Monday, June 11, 2007

Magic Bites - Ilona Andrews

This is an awesome book. I closed the last page and immediately wanted to read the next one.

The story focuses around Kate, a mercenary who hires herself out to deal with magical nasties in a world where tech and magic are competing for the upper hand (the magic's winning).

Then we've got vampires, shapechangers and an all-around cool world. I just really liked the whole setup. For a more detailed review, swing by Dear Author, which is where I saw this book first mentioned. And here's a link to the excerpt on the author's website.

So, how was everyone's weekend?


May said...

I've read an early version of the sequel without reading MB itself, but I think I'm going to love MB.

danetteb said...

I like the cover for MB.

My weekend went well,spent most of Saturday bowling with the kids,got some reading done on Sunday,had a play date at the park for the kids then came home to relax.*g*

Anonymous said...

my favorite authors, making a love connection. Hee. You now must read Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Seriously good stuff.

Anonymous said...

You should totally open a matchmaking service ;)

Wicked Lovely is already on the TBR list. Sounds delish.

May - it rocks. Danette - I love bowling. I really, really do!