Saturday, June 16, 2007


Another wonderful first sale story from Ruth Ryan Langan. I love reading these!

Author Colleen Gleason gives the top ten reasons why her heroine Victoria Gardella Grantworth is not Buffy Summers.

Diana Peterfreund has done a brilliant two part Publishing Primer with all sorts of info for writers.

For those of you who are planning to pitch your story to an editor or agent at a conference, the brilliant Nephele Tempest (my agent!) gives some tips on the Perfect Pitch.

Kira, from The Writing Playground, a fellow member of the Brainstorming Desirables, just made her first sale this week. Go read about The Call!

And if you haven't seen, my website's been updated for this month with some good stuff so check it out.

Hope the weekend treats you well! :)


LesleyW said...

Haven't checked the FAQ for a while. So not even chocolate bribes will work for info about Kaleb!


Ashley said...

oh...I love buffy lol I'm actually getting buffy tattoo next week...

btw, I got pics of my hair up at my blog :D