Monday, September 03, 2007

Someone to Love - Jude Deveraux

I love Jude Deveraux's books. One of my all time keepers is Remembrance (gee, do I mention that enough?). I just love her voice and I've had no trouble following her from historicals to contemporaries to paranormals.

Someone to Love is a contemporary love story, but it involves ghosts from the past. The cover's kind of cool and ties into that duality. I couldn't find a graphic of it, but while the front has the lady, the back has a man in modern dress.

Here's the blurb:
After three years, Jace Montgomery is still grieving over his fiancée Stacy's mysterious suicide. He hasn't been interested in another woman since her passing, and her family still blames him for her death. While flipping through one of her old paperbacks, Jace discovers a photo of a house stuck between the pages, bearing the cryptic message, "Ours again. Together forever. See you there." The note was dated the day before her death. Obsessed by the possibility of understanding Stacy's suicide, Jace seeks out the property - Priory House, a big brick fortress in Margate, England - and buys it.

It doesn't take long to learn that the house is haunted by a headstrong and feisty ghost, Ann Stuart, whom he must tangle with if he's ever to solve the mystery. Ann died under circumstances similar to those of his late fiancée, and he has a hunch that there is a connection between the two. Through his own investigations and with the help of a beautiful foreign correspondent who is worn out by what she's seen in the world, Jace is forced to reconcile his fiancée's life and her death.
There's mystery, romance and even ghosts - what more could you ask for? I found Someone to Love a lovely, extremely readable book. Yes, I'm a fan. :)

I don't think Ms Deveraux has a website but here's a link to her page on Fantastic Fiction.


ShellBell said...

Hi Nalini

I'm a fan of Jude Deveraux too, although I do prefer her earlier work. Haven't read many of her latest books, so probably have about 5 or 6 to catch up on. My favourites are The Black Lyon, Velvet Promise, Highland Velvet, Twin of Ice and Sweet Liar.


Amanda Ashby said...

Hey Nalini,

Just swinging by to wish you happy release day for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

LesleyW said...

I haven't read a Juse Deveraux book for ages.

I don't know what happened. I keep meaning to try and catch up on the books of hers that I've missed but never seem to get round to it.

Nalini Singh said...

Sweet Liar is a yummy book - that's the word that comes to mind when I think of the hero in that book, yummy!

Thanks Amanda :)

Lesley, give her a go. Have you read Sweet Liar? That might be a good one to start with if you're not so much into historicals.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Liar is excellent. I also love Remembrance, A Knight In Shining Armor, Mountain Laurel, The Awakening, The Duchess, The Princess, The Heiress, and Wishes. :)