a way to disarm the traps in her mind. He probably hasn't figured out how to disarm the traps (I thiink that'll happen when she becomes Hawkes' mate:) ) but he might be training her to overcome the dissonance.
I was kind of hoping we would see more of Jon in HtP. I would love to see him interacting with the other juveniles. Hopefully he'll make another appearance in Mercy's book. And I would also like to learn more about Vasic and the MPsy that helped Dorian.

Anonymous said...

lili, I would also like to see more of Jon's interaction in the pack.

With Sienna, since we haven't seen or heard much about her since CBI, I am assuming that Judd is helping her somehow, but I would love to know more. In CBI there was the sense that it was difficult with balancing silence and emotions for Sienna, but short of going into the core like Judd did, can she really 'balance'? And I would love to see Sienna's interaction with the wolf pack--I mean, what do they think of her? Always getting on their alpha's last nerve ^_^ and everything.

Nalini, anytime you feel like writing Sienna's book wouldn't be soon enough

Anonymous said...

It`s really interesting to read your theories. (And I´m glad that I´m not alone with my specs*g*. [Dangerous book series.]).

Kaleb is a cryptic person. So far I can`t see him as good or bad. For me he`s actual something "in between". And his mark? - Is this not a sign that he`s a "follower" of an unknown grouping?
I´m curious what he`s planning with the Black Edge Pack. (Will he use them for or against the Psy?).

The DarkMind controll thing: I know a few of you think it`s Kaleb who (maybe) have complete controll over it. - But what about a X-designation who have complete controll over the DarkMind?
It`s the highest (aggressive) designation. Maybe it based on emotions? (That would explain why a X-designation is so feared among the Psy. - Emotions`re unpredictable and uncontrollable).
Sounds that to crazy?

Henry`s interesting. He seems to be someone who shouldn`t be underestiminated. It`ll be interesting to see what`ll come in the further books.

I missed Toby and asked Nalini if we`ll see more of him. - She say`s that we`ll see a little bit more of him in Mercys book. - Maybe she shows us a little of his abilities/personality?


Zoe M said...

Eva--your idea about an X-Psy having complete control over the DarkMind is very interesting. What if the X designation is not only based on emotions, but also one of the abilities that are strengthened by touch? Wouldn't that mean that the X-Psy would have the most stringent controls placed on them through Silence, which would then create the most severe dissonance? I would guess that the Council would consider an X-Psy to be too risky to control the DarkMind. They would probably prefer the Tks, even knowing what they do about the increased possibility of psychotic tendencies in anchors.

Lets speculate what this would do to Sienna (if she is an X-Psy). What if her abilities are the reason the Lauren net is sealed? She would have a hard enough time dealing with the emotions of the few people in her web, and would not be able to contend with the overpowering energy of Hawke and the other blooded wolves. Even without a psychic connection through a net or web, don’t you think she would have a hard time just living in the wolf den?

Sascha’s ability is based on emotion, and she is able to feel the emotional signatures of others. If Sienna’s was also based on emotion and possibly strengthened by touch, she would be ultra sensitive to the close proximity of others—and you can’t get much closer then the many people who live, work, fight, love, etc. in the wolf den. She would be in constant agony from the dissonance. Maybe she will be driven to desperate straights, hence the change in personnel that Nalini said would be forthcoming and which will aggravate Hawke. What will happen when Sienna’s powers evolve and she becomes even stronger? I can’t wait!

On a side note, if Hawke and Sienna are destined to pair off, I really hope it is possible for them to have a true bonding. Sienna deserves the best. If Hawke already lost his true mate, is he really the best for her? Yes, I understand that Hawke didn’t actually mate because he was too young, but would a mind connection with Sienna (or whatever connection would be possible between the 2 of them) ever live up to the heart and soul bonding of a true mate? I’m trying to keep an open mind, and I do want Hawke to find happiness—just not at the expense of Sienna.

Anonymous said...

Zoe M: I agree with you, that the X-designation based not only on emotions. Your comment with the abilities that are strengthened by touch fits.
It`s difficult to say what the psy council would prefer. But if we consider that the council want to keep and strengthen their power, then a X-designation is very useful. And don`t forget; they "belief" in silence. - To be complete under silence; means the perfect psy.

Let`s adopt it to Sienna (If she is a X-designation):
That would explain a lot of Siennas behaviour. - The poor girl is surrounded by emotions!
And to see it a little bit psychologically: I think she needs someone to let of steam. Otherwise the chance to become insane is big. - And here comes Hawke into play. He`s perfect for this job:-).


