Friday, November 02, 2007

Weekly Catchup

Before we get to the catchup, I wanted to answer a question from yesterday's comments - Kat asked whether chapter 1 of Hostage to Pleasure will be included in back of Mine to Possess. The answer is yes. It's an unusual first chapter...and that's all I'm saying. ;)

I'm exhausted this week - the t.v. is looking more and more tempting. I have Howl's Moving Castle sitting here, but I'm also tempted to find one of my Bollywood favorites and lose myself in the drama and romance. Decisions, decisions.

How's everyone's week been? Weekend plans?


Jennifer K. said...

You said we get to see Dorian's mate in Clay's story and we should read carefully. Pshaw! Don't you know we read EVERY WORD carefully? More than once? Well, at least I do.

*sigh* I really need a time machine so I can skip ahead and get my books. Sure, they have YOUR name on them, Nalini, but they're MINE! And, of course, the lots of other people who snap 'em up. I'm mainly just concerned about me, though. ... Wait. Did that sound conceited? *snicker*

Iswari said...

Hi Nalini! I know exactly what you mean - sometimes I feel like watching a Bollywood movie too just to pass the time. I actually want to see some that are already out, but there never seems to be enough time! Guess I will have to put it in my Netflix queue!

Jennifer K - I totally understand the more than once factor. I just reread STS the other day and it keeps getting better! I am gonna read VOH soon as well.

I am really excited about my weekend plans. I am planning on driving up to Austin on Saturday with a few of my other friends from work to see Eskimo Joe perform. They are a band from Australia and their third album "Black Fingernails, Red Wine" has become platinum back there. Check em out if you have the time everybody cause they are definitely a good band!

orannia said...

*SIGH* It feels like forever until we get Mine to Possess. I'm very intrigued by this unusual first chapter...are you sure we can't persuade you to just give us a little snippet of information?

Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing a Bollywood movie (I don't think Bride & Prejudice counts). Something to look forward too over Christmas perhaps :) On the other hand, my colleagues and I were talking this morning about The Princess Bride...of the five of us three of them hadn't seen it! I was shocked!

I will be spending some of the weekend in the garden (mine this time and not my grandmother's) and also packing and tidying the house. Plus reading :) There's always time for reading!

Have a lovely weekend all!


Christina said...

Nalini, what Bollywood do you recommend? Like Orannia, I've seen Bride and Prejudice :) And have we seen Dorian's mate AT ALL in any of the other books? Even just a name? *brings out the Godiva Chocolate*

Unfortunately, this weekend is catch-up weekend as I have to finish a presentation for my research, and work all weekend at the same time -_-
KAT-- just wanted to let you know Lachlan's story THE WARRIOR (by MacGregor) comes out Novemeber 27th.

Christina said...

Jennifer, in case you don't see my post in the other thread about other authors while we wait on Clay's story, I'm going to put it here for you.

Some authors other people posted before I got back. Julie Garwood's historicals are awesome (I haven't read any of her contemporary ones yet) but they don't have the paranormal aspect to it, Moon Called (Part of the Mercy Thomson series) by Patricia Briggs is good about shifters, and Kinley MacGregor/Sherrilyn Kenyon is also good.

Here is a list of some others I can see on my bookshelf, crammed between my academic books (really should invest in another bookcase, hmm . . .)

--Kresley Cole has a paranormal romace series (there are 3 books so far). The first one is A Hunger Like No Other.
--I adore Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters (and am just starting her other series; she has 5).
--Robin D. Owen's 2 Series, Celta & her Summoning series.
--I just got into Erin McCarthy (she had a novella in the same anthology as Nalini).
--I've heard good reviews about JR Wards brotherhood series, and Kelley Armstrong. I just picked up Gena Showalters' Alien Huntress series (So I don't know how they are yet).
--Karen Marie Moning has a gorgous Highlander series, and a Fae series, and all of PC Cast's goddess books are absolutely fabulous.
--Yasmine Galenorn has 2 books out right now that are okay (Witchling and Changeling).
--as I'm sure you've read Nora roberts, but her Circle trilogy was great (I like her trilogies more than her stand alone titles).

