Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekly Catchup

What's up? Any plans/shenanigans you'd like to share? I'm cooking up a fun promo contest - I'll post it up next week, so don't forget to come by. Only a few more weeks to go until Mine to Possess releases! Whee!


Gena Showalter said...

I can't wait, either! I need a copy for my keeper shelf to go along side your others.

Kimberly said...

Hi Nalini,

Can't wait for the contest!!!!

I'm sick so not much going on for me (unless you count considering chopping off my head to get rid of the cold as an activity). I think tomorrow I'm going to see P.S. I Love You with some friends. I'm also doing an In Death reading group with some friends. I read up to Vengeance way back after freshman year in college, but I think I need to re-start the series all over again. So I've got the first 20 or so books and we start with Naked in Death tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

Gena, I loved your top ten! ^_^ I can't wait to see your's Nalini.

Between the end of the semester and the holidays things have been so hectic the last few weeks and I haven't been able to get here! Reading through my TBR pile, and adding to it just as quickly, though. I can't wait for February 5th and Clay and Tallys story to finally be out!

Jennifer A. Ray said...

I'm getting ready for my 37th birthday next week, and have a fun day planned with my two best gal pals!

I can't wait for 'Mine to Possess' to release! Even though I won an ARC and already posted a review for it, I am itching for everyone else to read it so we can chat about it! :-) Books are even better when you have friends to talk about them with, aren't they?

Jennifer K. said...

Yes, they are J-Ray! I am definitely looking forward to Clay's book. I always want more. And it is way more fun to gab about a book with others who've read and enjoyed them, too.

Oh, and Nalini, I got my co-worker hooked on you. She's almost finished with Slave to Sensation and begged for the next one. I just sat back when she asked and said, "I TOLD you so!" I knew she'd want more. Who wouldn't? ;)

Jennifer K.

Nalini Singh said...

Gena - thanks! psst everyone - Gena has a cool new series coming out. More on it later... :)

Kat - hope you still have your head! And I think I'm jealous that you have the whole In Death series to go. I luuuuuuurrrrrve those books!

Christina - I so want to do the Top 10. Watch this space.

Jennifer Ray - Happy Birthday in advance! And I agree with you - I love discussing books with other readers.

Jennifer K - that story totally made my morning. Thank you. :):)