Monday, February 11, 2008

Angels' Blood, Mercy's Book & Conferences

I finished inputting my changes into this draft of Angels' Blood over the weekend, and I'm now fiddling with Mercy's book. I think this one is going to burn up the pages. Just saying... ;)

And, I don't know if I've mentioned this but I'll be at RAW 2008 - it's a weekend (19 - 21 Sep) for readers to get together with writers, and there's a great list of authors coming. There may be some changes to what's up on the website at the moment (hold off on booking rooms yet - some important info coming soon), but registration's open, so check it out.

I'll also be at RWA's San Francisco Conference. Every year, there's a huge open book signing session, to fundraise for literacy - this year's will be on July 30th, 5.30-7.30 p.m.

So, what've you all been up to? Read anything good over the weekend?


Anonymous said...

The RAW and RWA conferences sound amazing! I'm so glad you're working on Mercy's book!!! Out of interest...what about Indigo? Will she have a book?

Now, on to your question...what was I reading on the weekend. Well, I read The Invisible Ring. I can't wait for Tangled Webs. Oh yes, and as soon as I found out MTP had arrived I was in the car and off to get it. Hehehe - I even texted a friend to tell her it had arrived. Said friend met me at Barbara's (on the way back from holiday) to get her copy. Desparate...definitely not :) So I spent all Sunday reading it! WOW! Rather than rave here and bore everyone I thought I'd send you an email Nalini and rave there :) The short version: you are an amazing writer and should be very proud of that book! It's brilliant!


Jenny Schwartzberg said...

I read all of Lora Leigh's ebooks in the Breed series this weekend. I've gotten hooked on that series after reading the four in print. Yum. I'm currently rereading MtP.

And yes I'm mentally in the Conga line celebrating your appearance on the NYT extended list. Congratulations!!!!!

Jenny in freezing Chicago

Anonymous said...

OMG! Mercy's book will be after Dorian? Gosh I'm stoke! Also I would like to tell you that I am truly grateful that you decided to become a writer and share your wonderful and extreme talent with us.

Congrats on NYT Extended List!! Also have fun at RAW.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,

Mercys Book? That's sounds good, very good. You often mentioned her in Clays Book and now I'm curious about her.
In Clays Book you said something about the ghost, too. May I ask if you intend to write a book about the ghost as main character, too?
BTW "Sissi" is my christian name and when I read the last pages of MtP I have been laughing all the time...

bel_78 said...

Hi :) Nalini, don´t tease us so!! Or tease us a little more, and give us some scenes of these books!!! Dorian, Mercy... When is Sienna´s story coming??

This weekend I went to the gym, went out with friends, ate a lot of dulce de leche, and reread some of J.D. Robb´s books, while I waited for my Amazon order to arrive.

Jennifer K. said...

Mine to Possesss was a great read. I want more, more, more! Congratulations on its success. It's well deserved.

I just started Shannon K. Butcher's "No Control," the sequel to "No Regrets," which was a very good book, so I have high hopes for this one.

Jennifer K.

Anonymous said...

I read an ARC of "Grimspace" by Ann Aguirre (despite having a migraine--couldn't put the blasted thing down, literally!)

All I gotta say is: if you like Firefly/Serenity and you like Eve Dallas, you are gonna love this one.

*still dancing*

KT Grant said...

Nalini, I may be going to San Fran for RWA also :) If my new job will let me *G*
San Fran is an great town! I can't wait to meet you, and keeping my fingers crossed that I can go :)

Kati said...

I'm *still* reading DEMON ANGEL by Meljean Brook. I'm loving it, but I have to concentrate pretty hard to read it.

After that, at Kate's urging, I'm going to read Jeaniene Frost's first. (Katiebabs is a remarkably bad influence). ;o)

KT Grant said...

Heh Heh MK. I will make everyone spend their money on books, just like me and we can all live together in my house made of books.

Alyssa said...

Glad you're going to RWA. I'll see you there. :)

Courtney said...

I'll be seeing you at RAW in Kentucky. It was such fun last year and I can't wait for September!

I found some videos of the Maori haka and posted them on Lora's sight. You should go see. Yummy All Blacks....*droooool*

This weekend I finished One Bite Stand by Nina Bangs, which was a fun read, and I finally branched out from Lora Leigh's Breeds and read Nauti Bouy. Very sexy, loved the ending, looking forward to reading Dawg's story. :)

Shaymless Aymless said...

Maybe I'll be able to get away for the book signing in SF (since it is in my neighborhood) *grin*.

