Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekly Catchup

It's catchup time. What've you guys been up to? I've just finished a very rough draft of Angels' Blood! :) Okay, your turn.


Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

Well, I've just spent the last 9 hours trying to fix, then eventually wiping my computer's hard-drive and reinstalling & configuring all the software because a CHILDREN'S website that my daughter visited deposited a trojan that the various (and obviously useless, in this case) security programs didn't detect.

*banging head on desk*

Susan said...


I had a similar experience. I have taken on some freelance work, which requires a special program, which only runs PCs. My MAC has an emulator program, yeah well, that went over like a ton of bricks and crashed the entire system. Ahhhh.

So my forehead is a bit bruised too!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the phase of the moon or something - I had a minor crazy-making moment of my own. I pressed something and all the formatting in my document disappeared! Argh. And it refused to undo.

Hope the aching heads are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Work, work, work. Ya get kinda tired of it after a while. I'm ready to win the lottery so I can live in the manner to which I'd like to become accustomed.

I always thought I'd be a great rich person. To bad I don't have the funds to find out for sure. Bummer.

Jennifer joins Ange in the banging of heads on desks.

Maybe I'll howl a little and scare all the neighbors. Have ya'll tried howling? It's fun. Great stress reliever. Plus, you get the added bonus of people not bothering you because they think you're a few bricks shy of a full load. Well, I never said I WASN'T crazy, did I?


Anonymous said...

ooo I getthe sudden urge to howl!
okay that might not work as the neighbours dog has been settling up a great howl all blooming day.

Hope your computer is ok now Ange?
and all your heads aren't too bruised. Not been online much this week as we've had a few power cuts here.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hi, Nalini! I've been finally getting back to work on my WIP. I've been moving into my new house, getting settled into Alabama, and finding the time to get busy writing again. Who knew that the last few months would be so draining? My hubby retired from the military, we moved from Hawaii to Alabama, and then there was his job search. Finally, finally, I feel like life is getting back on track. :)

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

LOL!!! I'm with you, Jennifer! I think I'd make a great rich person too. Hmmm... wouldn't that be an interesting reality show?

*passing out chocolate all around & aspirin for the headaches* Howling does sound good about now. I'm sure my neighbors thought the demons of he11 had been released in my house yesterday - I was so mad I was yelling at the computer.

I'm not sure if it's all fixed or not, Clare. I thought it was then late last night when I was finishing up the configuration about 30 windows opened on my desktop for weird file names that I'd never heard of. *howling* I have a firewall, a virus scan, and a spyware program. NONE of them detect anything on the computer still.

Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Nalini,

I wasn't much online in the last weeks, because I brought a nasty virus with me as a souvenir from the RT and it knocked me completely out. But at least I could devour all the books that I brought with me.

Anonymous said...

I've actually had a great week (work not included). I just received a book in the mail. I just won on Bam's journal (the first time I've ever won ANYTHING), and so now I'm doing pretty hunky-dory. :)

Maura Anderson said...

Waiting for response on a submission.
Writing a smutty short story.
Editing two books (I'm a freelance editor as well).
Working on Texas Tea.

The virus things are interesting to me because my day job is in antivirus/antimalware software....

- Maura

BookQueen said...

I spent all day doing collection development which is just a fancy way of saying I bought books with someone else's money! It's myfavorite part of my job! And my weekend starts in exactly 10 minutes. Woot!

danetteb said...

I've got a weekend filled with family activites.Bowling,going to the park,maybe the carnival and baseball.
I just started reading Charmed & Deadly by Candace Havens.*g*

ShellBell said...

About six weeks ago I had my laptop stolen. Although I've had my replacement laptop for about 4 weeks, I still have plenty of things to catch up on. This week, aside from work etc, I have been copying my music CD's on to my laptop. I'm not even half way through my CD's but the main thing for me is that I am making some progress. I never realised how much time and effort I would need in order to get myself back to where I was previously - definitely need to take backups!

I'm off to Australia in September and given the weight of my suitcase on my last holiday there, I decided to look into eBooks. I bought myself a Palm TX last weeekend, so this week I have also been diligently chasing down eBooks for my favourite authors - Nalini will your Psy series be available in eBook at any stage?

Nalini Singh said...

Oops,answered your comment in another thread Shell. Ebooks - nope, not yet. :)