Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Links (Updated)

Fellow Kiwi Sara Hantz is holding a launch party for the release of her debut book, The Second Virginity of Suzy Green and all her guest bloggers are giving away something. The party will go on for all of next week, so drop by and help Sara celebrate.

Talking of celebrations, Alison Kent is celebrating her birthday by giving away books. Entry rules on her blog. You can also mosey on over to Dear Author and read Alison's first sale story.

The first ever Urban Fantasy Awards are open for nominations. (Link via Fangs, Fur & Fey).

Meljean Brook has been giving her Visa card a workout (and you may benefit from it).

Julie is closing the doors of the Romance Reader At Heart blog, but don't be sad, she's going to be bringing you author interviews, excerpts and other cool stuff at her new website Simply Romance Reviews. Check out her Myspace page for details.

And last but not least, I'm going to be the guest author on the lovely Jane Porter's message board Sep 1 to 7, so come by and visit me.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I do believe it's a holiday over on the other side of the world - so have a fantastic holiday!

p.s. My newsletter just went out! :)


Sara Hantz said...

Thanks for the heads up Nalini. I'm having a fabulous time at my party and the prizes being given away are awesome!!!

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Hey Nalini...
Sorry I haven't been here for awhile. I was doing a little writing on the side. ;-)

So many people are closing the blog doors.

Nalini Singh said...

Your party seems to be rocking, Sara!

Cynthia - so nice to see you again :) Hope the writing's going well.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Well, I am working on the edits of my first novel.. then I am shopping around for an agent. We'll see. ;-)