Yay! Mercy's book. Been waiting for her. I am also wondering about Indigo and the Ghost. Love the whole mystery of him. Oh let's not forget the new yummy guy in Clay's book (not naming names for those who haven't read it yet) and Kaleb.

I'm with Orannia, can't wait for Tangled Webs.

Anonymous said...

I want to got two both conventions, but I doubt I'll have the time (or money) for both. Really want to go to RAW, but probably have a greater chance of going to RWA. Anyone going? I hope everyone will have lots of fun at either one though!

Mercy!!!! I'm so excited about her book, since I kept thinking who might be her guy (soooo, have we met the guy yet? ^_^). I second Orannia's question on Indigo's book. When is her book? Maybe she and another Psy we've already met :D? Also what Bel asked about Sienna, since I've never made it a secret about being half in love with her >_<.

I loved the new guy in MtP, aymless! Actually, two of them. Hehehe.

For your question, Ms. Nalini. My friend had a birthday dinner, so we all dressed semi formal and went eating. It got a little crazy, but all on the fun side of teasing each other. I re-read all of the Psy books twice (it was loads of trauma and fun) and some books from Lisa Kleypas and Majorie M Liu. Waiting for Meljean Brooks and deciding on some of Lora Leigh's (read her main breed series, but not sure about the others...I actually don't do too well with violence and trauma). Been looking for some new stuff that are more...uh...on the light hearted side. Anyone have suggestions for me? Anyone?


KT Grant said...

Hey Alice!
Gena Showalter is one author who writes everything from romantic comedy to fantasy romance that tends to also be funny, to paranormal. I have glommed all her books.
Linda Howard also has two books Drop Dead Gorgeous and To Die For about a woman named Blair, all from her point of view that is so funny and sexy. She has a habit of getting into some interesting scrapes.
Also new author Jeaniene Frost has a book called Halfway to the Grave about a half human, half vampire called Cat who is a vamire slayer. Very funny, a bit dark and so so sexy.
Hope these are some reads that may interest you *G*

Anonymous said...

I can attest that katie(babs) is dangerous for the wallet--but a great source of great new reads.

So it evens out.

Anonymous said...

Finished Mark of the Vampire Queen this weekend (review will be up soon).

Absolutely stupendous book. Surprised the hell out of me - a tough thing to do.

Love Joey Hill almost as much as Nalini Singh ;) .

Nalini Singh said...

Orannia / Jenny / Catherine - thanks!!! :-)

Sissi - LOL. The Ghost...a full book...maybe ;)

Bel - you'll have to wait a little while for Sienna's book *grin*

Jennifer - Shannon's books are on my tbr. I've been hearing good things about them.

Azteclady - another book on my list!

Kate / Aymless - hope to see you there!

MaryKate - Meljean's series is one of my faves. I hope you enjoy DA. I think Hugh is such a great hero.

Alyssa - yay!

Courtney - would you be jealous if I told you I'd seen the haka done live?

Alice - sounds like you had a great weekend! If you're looking for a contemporary light read, I really enjoyed Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist. I posted on the blog about it,here.

Gwen - I'm hearing wonderful things about Joey's book. I need a second pair of eyes and hands to read, read, read! :)

I think I caught all the questions - let me know if I missed one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie(babs)-I actually read Playing With Fire and liked it rather well. Does all her other books read in first person? Which series would you recommend? I'm usually very hesitant before I start series, so any push in the right direction would be helpful.
I actually love a lot of Linda Howard's stuff, especially the Mackenzie's family, but isn't all her stuff very intense? There's always a murder or something involved. Guess I'm putting those books in my cart now. :p
And you know what? I just bought Halfway to the Grave last week and it came in the day you posted the comment! Awesome! ^_^

Hi Azteclady- Thank you for the warning, my wallet will probably be empty soon hereafter despite my best intentions. Hahaha.

Ms. Nalini- It was a fun weekend, thank you. Crazy, but fun. Full of nightmares every now and then, but nonetheless fun and exciting in its own way. I have Sexist Man Alive in my cart now...waiting...hmmmmm...
I do have questions, but I'll wait for the chat. Horray for chat and spoiler thread! Goodness knows I'm about to explode with curiousity and need for discussion.

xoxo everyone~~~
ps. a little late, but happy lunar new years!

Anonymous said...

Alice, I really enjoy Gena's sense of humor - my recommendation would be "Animal Instincts" - really fun (and romantic) book :)