Monday, November 23, 2009

Snapshot Monday: Ireland

Below is a shot of part of Blarney Castle (home of the famous Blarney Stone).

Murder Hole at Blarney Castle.

View from the top of the castle.

A shot of the lovely Irish countryside.

And I snapped this as we passed by on the road :)

Hope you enjoyed the photos :)


Jessica said...

Ireland? I am so jealous. ~pouts~

I was planning a trip to Scotland/Ireland to visit family this summer, need money for that sort of thing. ~laughs~

I hope you are enjoying yourself! : D

KT Grant said...

I've been there! And I was so disappointed in the Blarney Stone because it's just a brick wall! Bending backward wasn't too fun.

Did you go shopping at the mall next store?

orannia said...

Thank you Nalini! I loved Ireland...beautiful country, amazing people and the accents! *swoon* I didn't find any door to Underworld...but I looked!

There's a mall next door to Blarney Castle KB? That's almost as bad as the MacDonald's right across the road from the Spinx!

Nalini Singh said...

Jessica - it's a place definitely worth visiting!

KB - do you mean the Woollen Mills shopping area? I had a wander there, but I think I was all shopped-out by then.

Orannia - it's sort of down a path and across the road, and very low key. More Irish wools and souvenirs, plus a restaurant or two. :)

KT Grant said...

Woollen Mills! I couldn't remember the name. I bought a lovely scarf and sweater there and ate in their restaurant. And when you buy something, they give you a nice reusable green bag with their name and logo on it.

Orianna: Not a Mcdonald's at all. Very big on wool there.

Mollie said...

I went to Ireland in May. I can't wait to go back. Loved County Clare and Galway City. Can't wait to go back!!!

Anonymous said...

I got an homemade ireland photo calender for 2009 from my brother. The pictures are fantastic! Especially the Chiffs of Moher are very impressive.

Una said...

I've been to Scotland and England, but not Ireland. You're pictures are the reason why I would love to go. So beautiful, thanks for sharing!

e_booklover said...

Great pictures :)