Monday, November 16, 2009

Snapshot Monday: Stratford Upon Avon & York

The photo below is of the house where Shakespeare was born.

And here's Hamlet - "Alas, poor Yorick!..."

A shot of the walls surrounding the city of York.

Plus one from the area called the Shambles in York.

And a bonus photo - the Chesterfield Parish Church, with it's very unusual spire (thanks for taking us by, Frank!). You can read more about why the spire is twisted here.

More photos next week!


orannia said...

Very pretty photos Nalini - thank you! And wasn't York Minster gorgeous?

Anonymous said...

The spire looks interesting... - Like the hat of a witch:-).

Una said...

Beautiful! I remember touring Shakespeare's house and York. How wonderful, your pictures bring back such wonderful memories for me. Thank you for sharing, Nalini!! Glad you had a wonderful time!