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who paired Sienna with the X designation. I asked Nalini if we would learn about it and she said we hear more of it in Branded by Fire. In CBI Judd said that Sienna had been the coldest a psy could be while they were in the psy net, and we see that she is suffering dissonance. X makes sense since Judd cryptically said her designation stems from the same dark core as his, and that even psy stay away.

I can't see Nalini denying Hawke a true bonding. Not only would it be unfair to Sienna (or whoever she may be), but it wouldn't be fair to Hawke, either. I can't see Nalini doing something so cruel. I still think that because they were so young and never truly mated as children (Hawke was only 10, I think), I am hoping there is a loophole because of the ages. Although, Ben (according to Keenan) declares he is going to mate with Marlee ^_^

Anonymous said...

Christina - As you`d noticed before:"No, you`re not alone *g*".

I really enjoyed reading about the mating plans of the kids. That was so sweet! ... And that`s at the same time the question. - On the one side it`s a adoreable behaviour of kids. And on the other side it (maybe) tell`s us something about Hawke`s mating possibilities. Hmmmm, but I fear we`ve to wait..[Please Mrs. Singh, put us out of our misery!]


Shaymless Aymless said...

Ms. Nalini likes to keep us guessing and begging for more. I say we start bribing her with sumptuous chocolates until she caves! Though she has strongly hinted that BbF will answer a lot of the current line of questions.

I like that whole X-Psy and Sienna. Makes a lot of sense.

I missed Dev as well. Now that there is a Mercy/Riley pairing I think we should have a Dev/Indigo paring. Wouldn't the two of them be a kick!?

Zoe M said...

I like the idea of Dev and Indigo pairing up, but isn't the Shine Corporation based in New York? Would Dev move to California or Indigo to New York? A possible scenario for them would be a situation occurs which makes it necessary for Shine to cooperate with SnowDancer and DarkRiver against a Psy or Human Alliance threat, and when allies work closely together anything can happen. However, Nalini did say that Dev’s story delves into a whole another side of the Psy/Changeling world. That sounds to me like it may not include SnowDancer or DarkRiver at all.

I don’t know if she would be a good match for Dev, but I'm getting anxious to learn more about Sahara NightStar. She is Faith's cousin and Nalini said she has an important role to play in the future. She disappeared when she was 16, and that was 5 years before VoH. It has been approximately 1.5 years since VoH (maybe more, VoH took place a few months after StS and it was 1.5 years from StS to the beginning of HtP). How long can an F-Psy be kept hostage before beginning to give in to the stirrings of madness?

I’ve tried to think of how Sahara would be rescued, and who would be a good partner for her. If she is similar to Faith (and she probably is because both are powerful F-Psy), she will need to be somewhat isolated from large groups of people. That may eliminate her as a match for Dev, but I know Nalini has many tricks up her sleeve so I’m not counting any possibility out. I would really love to find out if it would be possible for a Psy to connect to the ShadowNet through a loved one. Some of the other ideas I came up with for her include Andrew Kincaid or a BlackEdge wolf.

In order of preference, these are the characters I am interested in seeing developed next: Hawke, Walker, Sienna, Sahara, Indigo and Andrew. Hawke and Walker have both suffered enough. Nalini, please give these guys a happy ending soon! I also want to find out what happens to Ghost, Kaleb and Vasic, but I know we are going to have to wait for their stories.

Anonymous said...

I have to confess that Sahara hasn't peaked my interest all that much yet. But I have to agree with Zoe--Hawke and Walker have suffered ^_^

One character that has peaked my interest no one has mentioned is Father Perez. I would love to see more about him, how he met the ghost, his past. Why the ghost trusts him implicitly (perhaps even more so than he does Judd).

I am going to reread HTP soon (after grading this huge stack of papers -_-) so hopefully some new questions or insights will hit me...

Anonymous said...

Christina - I`m glad that you mentioned Father Perez.
Since the first time I read about him, I got the feeling, that he`s a very interesting person.


Anonymous said...


I cannot wait for BbF and I really hope Nalini posts another excerpt before summer or it'll be a long 8months, maybe from Riley's POV, please, pretty please.

