Thursday, October 20, 2005


I'm currently working on the galleys of my March book - galleys are the final page proofs an author sees, our last chance to catch any errors and inconsistencies. It's amazing what slips in and by this stage, I've read the book probably over a hundred times and so have several other people. But I actually like doing galleys. When I received them for my very first book, I was over the moon. Why? Because they have a cover page with the words "Author's Copy" on them in big letters. Several books later, those words still send a happy shiver up my spine.

What about you? What's something you never get tired of doing or seeing?


tortured artist said...

Favorite things,

Opening a new book, even if I hate the book I still like the smell of a new one. Especially when it is a hardcover, not sure why but I like hardcovers better.

Popping bubble wrap, don't know why I like it so much, but I do.

Playing trumpet, something about music touches my soul. There are times when I wish I could just lose myself in it. Alas I still have to pay the bills via other means.

Nalini Singh said...

We should create a Bubble Wrap Poppers anonymous group *G* Honestly, I really love doing that, too. It's so stress relieving.