Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reader Interviews: Amy

Tuesday is reader interview day. If you'd like to participate (you know you want to), the details are here. Today's interviewee is Amy, and now I really want to know what she'd take to that desert island! ;)

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi Nalini! What a fun idea. Well, my name is Amy. I'm a stay at home mom. I live in Western NY with my fabulous husband and my son! He is 8 and growing up so fast. I've been married 10 years this past July :). I love books. And thank goodness I have a very supportive husband when it comes to my 'tiny' obsession. I have my library that has most all of the author goodies I have collected scrapbooked and framed hanging on the walls. I love that room!

2. Are you a hoarder or do you give your books away?

I am a HOARDER!! Although I have gone through some of them and sent a couple boxes overseas to Iraq for the troops. It can be difficult to part with my books but who I did it for made it very worth it and I have even heard back from a few thanking me for them!

3. What author might tempt you into turning stalker?

Well, I've already been named stalker of Jacquelyn Frank! hehe!! But you could definitely tempt me! Your books are fabulous!

4. How susceptible are you to chocolate?

I'm not a fan of Chocolate :(! I do love snickers candy bars!

5. Favorite book? Why?

This answer could change next week but as of right now it is Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson. I just read it the other night and the messages that were in that book were very touching! Tragedy can happen at any moment and you have to enjoy what you have and NEVER take it for granted. And also, there is life and happiness after a tragic event. Man, I love that book!

6. If you knew you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?

I'm kinda in the gutter with this one....sooo....I'm going to plead the fifth! ;)

7. What did you eat for breakfast?

I'm not a breakfast eater. I drink two cups of coffee every morning.

8. How many books in your current to-be-read pile?

uhh...I'm afraid to count! But I would have to say more than 50! :)

Describe your idea of a perfect hero.

Hmm...this is a tough one. I keep wanting to describe the perfect male. But that's not the same as hero. I don't think I can describe the perfect hero.


Christine said...

Great interview! Amy is an author promo junkie! She loves her bookmarks, magnets, etc. and decorates her library with them, just like she says. *whispers* I've seen pictures of her 'minor' addiction! ;)

What a great idea, Amy, to pass along some of your books to soldiers. I think I will follow in your footsteps when the time comes to make room on my shelves for some new releases. :)

AmyC said...

Hi Nalini :) I forgot all about this!

Christine, hmmm...wasn't too difficult to figure out it was me, huh?! LOL I actually just added more stuff to the walls yesterday! I am so running out of space! But it looks awesome :).

Louisa Edwards said...

50 books in the TBR pile! A girl after my own heart.