Friday, September 07, 2007

Weekly Catchup (Updated)

Lots of things happening today:

I'm doing a mini world-building workshop over at Sandra Barkevich's blog. Feel free to come on over and throw questions at me.

Thanks to Shelley, I now know that Caressed By Ice is available as an ebook! I know many of you prefer that format, so yay!

A reminder that the Caressed By Ice Quiz contest closes Sunday, so if you haven't entered yet, you only have a few days left.

Also, at some stage today, my post for Sara Hantz's online launch party is going to go up. I'll try to update this blog once it does. Post is now up!

Okay, your turn! Catch me up on what's happening over in your corner of the world.


Kaitlin said...

Not too much in my neck of the woods. I bought some more expansion packs for the Sims 2. I love that game. :)

Read Caressed By Ice. Loved it!

Hope to get off work early & go home!

Prue said...

I started a chat site if you want to come by and visit.

It is great fun, plus we talk about all our favourite books. The Phade is for the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. But we don't just talk about them.

Other than that...uni :( boring at the moment

Nalini Singh said...

Kaitlin - I've never played Sims but I know lots of people who love it. Yay on CBI :) And hope you got to go home early.

Thanks for the link, Prue.:)

Sandra Barkevich said...

Nalini, thank you so much for presenting your world-building workshop at Sandra's Goings On. I think there have been some excellent questions with excellent answers.

Have a great weekend!
Sandy :-)
Sandra Barkevich - Romance Author

MaryKate said...

Not too much with me either. It's the start of the American football season this weekend, so we'll have a big crowd at our place to watch the game.

I'm reading Eve Kenin's DRIVEN right now. It's a terrific book! Really inventive, and I love that the tone is SO different from her gothics.

ShellBell said...

Was really busy at work this week and also busy spring cleaning the house before we go away. Still managed to find time to read though!

Haven't played the Sims games before - I prefer Age of Mythology.

Have dragged out the suitcase, ready to pack for my trip. Not flying out until the 15th, but basically ready to go now!

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

CBI in e-book! That's aweseome!
I have a friend in Alaska that has to pay more then wait FOREVER to get books so she LOVES e-books. I'll have to tell her about it.