Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lora Leigh - Dawn's Awakening & Blogging

There are so many great books coming out Feb 5! (Including this fabulous one called Mine to Possess - don't forget to grab it! *grin*)

I wanted to mention another Feb 5 release, today - Lora Leigh's Dawn's Awakening. I'm a huge fan of Lora's Breeds series and this installment is just as compelling as the previous books.

In this one, we have Seth, a human hero & Dawn, a breed female. But unlike the other mated pairs we've seen to date, these two already have a deeply emotional history. The book starts out with a bit of a twist, something I never expected - if you want to know what the twist is, check out the excerpt.

As with all the Breed books, the sensual connection between the two characters is sizzling, there's an action subplot - and the introduction of a new player who intrigues the heck out of me. Must. Know. More!! If you're a Breed fan, you'll devour this one.

Also I'm doing a number of guest blogs next week and I wanted to ask if there was anything in particular you all would like me to talk about?


Anonymous said...

Oh I love Lora Leigh's Breed Series A Lot!!!! I can't wait to read this one either! Have a good one Nalini
LoL, Helen Gonzalez

ShellBell said...

February is going to be an expensive month! Dawn's Awakening is on my hit list - will be reading it after I have read Mine To Possess. Can't wait for them to be released.

Kimberly said...

I'm very excited to read Dawn's Awakening.

Can't wait - almost 8 days away :)