Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ebooks, Links, Updates & Mine to Possess Chat

First up - if you've been by the website, you'll know that BooksOnBoard is currently running a promotion on all my titles in ebook format. They've now increased the discount offered to 28% off the Publisher's List price - just input NaliniOnBoard as your promo code on checkout. :-)

TGTBU is currently running a Valenduckie week. Lots of prizes and fun posts themed around Valentine's Day, so check it out.

Re the chat/discussion of Mine to Possess & the series in general: we've settled on Wednesday, Feb the 20th. I'm thinking later in the day/eveningish would probably suit everyone best. Let me know if you agree/disagree. If you can't make the chat, don't worry. I'll open up a spoiler thread on the blog on the same date.

Also, I haven't forgotten about the Reader Interviews! I've got some great ones ready to post - I'm thinking I might do a couple back to back so we can get all caught up.

Happy Tuesday!


Susan said...

I just got my copy of Mine to Posses in the mail today and I CANNOT WAIT TO START READING IT!


Kerry said...

Yay on the ebooks. I find myself reading more and more of them - although yours I like to have in paper.

I'm reading MtP right now (well, not while I'm typing!) and really, really enjoying it.

I can even ignore the Christmas-themed television my four year old has requested and has on repeat in my living room. Now THAT is the sign of a good book.

Courtney said...

Anytime works for me for the chat. I'm easy. :)

You've seen the haka live? Yes, I am jealous. I can't stop watching the videos I've found. It's like wathcing apes pound on their chests, only sexier. Very masculine and aggressive. I found a cute video of computer-generated gingerbread men doing the haka:


ShellBell said...

The ebook of Mine To Possess is also available from fictionwise.com - I think it is only available in Mobipocket format at this stage. MTP is currently sitting at #25 on their Recent Bestselling list.

ShellBell said...

Forgot to add that Fictionwise also have added Harlequin bundle to their catalogue called Best of Virgins Bundle. One of the books in this bundle is Nalini's Craving Beauty

Anonymous said...

Well since MySpace is being a butt, I'm leaving my comment here lol

Okay so I'm all for an evening chat (I have marked the date and I'll be there!!) Now I'm off to TGTBTU :)


Anonymous said...

Courtney~the haka gingerbread men were hilarious!

I love ebooks, but I love print more~~~even with the tempting discount. I'll just buy a second copy. Hahaha.

Like Candice, I've marked the date down too!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, a chat! Nalini am I right in guessing that when you say early evening you are talking EST?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini,

Just a question...I've never participated in your chat sessions before so i am not sure which site i should go to and join. Could you please direct me to it?


kavz (kavz30 from MySpace)

Nalini Singh said...

Kavz - I'm going to be using my agency's chatroom (knightagency.net) - I'll put up full info this week, but it's real easy. There's no registering or anything. Just turn up, type in a user name and you in!

Nalini Singh said...

Orannia - yes, it'll be US time. I'll work it out and post next week :)