Monday, September 17, 2007

Dreams Made Flesh - Anne Bishop

I loved, loved, LOVED Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy, so when I found this collection of novellas, I was over the moon!

If you haven't read the Black Jewels trilogy, you really, really, really have to. It's dark and sensual, romantic and addictive.

Also, if you haven't read the trilogy, this blog post contains *spoilers*, so be warned.

There are four novellas in this book.

Weaver of Dreams is a short story that explores the origin of the Jewels of power.

The Prince of Ebon Rih is about Lucivar and Marian.

Zuulaman gives you a dark look into Saetan's past.

Kaeleer's Heart tells the story of what happens after Queen of the Darkness, the last book in the trilogy.

I loved this collection to pieces. It just felt like a flawless addition to the trilogy. I always wanted to know what happened to Janelle and Daemon after Queen of the Darkness, and
Kaeleer's Heart answers that in the best of ways. And since the wild, dangerous Lucivar was one of my favorite characters in the books, getting to see his story made me jump up and down like a little girl. The other two stories are shorter, but just as intriguing, as they give enticing glimpses into different facets of the world of the series.

Given how much I love these books, I was incredibly excited to hear that Ms. Bishop is writing a new book set in the world of the Black Jewels. Tangled Webs is releasing March next year. Guess who'll be first in line to grab a copy? :-)

As you can see from my very mature and reasoned post above *cough*, I was delighted to find such a wonderful edition to a much-loved series. Are there any series or books that you'd like to see another chapter of?


orannia said...

My best friend lent me The Black Jewel trilogy last weekend and it's currently sitting in my TBR pile (which I have to say is rather small, mainly because I have so many holds frozen at the library). She did warn me that the tone in some scenes is rather disturbing though...does anyone who has read it have any thoughts?

Hmmm, more books or chapters...I'm sorry Nalini, but it has to be said... more Changeling stories please :) And completely changing genres, I would love Janny Wurts to write another book set in the same world as 'To Ride Hell's Chasm'. I'll keep thinking...


Kerry said...

I'll fight you for a place in the line to buy "Tangled Webs". I just loved the original trilogy and I thought the stories in Dreams Made Flesh were wonderful.

I'm really looking forward to Catherine Asaro's new Skolian book that comes out in January and wish for more and more of those.

At the moment I have Anne Bishop's "Belladonna" out from the library after reading "Sebastian" a couple of weeks ago, so I need to get to that soon.

Sweet said...

I love, love ,love The Black Jewels Trilogy. You really need to check out The Invisible Ring if you haven't. Its a book set before the BJT. Its about the Grey Lady. A VERY GOOD READ !!!!!!! Daemon also makes an appearance. The book is worth it just for that alone.

meljean brook said...

orannia -- there are some intensely disturbing scenes in the books. Some happen to characters that we don't know, but each of the main characters suffers abuse and torture. And the very end of the trilogy has Daemon doing things that are heart-wrenching and gut-turning, and some of the images didn't leave me for days.

That said, I love these books pretty much like no other books out there, and have re-read the trilogy many times. I don't think the violence is gratuitous, but shows us how degraded and degrading the society is ... which, in turn, makes the ending that much better.

And that line for Tangled Webs? I'll join that wrestling match.

Nalini Singh said...

Orannia - I echo what Meljean said. There some very dark scenes but the power of these books is just amazing. The story will stay with you long after you put the books down.

p.s. Working on the changeling books ;)

Kerry - Those two books are next on my list. So many good books, so little time! (And Kerry your little dragon avartar is so cute!!)

Sweet - I totally agree - I loved The Invisible Ring. Also, have you read the Surreal short story "The Price" in Powers of Detection (anthology)? It's short but awesome.

Meljean, I will totally take you and Kerry on *grin*

Merry said...

I also love this series, and have just finished re-reading them (again!). I've also just finished her Pillars of the World trilogy, which I enjoyed (not as much as the Black Jewels books, but still enjoyed them).
I would also recommend Surreal's story and the Dreams Made Flesh collection (my favourite is The Prince of Ebon Rih - Lucivar, sigh. ;o) )

Stacy~ said...

I also loved the Black Jewels trilogy, and have "Dreams Made Flesh" in my tbr pile. I'm excited to hear there's more coming.

Li said...

I'm a huge Anne Bishop fan too. I know there was a Surreal short story in a mystery anthology somewhere - umm... checking... it was in "Powers of Detection: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy" if I'm not mistaken, but there's nothing like a completely new entire book!

Hmm... the one series I'd love to see continued is Margaret Weis' "Star of the Guardian" SF trilogy - it's probably one of the best SF series I've ever read, with a beautiful bittersweet love story at the centre of it. I couldn't stop thinking about the characters for days after I read the books.

~*~*~cammY~*~*~ said...

This are amongst my favorite books of all time! There are new editions of the trilogy along the lines of these covers that you've posted and I adore them! I'm glad I held out so long in buying my copies cause now they'll match with my copy of 'Dreams made Flesh'=]

And I am so excited about 'Tangled Dreams'! I think I may have wet myself >.< I jest of course. I'm guessing that might be Surreal on the cover. *trembling in excitement*

Tara Luna said...

Would anyone know where to find the entire short story "The Price", featuring Surreal as the main character? I would really like the chance to read it. Thank you.


Nalini Singh said...

Here you go, Tara. I tracked it down too :)

Tara Luna said...

Thank you very much. Now I can add that to my Anne Bishop collection. (Unnecessary side comment- Anne Bishop rocks!)


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