Friday, February 01, 2008

Q&A and Reviews

I'm answering questions over at Book Binge today, so if you've got something you want to ask me, here's your chance! (Of course, I can't promise I'll answer all the questions *grin*)
Mine to Possess has been getting some amazing reviews - I just have to share!
"What makes this story so compelling is that each of them is completely individual, while still being shaped and influenced by their nature. And the intimacy between them, that was amazing."

Read full review at Rosario's Reading Journal
"What I like most about these alphas is not only their protectiveness, their hardness, but also their sensitive side that always come through in dealing with their mates.This series has become an all-time favorite. The writing is as fresh as ever."

Read the full review at TGTBU (Sandy M's Review)
"I had tears at the end. The characters are alive and the dialogue sparkles."

Read the full review at TGTBU (Alicia's Review)
"I devoured this book. While I always had faith in Nalini Singh’s ability to draw me into the story, I was unsure of her ability to make me love a human heroine...I should never have doubted Nalini’s ability to make me love this heroine. Tally was exactly the type of woman that Clay needed."

Read the full review at Book Binge
"Singh has done it again. MINE TO POSSESS grabs you and never lets you go. This may be the best book of an already outstanding series."

Read the full review at Fresh Fiction
"As readers I believe we are carried through stories by strong characters, and Tally and Clay are instantly compelling, hauling us along on their engrossing tale....Their story packs a powerful emotional punch from the first pages right through to the end. I believed I would be able to read a few chapters and put it aside. I read the entire book in one day."

Read the full review at author Saskia Walker's blog
"I devoured this book in about two hours...Once again Nalini Singh has taken us to new parts of the Psy-Changeling universe and shown us new heights and depths of emotion. Love, honor, emotion and coming to terms with decisions and events of the past to go on to a new future."

Read the full review at Realms of the Raven
"The emotions and chemistry of the characters brings tears of sadness and joy, laughter and lots of very breathlessly romantic moments. This is a highly action packed and sensual thriller, deep and intense, you will not be able to put it down!"

Read the full review at PNR


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Congrats on all the good reviews~~~ Now I'm even more excited about the book! ^_^

bel_78 said...

Guau, the reviews make me want to read the book NOW :) I´ll have to wait a little bit extra -a month- for Amazon to deliver it to my doorstep. All the same, I think it´ll be worth the waiting...


PS: I´ll send the review once I read it :)

Barbarita V said...

I went to the book store today at lunch and got my copy. Hmm this book is so good!
Congrats on the great reviews Nalini!

limecello said...

Congratulations on the great reviews! I can't wait until I get my hands on this book!

Jaded Bee said...

Okay, I'm a little confused. You said 1:00 pm on February First....right? It's 1:33, February 1 in Kansas....Do I have something mixed up?

I'm such a blonde.

Jaded Bee said...

So does this mean when it's six for me, it'll be one for you? Time differences are so confusing. lol.

Shelley Munro said...

Congratulations, Nalini. I'm not surprised by the great reviews because your series rocks.


Marilyn Brant said...

I just saw the great news about your reviews--congratulations!! I'm excited for you and looking forward to your new release on the 5th :).

Shaymless Aymless said...

Congrats Nalini! You deserve it. The book was fantastic!