Thursday, October 27, 2005

Inside Nalini's Head

Personality 1: You know there's an unfinished bar of chocolate in the fridge.
Personality 2: No, not listening. (Claps hands over ears and starts humming).

Personality 1: If you don't eat it it'll go to waste.
Personality 2: NOT listening!

Personality 1: Oh well, I suppose you better throw it in the garbage to avoid temptation.
Personality 2: Good idea. (Goes to fridge, grabs chocolate.) I. Can't. Put. It. In. The. Garbage.

Personality 1: Might as well eat it then.
Personality 2: (Stares at chocolate which has miraculously unwrapped itself). Just two small pieces.

Personality 1: But that'll leave only two other bits and you can't put that amount back in the fridge.
Personality 2: Why?

Personality 1: Who puts two pieces of chocolate back, an anorexic Barbie doll on a diet? And honey, you ain't no Barbie doll.
Personality 2: Yeah, you're right. I have to eat it to protest against the impossible media image of women. I'm doing it for a greater cause.

Thirty Minutes Later

Personality 1
: You know, there's...


bina said...


bina said...

sorry nalini, i was startin 2 write somethin and i pressed the login & publish button.

about wot is in your head, i've got that and much much more in my head. things r always goin around. especially since i'm blue at moment.

Nalini Singh said...

Sorry about the blues, bina. You should try some chocolate *grin* - it's supposed to be good at releasing the happy hormones in your body.

Anonymous said...

That's incredible. I had that same conversation with a slice of pizza tonight!

Nalini Singh said...

Wow, Martyk! We must be telepathically connected. That's the only viable explanation.