Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bob, Betty, Bianca and Bill

I'm currently working on a story with a lot of characters. It's a romance so there are two main characters but there are also several secondary characters.

For every book I write, I maintain a list of character names and any special points about them (ie. this character is scared of spiders) because this helps me not make a complete fool of myself by turning a male character into a female halfway through the book or something else equally odd. I'm currently pondering a reader version of this for my book, basically with just the relationships listed ie. Bob is married to Betty. Bianca is their daughter and Bill is their son.

My question to you is, what do you think of books that come with a Cast of Characters page in the front? Is it helpful to you as a reader?


bina said...

hi nalini. a cast of characters is always helpful - to the reader and the writter. to me, it helps keep the characters straight and i like to know who's who and what their personality and character is like. i do know that surprises are the variety of life; good and bad.

but when you have had bad, you get scarred physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically - you're hurt; raw and bleedin (and that's only on the inside!!!)on the outside? crying, swearin, angry,acting crazy, being blue...

one at a time of course, sometimes all at once. (not a good look when ur at work, though!!!)

Diana Peterfreund said...

tI have a cast list of sorts in my book, but it's more like a publication from the society, so it's disguised in the text.

Nalini Singh said...

What a cool idea. I'm so hanging out to read this book!