Saturday, September 08, 2007

Link & Photos

First up, a video link for you. Have you ever moaned about not having enough time to write? Well, watch this and I bet you'll change your mind - Natalie Anderson, M&B writer and Mum of 4 kids under 5, including a set of twins, was interviewed on NZ TV.

Fortunately, the video is available online so go have a looksee. Follow this link, then click on the "Romance Writer" link (can be found under the picture of the host). Isn't she lovely? I met Natalie at the RWNZ conference and she's a very cool person to talk to.

And doing this link reminded me that I still hadn't posted up any pictures from the RWNZ conference, so here they are!

Pic 1: Joanne Graves (who's just stepped down as RWNZ President), Superromance author Terry McLaughlin, and TV star Natalie herself!

Pic 2: Amanda Ashby (author of You Had Me At Halo), and the lovely Christina Phillips. Amanda had halos for all of us for the cocktail party. We were all angels ;)

Pic 3: Here's trouble! Suspense author Fiona Brand (check out her new site), Presents author Trish Morey, and fellow Desirable, Bronwyn Jameson.

Pic 4: Another fellow Desirable, Tessa Radley and Harlequin Historicals author Sophia James.

Okay, I'm off to do some work. More photos next week! Have a great weekend everyone!


Christina Phillips said...

Very cool photos, Nalini! I love the way the halos are glowing!!

ShellBell said...

Love the photos Nalini, but where are some of you??

Nalini Singh said...

Didn't those halos come out great, Christina?! :)

Shell - there are very few of me. I'm going to put some up later this week, but I might have to chase more down from friends. I was too busy snapping to get in the shots!