Loved HtP, only I wished the wolves had featured more prominently, I love them. Although I'm probably the only that thinks that Sienna and Hawke should not mate. I love both their characters but I think the age difference is just too big. Hawke is what 14-15 years older than her. In CbI he says he' 32 and Sienna is around 17-am I the only one that thinks is kind of weird? I love that she drives him crazy but I think it's more like a parent or big brother with a headstrong child. I was actually thinking Sienna and Kit would be a better pairing. But I know that this is blasphemous since everyone seems to be on the Sienna/Hawke bandwagon. I admit I would be too if not for the age difference, though as a good little law student, i'm willing to be persuaded that it is not that big a deal by a good enough argument.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm kind of hoping that Hawke and Sienna won't be mates either. But it's not the age difference that makes me want them to have different partners. After reading everyone elses' comments and expectations for their relations, I guess it's just a little too predictable for me. I would like a new heroine to be introduced for Hawke and I think Sienna can wait a little longer for her story. To tell you the truth, I never even thought of the whole Hawke/Sierra thing until I read it here. After I read CbI, I thought she and Andrew would work really well together. It's just something about their personalities and meld for me. However, I think it would still be an enjoyable experience to read their courtship if Hawke and Sienna do end up being mates.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Not sure about the whole Andrew/Sienna idea. I think she needs someone a bit less of a hothead. I really am hoping for a Hawke/Sienna pairing. He's thoughtful but fiery and she has way more "growth" than her 17/18 yrs per Ms. Nalini. So it should probably work. Age difference doesn't matter so much for me. Just finished ARC for Hope's Folly and hero/heroine were 16 yrs different but it had a lot of chemistry.

I too am eagerly waiting for Sahara. But going my Ms. Nalini hints and teases, she's not showing up in the storyline any time soon. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the anonymous post in that I wished the wolves were seen more. I do wonder what happened to them after they helped Dorian and Ashaya out. They were told to wait for Hawke and Dorian said he would deal with them. How? I would love to see more of the inner workings of the den!!

The age difference doesn't bother me. Partly because this is a work of fiction, I guess, and partly because I think Sienna and Hawke are great for each other. I do love Andrew, though, and hope he finds someone, too. Kit/Sienna is interesting, I haven't thought about Kit to much since he has only just now moved out of juvenile status.

I mentioned in another thread I hoped Kaleb would get his own book which sparked a "is Kaleb a 'good' guy" debate. I would love to see his book even if he was a 'bad' guy. Maybe that's just me.

Anonymous said...

y'all have pulled me out of lurker mode with the creative speculations of your posts :-)
i'm not sure where to start weighing in though...i guess the age arguement against the Hawke/Sienna pairing. Nate and Tammy are 10 years apart but the trueness of thier pairing seems undeniable. Hawke needs Sienna because she pushes him on many levels; but he has as many issues with the Psy as Dorian, so while the pairing may seem "obvious", it wouldn't be easy.
i actually wouldn't be surprised to find out Kaleb is the Ghost - he has such stealthy access to information - Kaleb told Nikita about the Scotts' implantation of Protocol I beta models; Kaleb knows Nikita has "purchased" copies of his training files... just thought i'd throw that out there.g
i kind of wondered about Andrew being paired with Tatiana and i was ready for Mercy to be paired with Kaleb or Dev, despite her marked hostility to Riley; but the excerpt to too hot to dismiss. also, don't forget the Sing-Liu hisses like a cat and moves like one too, so Mercy/Riley might not be that unusual a pairing beyond the territorial issues facing their respective packs.
Amara and Dev could be really interesting, especially if she gets drawn into monitoring the Forgotten, maybe coming up with new tests.
Walker is hard because we haven't really seen him leave the den, so to have him hook up with a human...IDK, at one time i thought he and Indigo but today, i think Lara would be a more interesting fit since they both love pups.
i love this series, wherever she goes with it.
- emo

Anonymous said...

It is true that Nate is 10 years older than Tammy, but I still think that's considerably less than the 15 between Hawke and Sienna. My yardstick for the age gap b/w main characters is usually: is the hero in his 30s when the heroine is still a teenager? Tammy and Nate come close but don't cross the line, in my opinion. I love Hawke and Sienna, but regardless of how emotionally an adult Sienna is/becomes, i keep thinking teen and thirtysomething old man. If Nalini does write Sienna as Hawke's mate maybe her substantial talent will make the age thing a non-issue, but right now I'm thinking creepy.

I had not thought that Tatiana would be heroine material. She's been written as a pretty ruthles counsil memeber, as bad as the rest of them, so now i'm thinking i need to go back and reread previous books to see if i missed something that could redeem her, i mean she did hide Enrico knowing he was a psycho. Thoughts on this?

