Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crazy-Making Mini-Excerpt

You know how I was talking about the yummy hero in the novella I'm writing? Well, I did say I'd post up some kind of excerpt. So here's a sneak peek (some stuff may change in edits). But WARNING - don't read it if you have a low crazy-making threshhold. 'Cause it's short.

Why is it so short?

1. It's a novella so I can't give away too much.
2. I was trying to find a bit where you didn't hear his first name, because that's mentioned in Mine to Possess (only two more months till MtP releases!!) and I thought you guys might enjoy figuring out who he is.
3. It's fun to make everyone crazy ;)

So, if you'd still like to meet Mr. Scrumptious, here he is:


…he followed Annie the short distance to the sick bay. Looking over her shoulder, he saw the darkened interior. “He’s gone.”

She jumped. “You walk like a cat!”

“I am a cat, sweetheart.” He wanted to tease her again, so he let a low growl rumble up from his chest. “See?”

Streaks of vibrant color stained her cheeks. But she didn’t back down. “Are you planning to move?”

“No.” He drew in a deep breath, fighting the urge to nuzzle at her throat. “You smell good. Can I taste you?” It was a half-serious question. “Just a little?”

“Mr. Quinn!” She took a step around him and headed off.

But he’d already caught the lush bite of arousal in her scent. Satisfied, he followed, on his best behavior now. It wouldn’t do to scare Annie away.

Not when he planned to keep her.

So, anybody feeling crazy? (Nalini runs away very fast)


Casee said...

More, more, more!!


Kerry said...

You are such a meanie!

(Must remember to actually preorder MtP as soon as DH gets off the phone.)

Jennifer K. said...

You had me at excerpt!

Yes, you made me crazy. I can't wait for your next release and then you gotta go and tease us like this? You, you TEASE!

Gimme more! Please? You know you want to. It's for our mental health and happiness.

orannia said...

All I can say is YES (reading the excerpt has made me crazy) and can't run fast enough :)

Two months to MTP? *SIGH*


PS Kerry, you haven't ordered MTP yet? I'm sure DH isn't on a particularly important phone call :) Scary as it sounds, I ordered it the day after I finished CBI!

Kerry said...

Orannia, I had a brain glitch and thought the release date was further away, meaning I had plenty of time. I was wrong and will remedy the situation today. :)

orannia said...

I'm glad you're going to rectify the situation Kerry :)

Nalini...what are you trying to do to us? (OK, apart from the obvious, which is to make us crazy :) I should probably point out...I'm already there *grin*

Can we have just a little more please? I'm sure we could come up with a suitable bribe *cough, cough* I mean, gift :) BTW, when is this novella being published?


Jenny Schwartzberg said...

Yum! More, more, more, please!


Christine said...

" don't read it if you have a low crazy-making threshhold."

Like someone with a low crazy-making threshold (like me?) would also possess self control? I think not. LOL

I read it. I think I'm actually purring. '^_^'

Sweet said...

Thanks Nalini :) I really can't wait for MTP now. I want to find out just who Mr. Scrumptious really is ;)

Pamk said...

darn it woman you need to run faster. I need my singh fix soon. I have been spoiled by reading arcs of the last two.

Allison said...

Nalini, you can't keep running forever! We fans are EVERYwhere, remember!? Thanks for the sneak peek :)

Sylvia said...

Thanks... I love excerpts. :)

Christina said...

"You had me at excerpt!"
I have to agree with jennifer! Yay!

I can understand that you can't give us more (sigh) but how much longer do we have to wait for the actual novella?

And I am buying mine the day off from my bookstore! I don't want to preorder online (lately I haven't been getting them till a few days after they are released, and I can NOT wait for it a day longer than necessary! he-he)

kylie said...

oh for shame, nalini! it's like getting just one lick off that delicious ice cream cone...can't wait for mtp!

Barbara V said...

Love it!
I can't wait to read more about this Mr. Sexy-funny guy.

Nalini Singh said...

Isn't he yummy? Mmmm...


Must. Snap. Out. Of. It.

(And also must practise running while remaining invisible). ;)

Pam P said...

I'm purring right along with Christine!

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh, mean, Nalini!

No, yummy!

No, evil!

Umm, thank you?!?!

Lol thanks for the excerpt! Off to go white-out my brain so this won't TORTURE me for MONTHS.

Sukhee, masochist because she'd like more of this torture :)

Aymless said...

Yummy... He can come purr and growl at me anytime!

orannia said...

Running while remaining invisible? That's sneaky!

Can I just say I LOVE watching the Changeling males 'stalk' their mates. Because, it feels just like stalking...all soft paws and intent :)

orannia *who needs to go and sit down...nope, already doing that...lie down then*

ShellBell said...

you're such a tease! Can't wait for more.

Shannon said...

You'd better run after teasing us like that! :)

Anonymous said...

damn you run fast!!!


clare said...

mmm dunno how I became anonymous!
...but still think you're a tease ;)

:Candice: said...

I'm like sweating here, thanks a lot ;)

April S said...

OMG!!!! PLS MORE MORE could you pls tell us alittle more. just alittle more {can ya tell im begging} LOLOLOL