I hope some of these are new to you, Jennifer!

Kat said...

Hi Nalini,

Ah, my endless questioning paid off (sorta) :)

Can't wait for MtP and really, really, really can't wait for HtP!!!!

Unusual first chapter has me intrigued. But then, it's a Psy-Changling book so you've got my attention anyway, lol.

All you're saying, eh? For how long?

Week was uneventful, have class as usual Saturday so preparing for oral arguments. I did read Kresley Cole's newest - Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night. Loved it. Absolutely love her IAD series (have her historicals in my TBR). Tomorrow I'm blocking out time to read the new Kenyon - Upon the Midnight Clear. I have to wait until I have a few hours because I growl at anyone who interrupts me when I'm reading SK (seriously).

Christina - Yep, I know about The Warrior. I am freakishly obsessive about keeping my books coming out spreadsheet updated and SK/KM, JRW, Nalini, and Lora Leigh are always instantly updated as needed.

For Cole's IAD series, Wicked Deeds is actually the fourth. The first one is Nikoli and Myst's story - The Warlord Wants Forever. It's in the Playing Easy to Get antho. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. And she's got at least 3 more coming out in 2008 (books for Conrad, Cade, and an antho story for Murdoch) :)

Whose book comes after Dorian's? And did I stun you that I managed to think past Dorian for once? LOL.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


wandergurl said...

well, it started out well! i got to see justin timberlake in concert. he is such an amazing dancer! then the next day we came home and found a letter that said we have to move by january as per our real estate. so after 7 months we have to look for housing again. so over that.
looking forward to clay's story! in the meantime im going to borrow enchanted season to tide me over (its like sold out forever!)
howl's moving castle was lovely! its so cute and squeeeeey.

Bel said...

Hi :) I loved "Howl's Moving Castle", but my favorite Miyazaki film is -so far- "Spirited away".

This weekend I plan to go out with friends, try to go to the gym, and watch 2 dvds that a friend lent me (Hitchcock´s "Lifeboat" and Rohmer´s "The aviator´s wife"). I also have to study a bit, and I want to start reread J.D. Robb´s "Naked in death" :)

I´m also dying to know who Dorian´s mate will be, but given the way you write I already know that her character will be strong enough to handle him.

Christina said...

I always forget to count Myst's story as one. I think because I read it out of order :) But I loved it! I can't wait for some of her other characters to get their own stories. Each book I keep seeing more and more characters and I'm like "They need a story!" She could write a series as long as the In Death by (which will have 25 soon).

Jennifer K. said...

Thanks, Christina. There were two or three names in there that I haven't tried. Everybody else, I've read, loved, need some T-shirts to proclaim it! And more books. Don't know where I'll put them, though ...

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Hi Nalini!!! I've heard many great things about your books and will order some soon.:D

You know my cp partner, Suzanne, who is from Auckland. I'm also a huge Deidre Knight fan and first learned about you on her forum.


Nalini Singh said...

Christina - I luuuuurve Shah Rukh Khan movies, so go for one of those!

Hi JJ & Bel - welcome. JJ, I might see Suzanne today so I'll say hey for you :)

Sounds like it's going to be a busy weekend for everyone - hope y'all have fun. (Nalini - trying NOT to read the awesome book recommendations!!)

ShellBell said...

This week I have been spending up large, having booked and paid for the plane tickets to London for my mother and I. Have also bought a heap of eBooks, because of course you can never have too many books in your TBR pile/list and the 100 I had just wasn't enough!

Went to see We Will Rock You, the musical based on the music by Queen, at the Civic Theatre. Thought it was great, but never thought I'd say this - the music was TOO loud. I must be getting old, because it gave me a thumping headache. Annie Crummer as the Killer Queen and MiG Ayesa as Galileo Figaro (from Rock Star: INXS) were terrific, as were the rest of the cast.

Can't wait for Julie Garwood's latest historical, Shadow Music to be released. Not into her contemps, and have been waiting forever for another historical. Have preordered my copy, but it is due out on Boxing Day!