But I love the Walker/Lara pairing, I hope ther's a novella about it. And I would love to read about Ria, Lucas' assistant in a novella too.

Character's I hope get serious play in the next book(besides Hawke/Sienna): Max the cop, Indigo, and Dev. I desperately want an ARC of BbF!!! :)

little alys said...

I have been gone too long. >_<

Quick OT about the baby thing. Does anyone think it might be Brenna and Judd having a kid? I was thinking back of Drew's comment. Just a thought.

As for the Sienna/Hawk pairing. I agree with Emo that it may be obvious, but it's not going to be easy.

Originally, I was a bit weary for the age gap, but I've read some of Ms. Nalini's other books and there were a few with the large gaps. One was 15 years, so I started to accept it more. I also originally thought Kit and Sienna would be a good pair, but Kit needs wayyyyyy more time to mature. He just got bumped from being juv., it'll be a little tough for them to pair up any time soon.
I'm okay with either since what I want most is BbF!!! Like now!!! O_o

Been waiting forever for Mercy's story. I'd be hoping for Indigo's next. :D

Anonymous said...

I think it is Faith and/or Sascha who is/are having a baby because their powers are changing, and Nalini said powers can do that while pregnant. I don't remember Drew's comment, I'm going to have to go find that...

Shaymless Aymless said...

Alice - Dev's next, per the chat log.

I too hope for a Walker/Lara pairing. Still very curious about the twist in Walker's mind.

The whole baby question. I'm gonna go with Tally/Clay since their bond seems "old" per Faith.

Need BbF! *sigh* Can't wait to read more about the wolves (not to mention Sienna's B-day party lol).

Anonymous said...

aymless - I ask Nalini if we`ll enjoy Sienna`s bithday party. She said "no". - But maybe, if she has time, she´ll reconsider to write it down. Maybe a short story...


Shaymless Aymless said...

Eva: Dang! I was so looking forward to the whole show.

Anonymous said...

I'm responding to a previous post about why Judd isn't linked to Walker. According to the Web of Stars only the sentinels, their mates and young children are linked to the alpha through the blood bond. I may be mistaken but I don't remember reading that Brenna was a sentinel so when she and Judd bonded there wouldn't have been a link to Walker.

Ps. Mine to Possess is my favorite of the series so far and I may have to buy another copy before too long if I keep rereading it as often as I do.

Anonymous said...

Liked the book. Did not like Amara at all. Found her to manipulative even though she didn'tr feel. I think her statement about Sascha a lie and something she used to get what she wanted.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about Dev's book being just a few months after Mercy's. And Blaze of Memory is a great title, but I hope the heroine isn't someone from Dev's past because I tend to like books better when the H/H don't have a past history together. That's probably why MtP is my least favorite in the series(though I still loved Clay). Anyone care to speculate what the title might be refering to or who Dev's heroine might be?
Going by the excerpt, Mercy's book has a VERY appropriate title. Man, that book will be h-o-t. And no need to speculate on her hero, I cannot wait for Riley!!

Anonymous said...

I never thought about who would be Dev's heroine but now that some say Indigo I think that would be hot. But I would kinda like to see him with a pure psy or one of the forgotten.
I don't like stories where the main characters knew each other before either. MtP wasn't my favorite because I found Tally annoying and emotionally weak.
I can't wait for BbF. The excerpt is so hot I had to keep rereading it.
Someone said that Brenna isn't a lieutenant but Judd is so he is connected to Hawke the same way that the sentinels are connected to Lucas. Remember him being blooded in in CbI.
Kit and Sienna would be a good pairing if she did already seem perfect for Hawke. Nalini does like to do age gaps and this one isn't that weird.
Now everyone has me interested in Sahara and Tatiana. When I reread the book in preparation for the BbF release I will focus on these characters.

Anonymous said...

Wow. There are so many questions that I was wondering and the responses to these answers were very much like my own.

Has anyone figured out how Dorian was able to shift? I was thinking that it had something to do with his blond hair and blue eyes, considering his leopard has green eyes, I don't know if that was really it. I assumed his sister was able to shift too, but Dorian said they had the same hair and eyes.

But I am so excited for Branded by Fire!

Anonymous said...

Just two things I'm dying to comment on.

First of all, about Hawke's "mate" that he found when he was a child. He says that she was his mate, but doesn't he also add something along the lines of "even though the bond never snapped into place?" Couldn't he just be wrong, and she never was his mate? After all, they were only very small children, and from the behavior of some of the kids (Keenan, Noor, etc.), it seems to be kind of a game among the changeling children to find "mates" among their peers. I have to admit, I've been rooting for a Hawke/Sienna story since they first appeared in the series. Hawke is (unabashedly) my favorite character in the books.

