Thursday, September 13, 2007

CBI's on TV & RWNZ Conference Photos

I'm so excited! Check out what Gina Bernal, editor for Rhapsody Book Club had to say about Caressed By Ice on Romance Novel TV!

Follow this link!

Also, as promised, here are a couple more photos from the RWNZ Conference!

First up, two more angels! Sharbee on the left, and Maree on the right. Maree was my roomie and a fabulous one at that!

And this is one of me with our fabulous speakers, Jenny Crusie and Anne Stuart. If you ever have a chance to hear either Jenny or Anne speak, grab it. They're just fantastic!


byrdloves2read said...

Here's another great review:

That's by a friend of mine, Jennifer.

ShellBell said...

Wow .. totally love what Gina had to say!

orannia said...

Definitely - what a great review! It's so nice to read what I feel about a book but don't have a hope of explaining. I need to start carring around the reviews when I start talking about the Changeling books :)

Hey ShellBell *wave* Fancy meeting you here :)


orannia said...

And that will teach me to proof read my posts (something I should do naturally considering my job :)

That should be 'carrying'

orannia *who has turned a rather unusual shade of red*

Nalini Singh said...

Byrd: I saw that review - it really made my day!

Shell - wasn't it fantastic?!

LOL Orannia - don't worry. Typos don't count in comments ;)

ShellBell said...

Hi orannia .. we meet in the BEST places don't we!

orannia said...

We sure do shellbell :)

ANd Nalini, can I be so bold as to say I love the photo of you at the con! You look lovely :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of you, Jenny and Anne at our conference, Nalini: definitely one to treasure! And BTW, thanks for sending me a copy of the 'angels' photo - usually dislike having my photo taken and shudder when I see them but heck, that one's not too bad at all :-)
Have to let you know, too, that hubby read the Metro article Jo wrote about you and he's totally impressed. He's delighted to have some fodder to throw back at some of his workmates who seem to have some 'interesting' misconceptions about writing romance. Yay for you!