Friday, June 22, 2007

Weekly Catchup

It's catchup time - what've you guys been up to this week? I went shopping. Through choice. Amazing, I know. I even bought something. What is the world coming to?!

(And yeah, I gave away some ARCs of CBI to newsletter subscribers but I shall also be giving away some on the blog next week, so make sure you swing by.)


LesleyW said...

Hmmm. Is this the time to admit I was a teensy bit jealous. :)

I'd love to say I did loads of exciting things this week but that would be a fib. I was sick Monday and Tuesday with the killer migraine from hell and had to have time off work. Which meant Wednesday was getting over it, basically just feeling wiped out. It's still Thursday here at the moment, so pretty much the first normal day of the week for me.

Anonymous said...

I went to Busch Gardens and had a great day riding the roller coasters. We went on a Wednesday, so we walked onto all the rides. Totally awesome. I also am working on a quilt that I'm making for for my friend Kavita's new baby boy! :)

Shannon said...

This week has been all about work, so nothing exciting to report at all.

What did you buy, Nalini? Did you buy a lot or a little? Did you buy any shoes? No shopping trip is complete without at least one new pair of shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I worked and I exercised. My father and I are trying to lose weight so we are exercise "buddies." Actually, we are both smart a$$es, so we can have some interesting uh, "discussions."

For instance, since it's hotter than Hades here, we've been swimming a lot. I went by a pool place today and got us some water aerobic equipment to work on the whole toning thing. *rolls eyes*

One of my purchases was one of those belt things that you can put around your waist so you can do exercises in deeper water without, you know, drowning and stuff. When I pulled it out to show my father and he got a good look at it, you know what he said?

"We're too fat to wear that. It won't fit."

Have I mentioned what a great motivator my father is?

So, my response was "It will, too. See, it says one size fits all. That includes fat people."

My father looks at the box it came in and points out, "Well, that girl wearing it on the box is skinny."

Me: "Yeah, BECAUSE she's been using it to exercise. Duh!"

So that's been my exciting week. I do have an excellent tan from all the friggin' exercise I've been doing. See, I'm a glass half full type person. Really.

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

LOL!! That's funny Jennifer!

Well, we finished painting the body of the house. All we have left is the foundation and the storm windows. Woohoo!! Then we get to move on to landscaping.

Last week (I think it was) I started at myspace. Now this week (tonight actually) I started a blog on blogspot so that my non-myspace friends could see it too. The internet is an AMAZING thing, isn't it?

I blogged about some contests that I found ~ gotta share the wealth of info you know! My blog is
in case you guys want to see what I found. Two of them are Jaci Burton and Christina Dodd who both have ARC contests in progress. YAY!!!

Casee said...

Just catching up at work. I was out of town this week in Phoenix, Arizona. It was 110 degrees when I was there. Talk about sweltering!!

Susan said...

This weeks has been about work for me as well. I pulled together a proposal for a freelance job, finished a short story, I am thinking about submitting to the Romance Divas contest (their e-book contest.) I also had a serious of short articles due. Wow. My brain is tired.

On top of that there has been much working out and time spent by the pool.

Linda said...

Wellll, on my way to the VW repair shop for some minor brake work, the transmission went out. So now I'm facing a $1,000 bill and it'll probably be a week before I get the car back (gotta order parts, ya know). *sigh*

Good news - hubby gave me some Barnes & Noble gift cards so I went on a shopping spree. More than half the books I bought are pre-orders *ahem* like Caressed By Ice. *grin*

Nalini Singh said...

Lesley - jealousy is totally allowed. If I knew anyone who had a JD Robb ARC I might just wrestle them to the ground and steal it *G* Hope you're feeling better.

Katy - ooh, what kind of quilt? That's such a cool present.

Shannon - I bought a top. No shoes but I'm looking for some flat boots. Me and heels have a short and wobbly relationship.

Jennifer - LOL!!

Ange - I totally stole your Jaci link *g*

Casee - gimme some of that heat. It's freezing here!

Byrd - may I just say that you have awesome taste!!

Nalini Singh said...

Susan - what subgenre are you writing in? Contemporary? Historical?

Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

LOL! That's OK, Nalini. That's what I posted them for!

Woohoo! That also means that you went to my blog. *Fan girl squeeee* NALINI SINGH visited my blog!

OK, I'm done now.

Susan said...


It is contemporary. That said out of nowhere another story popped into my head and it is fantasy - paranormal. We will see where it leads. (Wrote about 1500 this afternoon. I just woke up with it my head today....)

ShellBell said...

Aside from my usual working week I have been chasing down more ebooks for my Palm - I now have 119 ebooks .

I've also been hunting for a nice pair of boots to wear with my long skirts - my main problem is that I have very small feet for my height and most of the boots are just too big, or the heels are too narrow. I don't mind high heels, but I need solid based heels - I can't balance properly if I try wearing stiletto heels!

Anonymous said...

The quilt pattern is called Arkansas Crossroads. It's for the "advanced beginner." I haven't done a lot of quilting, but I wanted to give her and baby Kirin something special. They live kind of far away right now and I thought it would be a good keepsake. Keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out okay. :)