Saturday, June 23, 2007


Jennifer Estep had an interesting post up at Romancing the Blog about nibbling vs chewing at books. When I have the time, I gobble up books in chunks, but I've taught myself to nibble too. Lots more books get read that way. What about you all?

Staying with the chewing theme - if you chew a lot of gum, you might be interested in this article: Chewing gum habit 'poisons' woman.

On a more serious note, Skyla Dawn Cameron has a post up at Dionne Galace with details about the Nothing But Red project/protest.

Sasha White is telling her First Sale story and giving away a book at Dear Author.

Candy & Sarah at SBTB have just announced a book deal.

Jaci Burton is giving bloggers a chance to win an advanced copy of Hunting Demon Island.

And to end on a high, two of my Sil Desire releases - Bound By Marriage & Craving Beauty got awesome reviews at Kwips & Kritiques! :)

Have a nice weekend folks.


May said...

I'v read Hunting Demon Island, and damn, it's good.

Jaci loves me. *beams*

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nalini! :) I hope your weekend is going well. I am okay, though it could always be better. *sigh*

Haven't been doing a lot of new reading, though I'm rereading a lot. :)

Congrats on the great reviews! That's always good. :D

Amanda Ashby said...

I definitely chewed through Visions of Heat which I just finished this morning. Le sigh for Vaughn!!!

Nalini Singh said...

May - it's not nice to gloat *g*

Kaitlin - thanks! (I just went through a rereading phase too).

Amanda - aw, thank you!! What a great compliment. I'm looking forward to your book, too :)

Anonymous said...

How exactly do you train yourself to nibble books rather than swallow them whole?...and how painful is it?
I'm terrible I jump in and through new books in an hour, though I do go back and nibble my way through it after to pick up on nuances...
Hubby laugh's at me I complain about not having books to read then read them so fast i'm back to looking for more.

Thanks for the Nothing But Red mention Nalini. Anyone interested PLEASE drop Skyla an email.

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...


Jaci Burton announced the ARC contest winners today!

I blogged about it but I'm popping around telling people too because, unfortunately, the world doesn't revolve around my blog. **shrugging** Who knew? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I gobble books when I can, but I also nibble on occasion }:)