Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

I've had a few questions about when I'll be holding another Q&A session - the answer is probably sometime next year. I'm still recovering from the last one *collapses* Just kidding. But they do take a bit of time, so I need to schedule them when I can devote a few hours to answering questions. I'll put up a note in advance when it happens.

Also, do you all want a Blaze of Memory Spoiler thread? Let me know and I'll set one up.

I'm working on Indigo's book today, and I've started sketching out parts of the next Guild Hunter book as well. More news to come as I get further into both stories.

And a heads-up. Paranormal author Shannon K Butcher is chatting at The Knight Agency chat-room Thurday, November 19th @9pm ET. Details here (oh, and it looks like TKA is giving away a copy of Shannon's book, so swing by and enter by Thurs).

Off to eat lunch and then finish the current scene (which features everyone's favorite wolf ;-))


Una said...

Oh, I love the teasers, thank you Nalini! I look forward to our next Q&A. I'm still always amazed how "far ahead" it seems you are in your series. I think it's really awesome!

Maybe a fellow fan can answer a question of mine that is driving me nutty. I finally got my hands on my copy of Blaze of Memory and I'm dying. How do you pronounce "Devraj"?

Nalini Singh said...

Hi Una - I can answer that for you :)

It's two syllables. Dev (as in Devon), Raj (as in the Taj part of Taj Mahal)

Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

1. Yes, in regards to the spoiler thread. :-)

2. Is a certain female X-Psy in this current scene as well? ;-)

3. I'll start jotting down questions for next year's Q&A. I'm up to 25 right now. (jk)

4. Have a good day!

orannia said...

I've started sketching out parts of the next Guild Hunter book as well...

So, the 'rumour' I heard that you had sold more Guild Hunter books is correct Nalini? That's fantastic! Congrats! How many books did you originally have in mind out of interest?

Happy writing :)

Everyone's favourite wolf? That would be Tai then *innocent grin*

Madhura said...

Yes on the spoiler thread.

By the way, how is our favorite wolf doing? Is he missing having a certain someone close by? :D

Come to think of it, it must be very hard to not have his story out soon. I mean, it is only the most anticipated ever (no pressure, just sayin').. ;)

Surwat said...

that is a big thumbs up for the spoiler thread.
cannot wait for the next Q&A session and please give us some more titbits of everyone's favourite wolf.

Unknown said...

Hihi, my favourite wolf is actually Riley! But of course I know who you are talking about! I hope you make his life not too hard:-)

Christina said...

Any chance you could post that scene? Please? I'm willing to airmail lots of chocolate if bribing will work!

I saw the covers. They are gorgeous! I'm hoping to find them on amazon since I am a cover fanatic, I'll buy multiple copies of the same book because of the covers.

Vi Dao said...

Yes to the spoiler thread! I cannot believe you are already Indigo's book!

Anonymous said...

The spoiler threat is always welcome Nalini!

Any chance to get a titbit of Mr. Impatience?
>>Hopefully waving a champagne-truffle chocolate.`s really good.<<

Una said...

Thank you so much Nalini for answering, I was having a terrible time trying to get his name to sound right in my head and it was most distracting. I get it now! =)

I'm all for the spoiler thread!

Goodness, I'm all for spoilers when it comes to our favorite wolf! Especially since your spoilers are really more like clever teasers. I love it!

orannia said...

I was having a terrible time trying to get his name to sound right in my head and it was most distracting.

Una - I was exactly the same way with Hostage to Pleasure...I couldn't pronouce the heroine's name and I kept stopping whenever her name was mentioned. I think this is a hand-up from my teenage years when a friend told me I was pronoucing all the names in the fantasty series we were reading wrong...

Una said...

Orianna - I feel your pain. *blushing* After reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I started reading Dark Lover (first in BDB series). I kept pronouncing in my head, Wrath's name as "Wraith" (because of the Wraiths in LofR). Not realizing my mistake until I read the first Demonica book and then it dawned on me. I can't tell you how silly I felt! Now if I have the opportunity, I ask how to pronounce a name (especially when you can actually ask the's why I love that Nalini blogs). Names are so important - they are not only a defining part of your identity, they also, at least to me, are a part of a person's personality. They must be pronounced correctly!