Monday, October 03, 2005

I want to be Angelina

I've just sent off two Desire proposals and am feeling very virtuous. Part of me says, take a break, you deserve it. However, that part is being drowned out by the part whispering I've only got 10k more to go on a futuristic and the first draft is done! Guess which part is winning?

I did manage to catch Tomb Raider on t.v. last night. And after much thought, I've decided that in my next incarnation, I'd like to have Ms Lara Croft's body. Who would you pick?


tortured artist said...

I'm happy with my body, I just want it to no longer be fat. I'm not obese, but I have real weakness for chocolate and such, plus I'm stressed out over school and exams, makes for an unhealthy lifestyle.
The sad thing is that Angelina Jolie has most definately had some work done, her body is no long 100% natural.

Nalini Singh said...

Ah, school, exams. Not things I miss in the least *grin*

bina said...

mmm. tough choice - it's a toss up btween Nicole Kidman and Salma Hyak. (did i spell that right?) both of them are the best, and the beautifulist in the whole world.
my body can stand 2 lose 10 pounds in the stomach regin, be more relaxed and have high confidence.