Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quiz Contest & Reader Interview: Kate

The CBI quiz contest is now closed. The entries came in via a number of ways (including this blog and my Myspace blog), so give me a little time to double check I have everyone's names in the hat so to speak. I'm hoping to announce the winner tomorrow.

And now onto today's Reader Interviewee - Kate, who takes her chocolate seriously (my kind of woman)! If you'd like to participate (you know you want to) the details are here.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am from New Jersey, right near NYC. I am just entering my 30th decade (oh my!) I work in the television/video production industry. I am a die hard book reader, reviewer and love to write overall. I am also a true redhead at almost 6'0... well actually 5'10.

2. Are you a hoarder or do you give your books away?

I hoard like crazy but I am one to give books away to my local library or if there is a book I love to rave about, I will let my loyal friends borrow it.

3. What author might tempt you into turning stalker?

Stephen King

4. How susceptible are you to chocolate?

I smell it and I go crazy. If you put a plate of brownies in front of me I will eat all of them and probably the plate also!

5. Favorite book? Why?

Wuthering Heights. My name is Catherine just like the heroine! I think this book is the ultimate in romance, even though the hero is a bit of an obsessive freak, but man oh man the love he had for Cathy was all consuming and heartwretching even after death.

6. If you knew you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

A crate full of gum, hair clip and soap

7. What did you eat for breakfast?

Oatmeal with strawberries

8. How many books in your current to-be-read pile?

20, no joke!

9. Describe your idea of a perfect hero?

Kind, sweet, intelligent, good in bed. LOL


readingissomuchfun said...

This was a very good Reader Interview. Nice to learn more about other readers.


Barbara V said...

I love your description for the favorite hero

LesleyW said...

I also like people who take their chocolate seriously. :)

And a perfect, perfect hero description.

Shannon said...

Remind me to never get between you and your chocolate, Kate! :)

ShellBell said...

oh to have a TBR pile of only 20! Even my wish list is over 30.