Secondly, I kind of have this suspicion that Dev's mate is someone we haven't met yet. On her site, in some other thread, Nalini said that the BlackEdge wolves will be making an appearance in Mercy's (?) book and that their alpha is a female. I don't know that I want to be right about that, however, as that might pull us too far from the characters we've grown to love. Anyway, it's unbased speculation. Anyone else have thoughts about that?


Anonymous said...

We are going to find about a baby in BBF. Well why can't Mercy be the one she is in heat and if Riley is her mate and they just haven't relized then that would be a hard why to deny it since changling have almost no chance of having children with anyone but their mate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Now that you mention it. I had this thought too. (Wouldn`t this be a shock for Mercy? Refusing Rily as her mate and than beeing pregnant of him ...).

My other thought was, that Brenna is pregnant and Judd have to shield `both`, so his power is weaker than usal. - ... In the meanwhile Sienna should be able to take over some of his responsibilities/tasks.


Shaymless Aymless said...

M/Eva: LOL Mercy preggers with Riley's baby. That would be great!

M: Ooohhh... new info. Great! Dev with Alpha... heehee That sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Mercy pregnant with Riley´s baby? It would be fun, but I don´t think that´s the case. If I´m not mistaken, Nalini said in an interview that the pregnant couple is one that were mated in one of the previous book in the series. I´m rooting for Faith & Vaughn. :)


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere, Nalini said that Dev's mate is someone that we all know. I have my fingers crossed that's it's Brenna and that Judd that are having a baby. Even in STS,something about Hawke captivated me and I'm really hoping that he and Sienna become mates, I think she really fits him, he needs someone that is strong enough to take him on and still be able to take care of her self.

Unknown said...

I totally agree - I think Hawke and Sienna are perfect for each other! They are my favourite couple despite the fact that they are not really even a couple (yet).

Dina, I hope it's Faith and Vaughn, too! They are just so cute together, and as contradicting as it may sound, Faith seems like the perfect mother. But I REALLY like the idea of Judd and Brenna's baby, too, since CbI is my favourite book so far. Really, I just hope it's not Sascha and Lucas, not because I don't want them to have kids, but simply because it would be a little too cliched and predictable if it was them. And I don't want it to be Clay and Tally because I don't like Tally.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if someone mentioned this before about the Hawke/Sierra connection. But if you remember what is mentioned in CBI, Hawke says that he found his mate when he was seven and the girl was two. Then it says that she died when she was five and he was 10. So, if she had lived, she would now be 27, given that he is 32. Now, the next part only works if you believe (or more specifically, if Nalini believes) in reincarnation. But if you think about it, Sierra is 17 now. 10 years behind Hawke's mate's age had she lived. Obviously it would have worked better if Sierra was 22, that way there is a stronger case for the soul being reborn as soon as it died. But, maybe in the Psy/Changeling world, they need a 5 year break between births? I know, it's a bit of a stretch :)

Anonymous said...

Heyy!! this is my first time doing this so here goes
Unless ive read it wrong:
Nalini has said that Katya Haas's(Dev's mate in his book) name is a 'twist' on her real name but i can seem to figure it out! so can anyone pleeease throw some ideas around as to who they think it might be! i can't wait!!
As for the preggers thing i knw it would be cliched but if Lucas and Sasha did have a baby it would kinda bring their whole story full circle and be the icing on the cake for them. I think they deserve it and they are soooo cuuuute!! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see that i'm not the only one thinking about the mating between Kit and Sienna,Hawke and Sienna or Kit and Sahara.I think especially Sahara could be an interesting character.

How do you know things like the pregnancy?

I don't think Kaleb is a good person.I have a question because i read CbI,Mtp and HtP in english and i'm from germany so i'm not sure if i understood everything right:Kaleb has killed changeling women,too,hasn't he?That's the reason i can't believe he's good.

Has anyone read Zach's and Tammy and Nate's book?How are they?

i hope you can answer some of the questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,

Nalini mentioned once the pregnancy. (She likes to tease us;-)). We`ll know more in July (Branded by Fire).

If Kaleb had killed changeling womens is not known so far.

If you go to e.g. Hugendubel, you can have a quick look in the German Psy-/Changeling books. The translation is good, but when you start with the Englisch version, you should retain by English. - It`s better to ensure that you can "read between the lines".


