Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from New Zealand!

My gift to you - gingerbread men!! (All credit for finding this goes to Courtney - thanks for the smile! :))

(The dance is the haka - type it into YouTube to see clips of the non-bakery goods version.)


Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks Nalini and Courtney for the video! Definitely put a smile on my face after such a cold, long day!

Congratulations again, Nalini, on all the success! MTP definitely deserves it all! Can't wait for the discussion!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's suck a great clip! *chuckling* I watched it yesterday then I had to watch it again and again and again and... *grin*

Jennifer St. Giles said...

LOL Nalini! that video is too funny and one I can show my kids. A miracle in these days
Jennifer St. Giles

Courtney said...

I totally love this video! Someone brought up the NZ rugby team and their haka the other day while we were talking about meeting Nalini and I did a search. I found many cool videos of the All Blacks doing the haka along with this little jewel.

I'm glad everyone loves it as much as I do! Azteclady, I've watched it over and over again, too, then I showed it to my hubby and he laughed so hard he fell over. LOL

Kimberly said...

LOL, those were so cute!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day. I just got back from delivering valentines :)

Kat <--re-reading MtP as part of her V Day :)

Courtney said...

Just FYI, I updated my blog woth this video and two that show the All Blacks performing two different versions of their haka.

Nalini, can you stuff a few of those guys in your luggage when you come to RAW? :)

Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Okay, that looked cute, but what were they singing?


danetteb said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

THat was so cute watching gingerbread doing the haka. I've seen some hot guys do it and they didn't come off looking so cute. :D

Hugs, Danette

ShellBell said...

They're so cute .. and are making me hungry!

KT Grant said...

I want to bite one of the their heads off. LMAO. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, the guys in the clips over at Courtney's blog? yowza!! *fanning self*

meljean brook said...

Nalini! I just heard about the 2nd week on NYT and hitting USA Today!

*happy dance*

Congratulations!! (and happy V-day!)

Nalini Singh said...

LOL about biting off their heads!!

Jenny - they were singing in Maori, which is the language of the native people of New Zealand. The All Black rugby team is famous for doing the haka before their games. Shoot over to Courtney's blog to see a clip.

p.s. Courtney - I don't think they'll fit!!

Nalini Singh said...

Meljean, thanks!! I'm over the moon!!

Jennifer *Dragoneen* said...

Oh I love it!

Makes me wanna watch some Rugby now =) My oldest brother is a huge fan of the All Blacks! I just had to show it to him LOL