Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bits & Pieces

If you've won a book from me, or if you're waiting for something else, everything is in the post as of this week.

I'd like to wish those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving, a happy and wonderful day :-)

I'm working on Indigo's story today. Because I write out of sequence, sometimes, I need to put scenes together like jigsaw pieces. But, those pieces appear to be slotting into place, and I'm really looking forward to completing the overall "shape" of the story soon.

What're you up to today?


orannia said...

Ohhh, Indigo's story. If I offered chocolate might we permitted a little snippet of information on her mate please? Happy writing Nalini :)

I'm listening to the cricket while working. I find it rather relaxing...and I love their commentary. I've also ordered my new computer and arranged for broadband yesterday - I can't wait to be unleashed on the internet *evil grin*

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Cherry said...

I'll double the amount of chocolate orannia is offering and add it along with hers to get a snippet of information.

I'm trying to convince a friend to read your series, and I'm also watching a Japanese drama with my other friend. *snacking on ham*

Courtney said...

I knit you more washcloths! After so much chocolate, you'll want something to wash up with. LOL

I'm dreading the gathering of my family-by-marriage. Too many people in a small space with bland food and dry turkey. Ugh. Next year, I'm finding an excuse to have a nice dinner at home with just my husband and our kids.

Jessica said...

I love the name Indigo. ~smiles~ It makes me happy, because it makes me think of the huge Indigo bookstore that is only 2 hours away from me. ~laughs~

I am stressing about the fact that I don't have enough time to read/write...but am very excited becuase my book blog reached 100 followers last night, so I am celebrating with a super fantastic "100 Followers Giveaway". In less than 24 hours, I already got another almost 50 followers and have 600 entries!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

Nalini was over at and there is a little bit about Indigo's mate, not sure if this already common knowledge though...

Thank you! :-)

As for Indigo - her hero is a wolf, one you know ;-) Now Hawke...on him my lips are still sealed!

Unknown said...

Eid is in 2 days, so i am preparing for it...YAY!
Eid Mubarak!

Unknown said...

Teaser! if you need somebody to control if the pieces really fit together i volunteer. It´s a nasty job but somebody has to do it...:-)
They switch on the christmas lights today here in Bath and I will definitely attend that event. Because Nicolas Cage is going to do that!!! Afterwards I watch New Moon for the second time. hihi...hihi

Nalini Singh said...

I'll see what I can do about more info ;-)

Parsa, Eid Mubarak :)

Iswari said...

Nalini - Just finished "Blaze Of Memory" and loved it (no surprise!). You are so bad to tease the way you do, but you always hook me in time after time, so I happily await your next book.
I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving as well, even though I really don't celebrate it per se. However, that didn't stop us from gorging on a fantastic Thanksgiving buffet that an Indian restaurant over here in Houston! :-)

Una said...

Yay, Indigo's story!

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it. If not, Happy Friday!