Monday, September 24, 2007

Silver Master - Jayne Castle

I'm a huge Jayne Anne Krentz fan, but you guys probably already knew that. I particularly love her futuristics, written under the Jayne Castle pseudonym, so as soon as I got my hands on Silver Master, I had to read it from cover to cover.

This book is part of Jayne Castle's Ghost Hunter series (set on the world of Harmony). Here's the blurb as on Amazon:
Cadence City matchmaker and para-resonator Celinda Ingram meets her match in security specialist Davis Oakes. On the hunt for the powerful relic that Celinda supposedly bought as a toy for her pet dust bunny, Davis must use all of his unique psychic abilities to try and wrest the ruby red object from the suspicious duo, keep his desire for Celinda in check-and keep them all safe from those who will do anything to possess the relic.
I loved it! I love Jayne Castle's characters, love the way they fall for each other other page by page, love her voice. It just sucks me in each time, and this was no different.

If you want to find out more, check out the fun video on Jayne Castle's website - narrated by Celinda's dust bunny!

Hope you all had a good weekend. Did you do any reading?


Suzette said...

Just read enchanted Inc...reallly good!

orannia said...

Ohhh, I read a Jayne Castle book at the beginning of the year and loved it! I didn't realise she had a new book out, so thank you :)

Hmmm, what did I read...well...I started Daughter of the Blood on Friday night and finished it yesterday! I thought it was brilliant!!!! I'm so looking forward to starting Heir to the Shadows (after I finish Unshapely Things :)

orannia *who has to admit to liking Daemon...but not as much as Dorian*

Jambrea said...

I really like her Ghost Hunter series.

Erin said...

LOL - I actually picked up the entire Black Jewels trilogy, and started reading last night, thinking I'd finish the first one and read the second one today.

Nope, they sucked me in, and I read all three all last night. Finished at 6 am. I'm beat, but it was worth it.

Nalini Singh said...

I've heard lots of good things about that book, Suzette. It's part of a series, right?

Orannia - it's good, you should totally grab it. (And I'm partial to Dorian, too *grin*)

Jambrea - have you read Silver Master yet? I thought it added a cool new twist re the abilities.

Erin - welcome to the addiction!! :)

Suzette said...

Nalini, yes its a series by Shanna Swedson. I thought it was great!

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

LOVED Silver Master! I've got it on audio now - in fact, I'm listening to it now (for the second time).

I read the first two books in Jean Johnsons series this weekend. REALLY liked The Sword. The second book The Wolf was OK too. Now I'm waiting to get The Master.