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Eva!
Yes I'll read the next books in English,too.I read the first and second book in German,but then I didn't want to wait any longer so I read the other ones in English.

I have another question:Does anyone think the ghost is an empath?
Maybe a cardinal one?

Anonymous said...

If the ghost was an empath then he wouldn't be able to kill as easily as can beacause it would hurt him just as much.

Christina said...

I can't wait for BBF! I reread Hostage and MTP this weekend and am so eager for MErcy and Riley's story! I want to get back in the wolf den-- we haven't really seen them since CBI.

I think I am one of the few who likes Tally. Tally and Clay's book is my all time favorite in the series. I think Nalini handled the emotional trauma Tally experienced as a child so well! (Go Nalini!).

As for pregnancy, I think Faith and Vaughn are the pregnant couple (although, I would be happy for Clay/Tally, too. Riley/Mercy seems to early). It seems like Nalini said powers are affected by pregnancy (I can't remember where she said it). It would bring Lucas and Sascha's story full circle, but I'm hoping for someone else. Luc/Sascha aren't my favorite couple.

I'm hoping we will see Sienna's b-day party! I've been wanting to see it since Lucas mentioned it! I *adore* Hawke and think Sienna was made for him. The only other person I can see Sienna with is Kaleb (Odd, I know). I don't see the Kit/Sienna idea. Kit seems to young for her.

Christina said...

Oh, for whoever asked about the anthologies. Both Tammy/Nate and Zach's stories were good, I thought. I adored Tammy and Nate's story, it is excellent ^_^ Zach's was good (just not as good, in my opinion).

Sarah said...

Someone brought up Kaleb killing changeling women and I believe Nikita puts two and two together when she discovers that Kaleb was Enrique's padawan. I think this was in HtP. I just reread the series but out of order cause I was reading around a friend who I'd lent the books too. So my time line is a little funny.

I don't necessarily think this rule him out as a good guy. As it doesn't really "prove" he did anything and it does make him look bad. What better way to drag out the suspense...but who knows??

There were some really good speculations here. I especially enjoyed the X designation and Sienna.

I think Hawke and Sienna make such a good pair that it almost makes them not mates. Like it's be too predictable. But if they are Mates than I agree with the poster who said it will be difficult for them to come together.

Hawke and the Alpha of the BlackEdge wolf clan could be fun, if she is a woman. Although, can two alpha's submit...even to another alpha? And then how do you merge there packs?

I think the idea of Mercy being preggers with a wolf would be crazy funny. But in the end I think it would remove too much of the tension between the couple. If she's pregges they ARE Mates. It's really hard to rationalize around reality. Esp if you totally have the hots for and love the guy anyway.

Anywho, just my 2 cents. I really enjoyed reading you all thoughts.

Now I HAVE to read the others.

God I LOVE this series.


Angelica said...

Hmm... maybe I'm alone in this, but I always thought that Kaleb was the Ghost, just from how Nalini has presented the Ghost and Kaleb's descriptions of their loyalty to the race, how far they had both gone, the killings, etc., and from what we saw of the Ghost from his interactions with Judd..

On a side note, someone asked about why the Ghost said Father Perez was the only man he trusted and what happened to his relationship with Judd. I believe that was misquoted, the Ghost said Father Perez was the only HUMAN he trusted.

Oh, and I would love to see Amara's character somehow progress. I mean with all the "she has the most beautiful mind" lines that talk about her, I'd really like to see more of it!

I can't wait to see what Sascha's powers are evolving into... hope she gets some offensive capability. I love that she helps others and she's an empath but not that she can't hurt others because it would double back to her (what if she's held captive somehow and needs to fight:() I think I'd like it better if Sascha COULD be widely destructive (even more so than Nikita) and yet choose not to use it and instead help with the "good side" of her abilities.

I'm also really hoping Sienna and Hawke would be mated, again, always thought that was what Nalini was foreshadowing with all the scenes between the two of them (not to mention it seems Hawke is almost always part of the scene somehow whenever Sienna is mentioned)... it just seems to me that it would kind of be weird if it was done simply as a sidenote to show Hawke could be frustrated or to show Sienna's progression because Nalini could mix it up and throw them in different scenes with different characters to do that and it would give us a chance to see other characters in her world.

Just my two cents(more like $10 with the wall of text, really,lol)! Anyway, I can't wait for Branded by fire - the wait is driving me nuts - can you tell?:)

- Angelica