Saturday, February 16, 2008

Diamonds Down Under (Edited)

I'm guest-blogging over at the Diamonds Down Under blog - post now live! the post will go live just after midnight today (a couple of hours after the time of this post). We're going to be discussing series - swing by and say hi, drop your name into the hat for a giveaway. :-)

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


flowerlady said...

Hi, i can't access your webpages. the links there and its the first search result in goggle but it keep crash out and saying that the webpage is unavailable.


Anonymous said...

Helen Gonzalez says.....

Hello Nalini!! That was a great interview I can't wait for more! Have a good one!!
LoL HelenHikaru MySpace

Anonymous said...


*hug* I just got my signed copy of Visions of Heat--you are such a lovely, generous, awesome, talented...


Okay, I'll stop now.

Thank you *grin*

Nalini Singh said...

Shules, thanks for letting me know. I just checked the stats and it looks like the site was down for a few hours, but is now back up - if you check back, can you let me know if things are ok now?

Thanks, Helen :)

Azteclady - LOL! Enjoy!

Shaymless Aymless said...

Cool azteclady! *hug back*

Yvonne Lindsay said...

seems to be working now, Nalini.